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The locker room conspiracy part 1 (Giving the c

A cute Hispanic cleaning lady who looked about 30 walked in on me once when I was getting out of the gym shower. It was really early and the staff often cleaned before anyone was in the lookers so they don't run into people changing. I'm friends with one of the trainers and he lets me in early when ever he works mornings. I rubbed one out in the shower as I usually do after a good workout, so I was nicely chubbed up but not hard when I got out. She was cleaning the sinks as I got out of the shower. She saw me get out of the shower, I dried off with the curtain open like it was no big deal. She said sorry she could go clean the stalls wail I changed. I laughed and said don't worry it's your job I won't bother you. Rather than wrap my towel on my waist I threw it over my shoulder and walked over to the Uranial close to the sinks I stood back a little so she had a view. Then I walked over to the sink next to the one she was washing , my penis still nicely swollen. I washed my hands and started my routine at the sink. I told her She was the only lady attendant I'd ever seen in the men's locker room. She obviously wasn't a bathroom attendant they were always men and only there Friday and Saturday afternoon. However her some what broken English and being able to clearly tell she was band new and crazy nervous I knew I could mess with her. She just nodded clearly confused and embarrassed. I shock her hand and introduced my self. She was blushing really hard. She said your towel must be wet and gave me another clearly so I could cover up. I told her thanks but I was over heated from the shower and needed to cool off. I said It is the men's locker room after all. She nodded uncomfortably and told me guess it's ok, trying not to look at me clearly to uncomfortable and startled to explain. I finished trimming my beard at the sink then sat down across from her on the locker bench. I only put my shirt and socks on. Bottomless I got my bag together and then walked back to the mirror beside the sink she was cleaning. I took took out my baby powder and started powdering my legs butt dick and balls. I clearly spent more time powdering my self than neaisary. I caught her peaking several times at me wail pretending she wasn't looking. I let my self get hard again then turned around laughing. I said to her sorry the coolant in my powder got to me. She looked at my hard on and giggled. She said it was okay she didn't mind trying not to laugh.

Then she started to leave blushing. I played dumb ass she started to walk out. I said my god your not the bathroom attendant are you. She stopped shock her head and said over and over again how sorry she was. She asked me begged me not to tell her manager. I smiled and said your just wanted to look at my cock. She laughed and she didn't mind it. I told her she owed me for keeping my mouth shut. She thanked me and started to leave. I stopped her as she started walking out. I said you just wanted to see my penis didn't you! She said she wasn't and was sorry for starting. I told her she should strip in front of me so she had something to be embarrassed about to. She said she couldn't I walked over to my wallet took out 2 50s and said. She deserved a tip for being such a hard working custodian. She was hesitant I told her she deserved it since she was about to undress in front of me. I grabbed her left boob and started felling her up. She pushed away from me and said okay I'll show you but don't touch me. We walked over to a shower hidden in the back corner away from the others in case some one else came in the locker room. She keept glancing at my hard cock I said you like it don't you she blushed embarrassed not saying anything. We went behind the the shower curtain and she took her t shirt off I reached around her and started unhooking her bra. She was nervous as I throw her thin black bra to the ground. She covered up at first but I slowly held both her hands and moved them away from her body. Her small brown nipples on her perky but surprisingly large boobs started to tremble she seamed scared. I let her go and took a step back in the shower she smiled and took off her kaki work pants to to reveal a pink thong soaking wet. She slid her panties down to her feet her pussy dripped down her legs several times. She smiled and asked if we were even now. A friend at her and said sure I'm going to stay here and stroke my cock. Why don't you put your panties back on and go back to work. I picked up her panties drenched from her wet pussy. O yeah matey we should do something about that water fall between your legs. She said she was uncomfortable matey she should take a shower in here and then get dressed. I told her sounds fun! I turned the water on and told her we can help wash each other. She looked down the warm water soaking our naked body's. I don't know she said. I told her it was okay I just start bathing myself. I reached out the curtain and grabbed my body was and wash cloth. I started bathing eventually she stated to wash off too. This will be fun I laughed as I started to stroke my dick with body wash. She watched me for a few minutes. Then she took her middle finger and started to rub my clit. I took her other hand and put it on my penis. She was shaking. I guided her hand up and down slowly. She eventually started to grab my penis a little tighter. She started to move up and down my shaft on her own I took the hand I guided her with and slowly moved it around her apple shaped butt between her knees witch she held tight together and circled my 2 fingers around her pussy lips. I brought my fingers to both of our mouth touching her overly wet pussy bring in them to my mouth tasting them. Then bringing them back to her wetness and slowly putting my fingers in her mouth. I told her she tastes like a goddess then turned her around and kissed her so I could taste her lips witch now tasted like her pussy. I held her aginst the shower wall. My cock pressed tight aginst her flat belly. Then she said wait. I had the urge to throw her on the shower floor and take her. I caught my self though. She looked at me and said she didn't know if she could do this. What the hell I said your vagina is literally dripping for my cock. She said she wanted to have sex with me but she had only been with her fiancé before. I was shocked. she said she wasn't sure what she wanted. I told her I want her more than anything. Then I said I love you. She replied you don't know me. I told her I loved her again she took a deep breath and said okay. I placed her on the ground and put her legs over my shoulders. She was so much shorter than I was half her body was facing straight up. I had the okay now she was mine I slapped my cock on top of her clit repeatedly. She was much smaller than me and clearly it had been a wail since she had a dick inside of her. I couldn't get inside of her with just trust so I had to cram my cock aginst her wail I used 2 fingers to pull her pussy lips apart. She groaned in pain. Your stretching it to fast she cried. I just started kissing her to shut her up. She groaned again saying she was in love with me. I laughed at her. You clearly haven't even had a medium sized cock have you. She laughed at me. Why the hell dose a penis need to be so fucking big. I starring her in the eyes I told her I was going to stretch her pussy so much she won't recognize it. She gulped and started to tell her self to be cool over and over again. I pick her up slightly so she had to si on my cock to stay up right. I rammed her up and down try to give my dick more space inside of her. She loved using me as a stole for her pussy. She started having an intense orgasm. Her pussy thigh ended around my cock and started to contradict around my hard dick. She moaned and squirted on my dick. That little bit put me over and I filled her with more cum than I thought I had in my balls. She lay on the shower floor leaking cum. I laughed how did that happen. She smiled at me and reached up to kiss me your cum is warm in me I love it.

She stood up and started to talk in in proper English with a slight Spanish accent. Thanks k** the video we just made is will be a hit. Wtf I said. You really bought my act huh she laughed . I have cameras all over the bathroom. You gave a great performance you could be a star k**. I started laughing. Fuck me you fooled my ass. Who are you I asked. I'm Josephine my s****r owns this gym and I recently started to use it to make adult films, the locker room genre is booming and our spy cams pick it up in 4K. That's how we found you mr cums all over the shower walls. How would you like to make some extra cash she asked me. Okay I said unsure. Come over here I'll show you what the womans room has going on.

To be continued

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