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The Guy with the Reptilian Eyes

‘Fuck!’ Jess cried. She regretted telling him ‘fast and hard.’ Trying to be a smart ass. She hadn’t meant this rough. Face down, on her knees, clutching a handful of sheet, her other hand braced against the headboard to keep her head from banging it again, she knew now it was a mistake. What was she thinking, challenging this guy with those reptile eyes? She hoped he was a fast cummer.

She met him a week ago. A skinny guy with gray eyes and curly hair as black as his leather jacket who came into the bar where she worked near the end of her shift and had one drink, Stoli up. He left six dollars and coins, pointed to it, saying, ‘That’s for you, baby. Keep it. See you next time.’

It had been a slow night so she was glad to get the tip, but something in the way he said it that made her curious. Curious about the gray eyes, too. ‘Who has gray eyes?’ she had asked herself, as she put the money into the tip jar she kept by the cash register.

Now she knew. The guy with his hand on her back, holding her down, and his big cock in her, slamming it into her cooch so hard her ass cheeks quivered when it bottomed out. That’s who. She looked over her shoulder, trying to see if the eyes were open. They gazed back at her calm, narrow slits under the half-closed lids, cold gray and snaky.

He slowed his thrusting and she tried to relax. He was breathing hard. Maybe he was tired. She thought she might get off if he kept this pace. Slower would be better, she was dry from the way it started, not wet enough, and his cock speared into her before she was ready, fast as a cobra’s tongue. But this speed could work. She began grunting, the sound of her voice sinking into the bed, as the tingling inside suggested it could happen.

‘You enjoying it Jessica? Was that hard enough for you?’ he said, responding to her grunts.

‘Uh-huh.’ She nodded, feeling the friction of the sheet on her hot cheek. It came out like a whimper. She hated the way he said her name. He made it sound like a dirty word. Twice she had told him, ‘Call me ‘Jess’ or ‘Jessie’.”

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