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The Designated Driver Chronicles, Ch.2

I suggest that you read the first chapter of this story just so you get the gist of the scene – or not. If you are reading this, enjoy it and give it a score. All feedback is welcome. A special big time thanks to “Larry in Seattle” for his astute editing of this chapter.

I was making pretty good money driving rich people around the Hamptons. Some jobs were just a few hours long while I waited for my clients to have dinner and drink way too much. But that is what I was there for. As I mentioned previously, if wealthy people wanted to throw large denominations in my face, I would keep my mouth wide open and not miss a morsel. Most of these people wanted a driver who kept his mouth shut and looked straight ahead at the road.

Sometimes, I couldn’t help myself especially if moans were coming from the back seat. Quick glimpses caught several blow jobs, many unencumbered breasts and even a squishy pussy or two. My favorite antic was when the wife, dressed in her hottest and latest designer outfit would wait until I opened her door and then slyly exit with her legs spread and gives a lovely panty glad beaver shot for the driver. That seemed to be a regular thing as very few of these women seemed to have any shred of decorum.

I was also having problems with my boss. Sure, he assigned me to good jobs but I had to contend with bounced checks, boozy diatribes and wildly erratic behavior. I quickly resolved to leave his employ and set up shop on my own. I just needed a few more bucks to run some ads. I decided to work through July before I claimed August and September for myself. I also kept my mouth shut and ran as many jobs as I could.

On Tuesday, I received a call from Reenie, Gayle from Southampton’s friend (See Chapter 1). I recalled that job where I drove the women home after a dinner party at Nick and Toni’s. I recalled that both were ‘Summer Rental Widows’ as their husbands spent the week on Wall Street before flying out to be with their wives on the weekend. I also recalled that Reenie was very interested in stepping out during the week and this recollection brought a big smile.

After some small chitchat, Reenie got down to what was really on her mind. ‘Listen Ray, are you free to drive me tomorrow night?’

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