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The Intruder Day 3 Part 2

Introduction: Im sorry its taken me so long to post but heres the next part. Also just know that while writing this my cunt was dripping like Niagara Falls. -sighs- I really need to get laid Day 3: 5:00 am

Callie lost track of how long they were in the car. She had been so focused on trying not to cum that she hadnt been able to keep track. Somehow, she had no clue how, but shed kept herself from cumming. Master pulled the car over and she heard the door open. Suddenly she was blasted by cold air as the trunk was opened. Looks like you did well Cunt. he said with a laugh. The vibrators were roughly pulled from her holes. Look at that! Your little fuckholes are so tight they snap back into place! That boyfriend of yours must not fuck you enough!
Crying silently she couldnt help the fresh gush of pussy juice that that ran down her thighs. Master reach forward and grabbed her arms pulling her up from the trunk of the car. Youre definitely my favorite slut so far. he said as he forced her down to her knees. Beside her she could hear the sounds of cars rushing by as her knees dug into the gravel on the road. You gave up so easily and are so obedient. Youre going to make me rich Cunt. he unhooked the gag from around her mouth but left the clamps on. Now youre going to suck my dick right here on the street just like the whore you are. He unzipped his pants and she felt the tip of his dick push against her mouth. Having lost her will to fight him she opened her mouth and took the long thick shaft into her mouth.

Jakes head fell back as she sucked him. The whore was a good little cock sucker and he was going to be putting that mouth of hers to good use. I have more rules for you Cunt. he said. In addition to calling me Master and doing everything I say you will now only refer to yourself as Fuckslut. That is your new name from now on. Do you understand? He jerked her head back by her hair so she could answer her.
Y-yes Ma-master. she said. Fu-fuckslut understands.
He laughed as he shoved her back onto his dick. Next you will fuck anything that I tell you to whether it be another man, woman…dog. She paused in her sucking for a moment and he shoved her head back down. I didnt say you could stop Fuchslut. After a moment she resumed her sucking. Yes you will fuck a dog and you will like it. I have a lot of customers that are into fucking a hot slut like you after shes been used by a dog. Im even going to rent you out. Youll be staying with me even longer than we first thought you were Fuckslut! While you were unconscious this morning I found out where your boyfriend was and have the rangers sending him a message that you will be out of town for a surprise two week vacation with a few of you friends. She faltered once more in her licking but this time she continued almost immediately. Finally you will always ask to cum. If you cum without asking or I dont give you permission then you get twenty lashes with my whip and twenty seconds of electric shock. Do you understand Fuckslut?
She pulled away from his dick. Fuckslut understands Master.
Good. Now Im going to cum all over you and you will thank me when Im done. He stepped back and gave his dick a few pumps before he finally let loose a long stream of his cum. Jake made sure to cover her from head to toe. When he was done her face, chest, stomach, and crotch were covered in the sticky substance.
Thank you Master. she whispered.
Louder Fuckslut. I want to hear how much you love my cum all over you! he said. I want the cars driving by to hear how much of a cum loving whore you are. He moved his leg forward and pressed the tip of his boot into her pussy.

