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The Internet Acquaintance

After being gone for more than six months, I was looking forward to being able to relax and lounge around the house, naked as always. The wife and k**s had all left and I was finally alone. I quickly stripped off my pajamas and enjoyed the wonderful feeling of being naked. I walked into the computer room and sat down, anxiously looking forward to playing online and stroking with privacy once again.

I logged onto the computer and quickly went to my favorite websites, including this one. I was planning on getting on Yahoo and doing a little webcamming as well, but I figured I’d surf for a while. Going to Craigslist, I started looking at all the personals. It didn’t take long to find some that excited me, and my cock started to swell. I occasionally reached down, enjoying the feeling of my hand running down my now-hard cock. I dipped my finger into the oozing precum and put it to my mouth. Scrolling through the ads, I thought I’d post one myself. Feeling horny and missing the feel of a hard cock in my hands and mouth, as well as looking to lose my ass cherry, I started typing up a quick ad and added a picture of my hard cock as well as one of my ass. I went back to surfing my other sites, and noticed within minutes I had mail. I checked and found a couple of emails from people interested. The first one didn’t sound very exciting, but the other one caught my eye. In his mid-20’s, he said he liked my pictures and would I like to meet. I wrote back, asking for more info on him, such as whether he had a picture. Almost immediately, he replied back that he did have a picture, but he also had a webcam if I’d rather see him live. This made my cock twitch and I wrote back that I would. We exchanged Yahoo handles and I anxiously waited for the IM from him. Sure enough, about 2 minutes later, I received the IM, and he had also sent the request for me to view his webcam. I wasted no time and quickly clicked yes. I was greeted with a most amazing sight. Sitting in front of the camera was a true stud. Brown hair and brown eyes, he sat shirtless. We sent pleasantries back and forth and I complimented him on his body. He asked if I would like to see from the waist down. I immediately replied, “Yes”. He stood up and my mouth began to water. He didn’t have a six-pack, but was nicely toned. He stood wearing boxer briefs that were filled out quite nicely. I told him he looked awesome and was quite sexy. He reached down and slowly stroked the bulge in his boxer briefs, and I lowered my hand to my cock, again tasting my precum. We chatted for a few minutes and he asked if I had a cam. I told him I did and he asked to see it. I sent him the request and soon enough he was watching. He told me what a great body and cock I had and I said the same could be said to him. He laughed and asked that often asked question, “What are you looking for?” I told him I had just gotten back and hadn’t had cock for quite some time. He laughed and said, “And what would you do if you had a cock there?” I wrote back that I had a fantasy of sorts and it had to do with having a hard cock slide into my ass again. Judging by the twitch from his cock, he liked the sound of that. I asked if he was top or bottom and he said predominantly top. I replied that I was a total bottom. He said, “Sounds like we’re a perfect match.” I thought to myself, “You have no idea.” I asked if he got kinky and he wanted to know in what way. I told him about liking to dress in panties on occasion and again his cock twitched. He said, “God, dude, that sounds hot.” I asked where he was and it turned out he was only a few miles away. I said I don’t normally just meet anybody, but would he be able to come over. He told me he had the day off and could come over anytime. I told him to give me 45 minutes and come over. He said he would and I gave him my address.

I was extremely excited, but knew if I didn’t settle down, I’d cum the minute I saw him. I grabbed my razor and jumped in the shower. I shaved my cock, balls, and all of my ass, including my cheeks. It was all I could do not to just jack off right there. Finally, I shut the shower off and dried off. I looked in the mirror and liked the look. I looked at the clock and saw I had 15 more minutes. My anticipation was killing me, but I managed to not play with my cock anymore. I went to the garage, got it set up by putting the futon down to make it a bed. I got out my toys and my box of goodies. Searching through my panties, I picked out a nice blue and purple thong. I put my feet in them and slid them up. Smoothing the waistband out, I went back inside to see how they looked. I stood in front of a mirror and liked how it looked. My cock was now semi-hard, barely, and made a prominent bulge in the thin material of the panties. I turned around, seeing how my smooth ass cheeks stood out against the waistband and thong. Content that I looked good, I went back into the living room. I glanced at the clock and saw that John should be here any minute. My nerves started working, and my stomach started getting tight.

About that time, the doorbell rang. I quickly walked over to the door and looked through the peep hole. Sure enough, there was John, standing at the door. I breathed in and breathed out, then opened the door. From the look on his face, I could tell he liked my outfit. He smiled and finally looked me in the face. “Hi,” I said. “Hey, Dave, damn you look good,” He said. I smiled and thanked him. I opened the screen door and guided him into the house. As he passed me, his left hand reached out and rubbed against my panty covered cock. I could feel the sensation as my cock once again started to harden. “Watch that, or these won’t fit anymore,” I said. He laughed and said, “I guess you’d have to be bare ass naked then, huh?” I looked at him and told him in due time. I turned around long enough to get a good look at him. He was a couple of inches taller than me, probably about 5’10”, about 190 lbs. I couldn’t wait to get him naked and get at the bulge I had seen before on the webcam. “This way,” I said and pointed towards the garage. He followed me and I could feel his eyes staring at my smooth, bare ass. Suddenly, I felt his hand reach out and give my ass a little slap. I let out a sharp gasp and looked over my shoulder at him. He just winked. I opened the door to the garage and led him out. I walked over to the futon/bed and told him to have a seat. “With pleasure. Are you going to model your other panties?” he asked. I told him I would if he wanted me too, but he said maybe another time. I smiled and said, “OK.”

