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The Alpha Male – Part II

I am sitting in a skirt and blouse, period, in the passenger seat of a big luxury car which belongs to a guy I’ve just met. We are driving toward the city center, toward his hotel room. I am going to be very late for dinner, if I make it back at all.

The fellow has just given me a world class orgasm, so fairness demands some reciprocity. My brain would prefer that the reciprocity be delayed so that I can get home without raising suspicions tonight. My body is drawn to this guy and it wants to be as close as it can to him as as soon as possible.

The evening is slipping into night. My fuddled brain notices city stoplights, the triangular hats of taxicabs, neon advertisements. My abductor drives confidently with one hand. The other hand is stroking my upper thigh under my skirt. It feels very good. My body wants him to slip his big hand between my legs and…oh, I can’t stop thinking about it. The sensation of the leather seat against my bare ass feels very inappropriate. Does cunt juice stain leather? Better his seat than my skirt. I have given up pleading with him to take me home. I am genuinely conflicted about this situation. It’s entirely out of control. I am usually so much in control. I have a responsible job, an orderly home. This is what I get for seeking that adrenalin rush.

We’ve stopped.

This is a very nice hotel we’re parked by. I’ve never been in here. He opens the passenger door and gives me a hand out. It’s quite cool by now and he lends me his warmth again as we walk past the sliding glass doors at the entrance. As we walk through the spacious lobby I feel like every man in the room is looking at me. My cheeks heat up. Is my blouse that transparent? How can they tell I have no underwear? Maybe its because I smell of sex and my sore hard nipples are poking against the fabric. My man seems to be aware of the attention I am garnering.

“You look so hot. They all want you, babe,” he whispers in my ear as he steers me toward the elevator. As the gilded doors slide closed they open again to my chagrin and relief. Another man walks in and punches in the floor above the one which is lit for us. My lover pulls me close against him so I can feel his stiff cock even through his trousers and my skirt.

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