Thank you for shooting your cum all over me Master! she cried. Callie couldnt help it as she grinded herself on his boot. Fuckslut loves being covered in her masters cum. Fuckslut is a worthless whore thats only good for being a cumdumpster! Honks were heard on the road as truckers drove by.
Master laughed as he moved his boot away from her. Youre certainly one perfect whore arent you! Maybe I wont give you back to that worthless boyfriend after all! Youll be my personal slave! He grabbed her shoulders and she felt him reatach the leash to the collar around her neck. Then he released her wrists from behind her. Come on Fuckslut I have a surprise for you.
He tugged on the leash and Callie followed after him obediently. She had no will to fight him anymore and she just didnt feel the need to fight him anymore. Her body had completely betrayed her as she she felt her cunt juices slid down her leg and her nipples harden. She was so horney it hurt. She just wanted to be fucked so bad that she didnt even care anymore that she had been kidnapped. All she wanted was for someone to fuck her.
Her horniness only intensified when she imagined what she must look like. Crawling out in the open covered in cum with a blindfold on and being lead around like a worthless dog.
Gravel dug into her knees and hands as she crawled after him. It hurt but for whatever reason it only added to her horneness. Finally he tugged her over what seemed like a door frame and she was now on a smooth concrete surface. Now you my little Fuckslut have had a long night and its time for you to rest. We have a long day coming up. he heard something opening. He unhooked the leash and instead grabbed her hair and dragged her in.
Callie dropped to the ground and let out a yelp of surprise as she was dragged across the cold floor. Master lifted her up off of the floor and on to some sort of table. He tied her hands to either side of the table and her legs were spread wide as he secured them to something above the table. This is your new bed Cunt. He removed her blindfold and once her eyes adjusted she saw that she was in a cage. Masters tall frame almost touched the top of the the cage. Tonight Im going to give you a treat because you were so good in the car. Youre going to be allowed to cum as much as you want for the next two hours. He grinned at her.
Tha-thank you Master. she said. Fuckslut is grateful she can come.
I know you are. Master said. He moved away from her but was back in less then a second. But theres a catch. He came back over to her and held up a ring. It looked like one youd get in your belly button but it was smaller. This is going to be in place of those clamps.
Callies eyes widened as she stared at the silver ring.
Now you dont have to have the piercing Fuckslut but then you wont be able to cum until I come back here. Master said. He reached down and tugged on the chair that connected the nipple clamps together. Pain shot through her but so did pleasure. She gasped as she arched her back as the small amount of stimulation made a fresh wave of desire o straight to her pussy. What do you want Fuckslut? Do you want to cum? Or should I leave you here while I go run my errands?
Oh God she couldnt take it! She had to cum and she didnt care anymore how wrong it was. Fuckslut wants to cum Master. Please please please let Fuckslut cum.
He grinned menacingly down at her. Well I dont know Fuckslut. I dont know if you truly want to cum.
I really really want to cum. Please Master! Let Fuckslut cum. Fuckslut wants to cum so bad for Master it hurts. She took a deep breath before she continued. Pierce Fucksluts slutty nipples Master. Fuckslut wants Master to make her cum and pierce her nipples.
Master laughed. You really are one dirty fucking whore Fuckslut. He moved away from her for a minute.
She couldnt see what he was doing but suddenly something was shoved up her pussy. It felt so good as she arched her back up off the table and let out a loud moan. Suddenly the dildo started plowing in and out of her like a jackhammer. It had to be attached to some machine to be moving so fast. Oh Master please let Fuckslut cum!
In good time Fuckslut. Master said as he came back around to her head. First we have to take care of those pretty little nipples. He took hold of the chain by the ballgag and yanked it. The clamps on her nipples was pulled free and Callie let loose a loud cry of pleasure-pain. Master laughed as he took hold of her left nipple and shoved the needle followed by the little barbell through her nipple. She didnt even notice the pain as she focused on not cuming. She didnt want him to be disappointed in her. He moved over to her other side and repeated the process.
Please Master may Fuckslut cum! she cried tears were pouring down her cheeks as she tried so hard not to cum and she knew that she was close.
He gave a dramatic sigh. Oh alright Fuckslut on the count of three you can cum. 1…2&hellip,.3
The second the word 3 left his mouth her pussy spasmed and the most intense orgasem shed ever had before flooded through her. She screamed loudly as she came and her eyes squeezed shut. Thank you Master! she cried. Thank you for letting Fuckslut cum.
Master petted her head before moving away from her. Youre welcome Fuckslut. Now you have two hours to cum as much as you want. Im not sure when Ill be back so be sure to get some rest before I return. He left her line of sight again and then suddenly she felt the mechanical dildo turned up even higher. Then she heard his footsteps leaving and the door slammed shut.

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