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The Adventures of Jenny Part 2

Introduction: Sooo…Im not really good at writing smut. Hopefully youll enjoy it. This is the second part into the Adventures of Jenny. Sorry if it is too lengthy or not lengthy enough. I was shaken awake by Annabelle. Girl get up! Its 8 oclock. I gotta go to work. I moaned in disapproval rolling over. Seriously Jenny, all you have to do is get up and walk down the hall to my room. I somehow managed to roll myself off of Nialls bed and made my way to Annabelles room. As soon as I flung the door open I threw myself face first on the bed.
I woke up around eleven to my phone buzzing. He…Hello? I asked. What?! Niall burst into the room as he heard me screaming. I got off the phone, curled in a ball, and then burst into tears. Baby girl whats wrong?
My….my parents…there was an accident. Somehow they both fell of the…the ship. Niall sank down next to me and pulled me into his arms. Its going to be okay. Someones going to find them. Everything is going to be alright. He pulled his fingers through my hair calming me. Maybe you just need to get some rest to take your mind off of it? Niall got up and began to leave Annabelles room.
I wiped tears from my eyes and sat up. Could you…could you please stay? Niall shut the door and climbed back onto the bed. Okay..but only until you fall asleep darling. I curled my body into his and let the pain ease away. He rubbed little circles all over my skin. Somewhere between the singing and the story telling I fell asleep. I woke up to slight snoring and a hand around my waist. I slowly lifted his hand up and placed it beside me. I crawled off the bed and checked my phone. Annabelle: Hun I am sooo sorry about your parents. Im going to see if my work will let me off early. I called Niall but hes not answering his phone. Ugh..Ill figure out something to do. I love you girl.
I shook Niall awake and dragged him to the couch. We laid there watching music videos. Him with his arm around my waist and me with my head on his shoulder. Annabelle unlocked the door and we quickly spaced ourselves from each other. Annabelle practically threw her body on me. Jenny, oh my god. I am soooo sorry. Are you okay? How are you feeling? Do you need anything?
Annabelle Im fine, really. Just a little shocked. But Niall assured me that everything would be fine. Im going to but my faith into this. My parents will be found soon. I assured myself more than her.
Well, until your parents get back youre definitely staying here. Annabelle pulled me into a hug rubbing my back.

Annabelle woke me up the next morning. Apparently she had to go to work and Niall had class. She didnt want me being home alone. So I agreed to going to class with Niall. Niall stumbled into the living room around 9. Good morning gorgeous. God his voice sounds amazing in the morning. Im going to take a shower. Wanna join? He smirked gesturing to the bathroom.
No thanks. I took a shower this morning. But Annabelle insists I go to class with you. She thinks Ill get all depressed and kill myself. He smiled this wickedly gorgeous smile and went to shower. About thirty minutes left he came back fresh and ready to go. Lets go baby doll. Niall opened the passenger door of his jeep for me and I clambered in. Buckle up sweetie. I buckled my seat belt and leaned back in the seat. My hair whipped around everywhere as we sped to our towns college. Niall opened my door and grasped my hand helping me get down. Uhmkai, so I only have one class. Then we can go to lunch or something. I shook my head in agreement as he intertwined our fingers. A blush crept up to my face as I realized what was happening.
Once we got into Nialls class, he insisted that we get the two seats in the back. Apparently, Niall was an anthropology major and today they were suppose to watch some anthropology movie. Yawn. About 5 minutes in Niall scooted his desk closer to mine. He intertwined our fingers again and started kissing on my neck. Ni…Niall, what are you doing? I asked out of breath.
Shh. You have to keep quiet. Nialls right hand found the top of my shorts and began searching for my button. By the time he unbuttoned my shorts I was weak. Ni..please stop. I cant keep it in..this…this has never happened to me. Niall obviously didnt care what I said or he was to into what he was doing to notice I spoke. He slowly inched my shorts down my leg. Open. He said urging my legs apart. He lowered his hand and began tracing the alphabet over my panties. Mmmm. I moaned before Niall clamped his hand over my mouth. Shhh. Be quiet baby. Niall searched in his pocket for something before coming back with something. He took the scissors and cut the sides of my underwear so they fell completely off. Those were my favorite pair. I whined. Before I could continue complaining he was spreading my lips apart. Damn baby girl. Youre so wet. Niall growled in my ear as he ran his finger from my opening to my clit. He started rubbing figure 8s into me and I couldnt take it any more. I bit my lip trying to keep my moans from slipping out.
Niall dragged on my pleasure for thirty minutes. Hed bring me to the brink of orgasm and then hed stop. He did that over and over and over again. Finally I grabbed his hand and pulled it from inbetween my legs. Stop! I whisper yelled at him.
Shhh. Baby Im just getting you ready. The best has yet to come. He placed his hand back inbetween my legs and lathered his finger with my juices. Slowly he inserted his finger into me. I arched my back lifted my butt from the seat. I grew so weak in my knees, I almost fell over. This was something I never felt before. My body was shaking in all the right places. Damn youre tight. Niall said under his breath. He began sliding his finger in and out of me. I soon began to move my hips to his rhythm. He pushed my hips back into the desk. Okay, Im going to try and add another finger now.
I took in a big breath as he inserted his next finger. My whole pussy was on fire. It was unbelievable. The amount of pleasure I was receiving was totally nerve-wrecking. Niall quickend his pace and began to slam his fingers into me over and over again. By now Im pretty sure you could hear the sound of my juices squishing underneath the seat. Niall pumped in and out of me as he brought his thumb up to my clit. My body shook uncontrollably and I orgasmed. In the moment I forgot to keep my mouth closed and I let out various moans. Apparently you could hear it a few rows in front of us because people began turning around. I didnt care that they were watching me. Actually it kind of turned me on. Niall kept pumping until I finished climaxing. Too soon I found myself empty. I was craving his fingers as he pulled my shorts up. The next thing I knew he was sucking on his fingers. Oh god. If my shorts werent utterly soaked, they totally were now. He put his fingers under my chin and pulled my face towards his. He kissed me full on the mouth in front of all these older people. I moaned into the kiss and tangled my hands in his hair. I licked his lips and was extremely pleased that my taste was still on him.
After our little make out session the movie happened to end. Niall grabbed my hand and led me out of the room towards his car. The whole way I had the cockiest grin on my face. I dont know how that happened back there. But I couldnt think of anything else. Niall had gotten me off in front of a whole bunch of college kids. When we marched through the front door Niall threw me on the couch and growled slamming the door.


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