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The Friday Night Event

The Friday Night Event
By DBarclay©

2007 had been a bad year for me. I had divorced my bastard of a husband moved away from his area to another part of Aus, rented a nice home, found a good job and life was now settling down and at 45 I even managed to get myself in shape, and on the odd occasion managed to get myself laid.

One Friday evening I arrived home from work, relaxed for a while, and decided a walk down to the local club for a drink or two might be a nice end to the week after dinner. After a quick shower, I dressed casually in a short skirt and light top and ambled down to the bar, A few hours later and a few beers downed, I was ready for the short walk home, said goodnight to all and ambled outside.

As I crossed the car park I noticed two hunky looking Samoan lads in their 20s who I had seen inside the bar and waved goodnight to them , They were standing by their van talking with the side door open , they waved me over to them , thinking they probably needed direction or something I walked over.

“Hi, do you need help?” I said.

Next thing I know I have a scarf around my mouth, my hand tied with another scarf in front of me, and being lifted, and thrown into the back of the van through the side door. I was lying on the floor with one of the lads alongside me and the other one was sitting behind the wheel. My mind was racing thinking they are not going to get rich from me, as I saw the lad sitting next to me going through my purse, there was less than $20 inside.

“Is this your address,” he asked, reading the content of my purse. While pulling down the scarf so I could speak.

“Yes! It’s just up the road,” I blurted out in a shaky voice.

“Would you like to invite us for supper?” the driver asked.

Trying to sound all confident, this is difficult being tied up, “Yes! What a nice idea I feel a big hungry myself and hate eating alone.” The scarf was put back around my mouth.

With that, the van moved out of the car park and I lay there thinking I may have done and said the wrong thing by telling them there was nobody in the house and inviting them, Still in my head I had the idea they were just going to rob me. Then I felt the hand sliding up my thigh and knowing my pussy was the goal, I lay there as this young lad stroked back and forth along my inner thigh and the edge of his hand pushing against my lips, Of course, what he didn’t know yet was I was getting wetter by the minute in anticipation.

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