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Thank You Daddy

There was always a once room in the house that me and my s****r were never allowed into. It ways always locked. We heard our mother screaming from behind the close door with Daddy. Well one day I found out was behind that closed door when my mother was gone away with my s****r on a trip.

I wasn’t even legal at the time when I came home from a friends place and my Daddy ment me at the door and grabbed my hand. He lead me to the door which was unlocked, and took me down there. I was very nervous as he didn’t took on the lights as we went down the stairs. I understood why only after there was something put in my mouth, a gag, to stop me from screaming when he turned on the lights. My eyes wided when I saw things that looked like they could hurt, crops, whips, chains, paddles, slappers, etc. My daddy lead me around and told me what they were. We can to a stop in front of this table that looked like a cross with legs.

He than picked me up and placed me on it, it was than I understood what was going to happen to me and what always happened to mommy. I started to cry and my father looked at me with eyes of lust and told me to lay down. I was trembling when I did as he told me too. I knew there was no point to fight him he was stronger than I was. He tied me down using some rope, bound my hands first than my feet, I was spread eagle. He raised my head and took the gag off. I guess he wanted to hear my crys.

He grabed a flogger and started to flog my little breast. I started it cry not because of the pain at this point but because I was scared. He put clothes pegs on my nipples and that was when it happened. I felt my core heat up and my pussy was getting wet. It was like my daddy knew it and slide his hands over my pussy, and puts a finger inside me. It hurt a little for I have never played with myself before now. My father told me that he was going to fuck me and that it would hurt for a little but I would learn to enjoy it.

He grabbed something off the wall and hit my pussy with it, I screamed cause it hurt so bad. He than hit each breast with it, it was a paddle in which he was using. He kept hitting my breast and put two fingers inside my drmipping wet pussy. All of a sudden my breast didn’t hurt so bad because my pussy was being stretched. I was crying harder now. My daddy lowered the table I was on and straddled my face and put his penis all the way to the back of mouth said if I bite what has happened already will be a walk in the park. He gagged me with his dick until I almost got sick than stoped and untied my one leg and put it up over my head and tied it up again, did the same with my other leg.

He grabbed something and put it on my clit. It started to feel really good and I started to buck in pleasure. Daddy than put two fingers inside me again this time sliding them in and out of me. It hurt but started to feel good. He than switched his fingers for his dick which was bigger, again pain than it turned into pleasure. He than stopped playing nice with me. He started to fuck me slowly and hit me with a slapper and pulling on the clothes pegs on my nipples. As I started to cry again daddy started to cum. He thrusted hard and deep making my bleed. Daddy took my cherry.

The first few times I didn’t like it but daddy always took what he wanted knowing I would like it soon. Sure enough daddy was right.

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