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The Best Sex Ever

How many times have we had sex now? Not more than half a dozen times in the last eight months. Blow jobs and hand jobs in the car don’t count. I am talking only about getting completely naked on a bed (or maybe the floor or on a sofa) and having real, good old fashioned sex.

The first time was wild. I know you didn’t plan it. Sitting on your sofa, and I took my shirt off, and then my pants, lying there next to you in my briefs. It started out as a hand job, then it turned into a blow job and when I followed you into the kitchen, I pulled down your leggings and we fucked standing up. Not all the way, as you may remember – you didn’t let me cum that time inside of you, but you then went back to sucking my cock and tasting the two of us intermingled, bringing me to my climax. I think we both had fun, but the transition from friends to lovers is always a bit awkward.

The second time? In your bedroom. We spent some time in your home office first, working on fixing your computer, and then we ended up watching television on your bed. You offered me a massage, and one by one the pieces of clothing came off. And you straddled me, with me face down on your bed, and you gave me a massage. Something about playing with my hard cock, though, and your mouth then became involved, and somehow I ended up inside of you. That was fun too.

By far the best sex was when we went away for that weekend. A Sunday night getaway, I played hooky from work on the Monday – ok, I actually booked it off as a vacation day. We drove the hour and a half together to the hotel, checked in, changed, and then went on a winery tour together, then we had a lovely dinner. The problem was (and I didn’t say anything at the time), I think I ate too much at dinner, and my stomach was a bit uncertain that evening. So maybe I was a bit tentative when we finally went to bed together, and I suppose I had the fear we all keep inside of us of farting during sex (literally – I wanted to keep it inside of me). Maybe after a while the comfort level increases, but even as close friends, we still had the newness of being lovers, the “be on our best behavior” mode in full swing.

Updated: December 21, 2016 — 11:08 pm
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