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The Clitoral Effect

My name is Miranda Johnson, a twenty six year old lesbian from Bolton, Manchester, England. I have long straight brown hair, brown eyes and a petite but curvy figure. I have big boobs, which men love to gawk at stupidly, but I’m not interested in them – only in women.

My last girlfriend, named Louisa Clements, had the biggest and most luscious pair of titties I had ever seen and tasted. I sound like a bloke, don’t I, describing women like that? Well, I suppose in a another life I had been a bloke.

Was I looking for someone at the moment? Hmm, let me think. Maybe. I have a secret crush on my best friend, Michelle Lopez. She’s half Spanish with long black hair, olive skin, big tits, a beautiful face and brown eyes. Whenever we hang out together I try and not to gawp at her like an idiot, especially at her massive tits, and I try not to be turned on. Unfortunately every time I’m around her and she’s wearing a tiny tight low cut top, I feel myself getting wet and I go to the loo and see my panties are all wet.

One day, Michelle and I decided to go down to the local spa and have a day of luxury. We got changed in the ladies’ changing rooms and placed our belongings into a locker and then walked out and went into the swimming pool and began swimming. My jaw dropped as I watched her slowly step out the pool, the water dripping off her perfect backside. I felt my pussy beginning to throb inside my bikini bottoms.

Michelle and I made our way to the sauna room and closed the door. Within minutes we felt the extreme heat against our bodies. We sat opposite each other but I couldn’t keep my eyes from wandering down to her delicious looking boobs spilling out from her purple bikini top.

‘What?’ Michelle asked.

‘You’ve got a massive insect on the back of your shoulder,’ I lied. ‘Don’t move, I’ll take it off you.’

I only wanted to sit next to her as the sexual arousal I was feeling grew and grew in my groin. I stood up and went and sat down beside her.

‘Get it off! Get it off!’ Michelle cried.

I pretended to pick up an insect and throw it into a corner, but I was really breathing in her beautiful scent. My eyes lowered down to her boobs and Michelle caught me looking.

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