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the church lady came by

I lived in an apartment when I was 49 . I have been an exhibitionist since I was 11 and have loved doing it. any how one day I ran onto the woman across the hallway form me in the parking lot. We talked for a while touching on many things one being tanning ,she had seen me at the pool in my throng .she wasn’t shy telling me how she had owned a tanning booth at her last house and friends would come by to tan and most tanned nude. I admitted I was the same I liked tanning nude always had and when at the pool I wear a thong to get maximum sun ,she said she had seen me and I looked good in it. I said I go nude any time I had the chance and when in my apartment it was not unusual for me to be naked, she told me it was my business and I paid the rent so I was entitled to be naked if I wished.
She changed the topic to church and the books she had from there and how interesting they were to read. I nodded yes and asked what was so interesting to her in them, she said lots of things and it would be best if she came by and showed me. I Agreed she should because I found her easy to talk with and I liked her attitude telling her I would be open to speak with her after I ate and showered about an hour if she wanted and she agreed to come then.
I did as I said but after showering I wanted to be naked and chickened out and put on an old denim shirt and only buttoned the bottom button of it. when she knocked I answered the door and I was very excited with only a shirt on and was I a rush to see how she would react, she was smiling after seeing me stand there and asked if she was too early I said no . She came in and we talked in the kitchen with me facing her and looking at the book she came by with every so often I would lean over to look at the page and give her a good look in my shirt so she would see my cock. she didn’t miss a beat or a peek while she kept talking and turning pages for me to look and lean. We went on like this for a half hour or so before she said she needed to go fix dinner for her husband. I thanked her for coming over and told her I realy enjoyed our visit and that she was welcome to come by anytime she felt like it. To my surprise she told me there were a few other books I might like to see and she would come by with one of them at a time to show me and patted me on the back and left. Yes I couldn’t wait to rub my cock up hard and jackoff I was so nervous it took only a few minutes.
It was omly a few days when she came back without warning me and I was in my shirt as I was every day but it wasn’t buttoned this time my heart raced and I answered the door. I knew it was her I saw through the peek hole in the door and opened the door standing with my shirt open but covering my cock. she smiling and talking walked right in looking to see my open shirt. We stood again in kitchen but this time I let my shirt flop around showing my cock as we talked ,it was so exciting I was wanting her to look at my cock more and more. she didn’t disappoint me at all when I looked at her book she looked at my cock I was trying to keep from getting hard but was having a very hard time if it. After about 20 minutes of this I was wildly horny and offered to let her sit down which we did next to each other. I let my shirt fall away on both sides when I sat down taking her book to read what she was showing me and allow her a free and open view of my cock and balls . I soon began to loose my battle to remain soft and I got simi hard about a third of the way and I watched to see her reaction which wasn’t anything different than before , I was feeling like I was having the best time of my exhibitonist life. she talked like it did excite her too and kept talking and leaning over towards me ,I knew she liked the naked body and simi hard cock when she didn’t hide that she was looking at it. I tossed caution to the wind and let it go and get hard and standing straight up sitting a foot away from her. I spoke up and appoligized for getting an erection to her she wasn’t upset. she told me her husband hadn’t been hard for a few years and seeing me was very enjoyable for her.
we sat for a good amount of time with me hard and her looking like a teenagers first time. We didn’t touch but just looked I did touch myself a few times and she got very turned on but finally desided to leave and go home. I thanked her for coming by and allowing me to be nude without being upset, she laughed saying I was very pleasant to look at and not to worry about a thing. She did come by many times after that all were just as enjoyable.

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