He was sitting on the edge of the futon and I walked close to him, my panty-clad cock right in front of his face. He started to raise his arms and pull me into him and I told him, “Not yet. First it’s you, then me.” He looked somewhat disappointed, but I assured him it would be worth it. He said he had no doubt about that. I turned around, pushing my bare ass in his face. I felt his hands slide over my smooth skin and slide along the thong. I could feel his fingertips barely touching my hole and I got tingles all over. I stood up and said that was enough of that.

I turned back around, my now almost hard cock straining the material of the panties. My precum had started leaking through the material, outlining my cock head. He licked his lips and I smiled. I reached down and helped him pull his shirt off, showing me that nice bare chest again. I pushed him back on the bed so that he was lying down. I reached down and took off his shoes and socks. Next, I lay down next to him, my head at his waist. I reached over and ran my hands over his obvious bulge before unbuttoning his shorts. I slid the zipper down and got up, sliding down towards his feet. I grabbed the legs of his shorts and pulled them down, starting to pull his boxer briefs (the same ones I had seen on the webcam), but they stayed put. I threw the shorts down on the floor and again crawled up on the futon. Leaning my head over, I softly licked his stiffening cock through the material of his boxer briefs. I could see it get harder and harder as I gave it little nips with my teeth. Finally, I couldn’t take anymore and slid his briefs down over his cock. His smooth 7” cock sprang out, glad to be free. I just looked at it for a few moments, enjoying the look of his circumcised head, the precum just beginning to ooze. I reached out with my right hand and circled it with my fingers. Slowly, I started sliding it up and down, watching as his cock became it’s hardest and really began oozing precum. I’d had all I could take and bent down, opening my mouth and sliding down over his cock head. Tasting the first of his precum made me harder than ever and I slid my mouth farther and farther down. I took inch by inch until I got most of his cock in my mouth. What I couldn’t get in my mouth, my hand circled. I started sliding my mouth up and down, stopping at the head and sucking deeply. I looked up and could see him watching me working on his cock. This, too, got me going and I began sucking faster and faster. My hand slid down and played with his balls, cupping and squeezing them as I sucked. Trying to control myself, and knowing that I wanted this cock for something much more first, I slid up and off his cock. John finally got his breath back and said that had felt great, but why did I stop. I slid up, my hand still on his cock, my panty clad cock now rubbing against his leg. I bent down and sucked a nipple into my mouth, feeling it harden. I looked at him in the eyes and said, “My first priority is to get that cock in my ass. Then, if you’ve still got more, I’ll suck you off. OK?” He nodded and barely said yes. I told him he didn’t even have to work at first, that I’d do everything. Again, he just nodded.

Getting up on my knees, I moved up by his head, making sure he had a good view. I slowly slid the panties over my hard cock, and slid them down my legs. Lifting my legs, I kicked them off and wrapped my fist around my cock. Reaching down, I took some precum on my finger and brought it to my mouth. He gasped and started to reach for my cock. “Nope, not yet,” I told him. He pulled his hand back and just watched as I crawled down and straddled his thighs. Looking him in the eyes, I slowly started sliding up his body. I got to his cock and stayed there, grabbing both of our cocks in my hand. He looked down and I could tell he enjoyed the looks of both hard cocks, oozing precum, rubbing together. I continued to slide up until I felt his cock slide between my ass cheeks. I sat there, feeling his cock pulsing along my crack. I reached over, grabbed a small amount of lube off the table, and reached behind me. First, I slid my fingers over and inside my ass, getting more and more excited as I did this. Then, I reached behind me and grabbed his cock. I stroked it up and down with the lube. Using my right hand, I raised his cock up and got up on my knees. With my left hand on his chest to provide balance, I leaned back until I could feel the head of his cock pushing against my hole. I stared him in the eyes as I slowly leaned back and felt the head slide in. I let out a sigh and could see John was feeling the same. I didn’t move for a few moments, then gently started settling my weight down on his cock, feeling it slide in inch by inch. I couldn’t believe how full and wonderful it felt having his cock inside me. I continued settling down, inch by inch until I couldn’t go anymore. I tried to push down more and realized I had him all the way inside. I could feel his balls against my skin as I settled back. I just sat there for about a minute, enjoying the feeling of his hard cock deep inside my ass. I looked at his face and could tell it was feeling great for him as well. Finally, I started sliding off again, then back down, slowly at first, and then faster and faster. I did this for a couple of minutes and said, “Do you want to fuck me now?” He just looked at me and nodded. I smiled and slid up off his cock. “Doggie or on my back?” He said either way was good for him, so I lay on my back, wanting to watch him drive his cock inside me. He got up on his knees and between my legs. I lifted my legs and held them as I watched him inch closer and closer. At last, I again felt his cock head pushing against my hole, and this time it quickly slid in. He continued to push, not giving me a chance to get used to it again, but I didn’t care. I just wanted him deep inside me. I rested my legs on his shoulders as he finished pushing the last inch inside me. I felt him slide out, then quickly in again. He did this over and over, faster and faster. I looked down and could see his cock sliding in and out and couldn’t believe how wonderful it felt. He slowed down and slid all the way inside. Resting that way, he said, “Do you want me to pull out and cum or what?” I said, “No way, I want to feel that hot cum shooting inside me.” I swear, I think just the thought almost made him cum right there. He looked at me, smiled, and began sliding in and out again. I could feel his muscles starting to tense up and felt he had to be close. He was fucking me hard and fast when he looked up and said, “Oh, god, I’m cumming!” I coaxed him on and said, “Yeah, that’s it. Cum deep inside my ass. I want to feel that hot cum shooting inside me.” That was all it took and I felt him shove deep inside me. I could feel the hot jets of his cum as he shot inside me, hitting the walls of my ass. He pumped and pumped, shooting 4 or 5 hot jets inside me. I could feel him shiver as he finished cumming inside me. Finally, he stopped and slid out. He rolled over, his once hard cock now softening, covered in hot sticky cum. Not even realizing my own boldness, I bent over and swallowed his entire cock, tasting myself and his cum as I licked it clean. I then rolled over on my stomach, still hard, but wanting to keep his cum inside me. He playfully reached over and slapped my ass.

