The Big Game Sneak

The room erupted in an uproar of victorious shouting as the favored team made the first touchdown of the game. It only took nearly the entire first quarter and there were still three more to go. So bored. I decided to get up and go look for more entertaining options elsewhere, my leaving gone unnoticed by the jock football crowd.

I wandered into the kitchen where I found my wife talking with all the other young ladies, either dating or married to some of the other men in the living room. My amber-eyed, red-headed beauty, Kate, flashed me that special smile of hers when she saw me enter the room.

“Hi, handsome,” she said as she walked over and kissed me.

“Hello, dear heart,” I returned the kiss and wrapped my arms around her.

“Well, its about time we had a man come and visit us,” commented Allison, the buxom blond of the group of four. The rest of the women murmured their agreement.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen any of our men leave the TV during football season before. Jenny, is your husband aware of the rules of being a man in this community? If word gets out that he’s not worshiping our boys up on the screen, there could be a public outcry,” Christie japed.

“Oh hush up, Christie. My Tom simply enjoyed more important things than watching sports when growing up, like reading and science.”

“And video games,” I pitched in, earning a mocking glare from Kate and a round of giggles from the rest.

“Either way, it’s nice to have a good looking man around the table if you’d like to sit and join us, Tom?” Natalie offered.

“I’d love to! I was bored out of my mind in there anyways and was hoping you ladies had something better to offer.”

Kate and I were the newcomers to the group, having just moved from the flat river valleys of West Tennessee to the more mountainous regions of northern Georgia where I was able to find some geology work dealing with the environmental hazards of development in the region.

Kate, being the social butterfly of the two of us, was quick to strike up a friendship with Natalie, her coworker at her new bank job, living just ten minutes away and the only other married member of our troupe. Natalie, having been the only married person amongst her friends, was ecstatic to finally have another married couple to hang out with and wasted no time in bringing us into her regular circle. Natalie’s husband, Don, regularly hosted weekend football parties as an excuse to hang out and invite his friends over, and while I was welcome to join them, my lack of love for all things sports left me an outcast amongst the men. So it wasn’t uncommon for me to seek refuge with the girlfriends and wives of the men. Allison and Christie were the only two long-lasting serious girlfriends, where any others we met were usually only around a month at best.

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