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The Alpha Male- Part III

Eric stopped at the cooler and gazed through the long glass panes at the sides of the door to Maya’s office. She was in there, his petite goddess. He could just glimpse a bit of her face through the panels. Unfortunately the angle was wrong to see any of her body. It wasn’t like that at the gym, however.

He had started to work out lunchtimes on Mondays and Wednesdays so he could catch her going into the yoga class and coming out of the aerobics class. The yoga pants on Monday fit her cute little ass just right, but he preferred Wednesdays because he loved to see her flushed and glowing. Sometimes she wore those tight shorts with a sleeveless tank into aerobics, and when she came out he could see the glow of moisture on the curves of her pert breasts above her low cut tank. He could get a good look at her smooth thighs and shapely gams as well. Her arms were just a bit cut, the way he liked it. He could picture himself trapping her in the hallway, pressing her up against the wall with his hard body. He’d put his hands right around her, grab that beautiful firm ass, and pull her close to him right up against his hard-on.

We’ll that’s what he’d do if the gym was ever empty, if he ever had the guts, and if she ever even glanced his way.


Maya stared at her computer monitor and zoned out again. She answered a few more work emails and then she couldn’t restrain herself from checking her anonymous email account for the third time that day. Nothing there of course. What a relief. Sort of.

The encounter in Dan’s hotel room two weeks ago had left her anxious, guilty and full of longing. To be desired with that intensity was immensely satisfying but terrifying at the same time. She couldn’t believe she had let him put his beautiful thick cock inside her without a condom. A vision of his erection floated before her eyes. In her imagination she sat on the edge of the bed again as he stood before her. His smooth, thick muscle stood up straight in front of her, a demanding purple color, glistening slightly at the top. She bent down to take it in her mouth. Warm, hard, salty, satiny – oh. Her tongue licked stroked up and down his throbbing muscle. She felt the ridge of his hard cock-head beneath her lips, sliding it deeper into her mouth as she licked it all around. He groaned in arousal again inside her head. The remembered sound made her hot. She felt a rush of heat from her breasts to her pussy. Oh. She was still in her office, flushed and wet…

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