He said, “Dude, you need to cum.” I smiled and told him I will, once I was finished with him. With that, I once again bent over, taking his cock in my mouth. I heard him gasp and felt his cock starting to harden once again. I played with him, teasing his cock with my tongue. I would slide it down the sensitive underside, then back up and flick it across the slit. I could once again taste his precum. I took just the head in my mouth and sucked, hard, and I felt his body respond. His cock was now completely hard once more. I wrapped my right hand around the base, slowly lowering my head, inch by inch. When I got as much as I could inside my mouth, I again started up again. I continued to change my pace, first sucking quickly, then slowing down and dragging my tongue along the underside of his cock. His breathing was getting shallower and I knew he was enjoying my technique. I took my hand and started fondling his balls, before sliding it down between his legs to push on his prostate. He let out a loud moan and I knew he wouldn’t last much longer. Pushing harder with my finger, I once again took him completely in my mouth, sucking as hard as I could. All he could manage as a warning was, “Dude!” and I knew he was about to cum. I slid my mouth off so just the head rested between my lips. I felt the first shot hit the roof of my mouth. I continued to push on his prostate with my right hand while my left hand stroked the cum out. I sucked with my mouth, feeling shot after shot hitting my mouth, letting is slide down my throat. As I felt him coming down, I once again sucked his cock completely into my mouth. He was so sensitive, he actually pushed my head off his cock. I gave it one last squeeze with my hand, before looking up at him and smiling. “Mmmmm, that was good,” I said. He said, “Holy shit, that was great!” I told him I was glad he liked it.

I rolled over onto my back, still tasting the last bits of his cum, feeling his cum sliding out of my ass. My cock was as hard as a rock. I reached down to start stroking it and John pushed my hand away. He said it was the least he could do, and I put my hand down, letting him stroke me. Thinking about his cum shooting inside my ass just a short while ago, and the cum he shot in my mouth had me ready in moments. I looked at John and told him I was going to cum. He let go, teasing me and letting me come down just a little bit. My desire to cum subsided and I saw him move towards my feet. “What are you up to?” I asked. “I want you to cum in your mouth. Will you do that?” John asked. I couldn’t help but think this guy was something else. I couldn’t really speak, I just wanted to cum and nodded my head. He grabbed my legs, helping me pull them over my head. I could feel his cum sliding back inside my ass as he braced against my ass, helping me stay in that position. He wrapped his hand around my cock once again and had barely started stroking me when I said, “Oh, yeah, I’m cumming.” He aimed my cock at my face as I began shooting. The first shot landed on my cheek and partially in my mouth, but the rest were well-aimed. I couldn’t remember cumming so much, as it filled my mouth, waiting to slide down my throat. John stroked me a few more times, getting every last drop, before he let my legs fall back to the futon. I sat up, opening my mouth so he could see the cum in my mouth, before I closed it and let it slide down my throat. I again opened my mouth and he said, “Dude, you are so hot!” I said, “You are too. I wouldn’t do this with just anybody.”

We sat naked and talked for a few minutes before he said he should be going. I just sat and watched him get dressed. I stood up and hugged him, then shook his hand before getting one last grab of his wonderful cock. We talked of making plans to do this again, then I walked him to the door. He said he’d talk to me soon, and he left. I went back inside, feeling his cum running down my legs. I went to my computer and wrote down my story, for fear I’d forget a detail.

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