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The Lust is Hot

This story is 100% true that happened mid-December.

Even though I am studying for my finals, I still need to get the car fixed, hang with friends and eat Wing Stop. Even though I did get fired from Wing Stop when the fall term began, I know I can get free food from there since I was very nice to the cooks, cashiers and the customers.

I refused to cuss out the customers when I was mad and I know when my blood sugar is low enough, it feels like I’m high which made me nicer to deal with. If there are people that are reading this that do not know what being high feels like, it feels like your body is numb and relaxed. I like the feeling when my blood sugar is low and when I do smoke, it does regulate my blood sugar.

Oh, by the way, I am a type-one diabetic and have been for 20 years. Before I get too deep into the story, my name is Lee. I am 20, 5ft 11, light skinned black, a fair amount of muscle and a six pack that ladies love to lick, touch and kiss.

Even though I do have to study for my English 2 final, I still want to eat while my car was getting repaired across the street at the body shop.

I walked in the restaurant with a smile on my face. People are smiling while eating their mild, boneless wings and a customer actually recognized me.

My ex coworker, Brandon says, “Hay Lee! “with a high pitch voice even though he is 18 and senior at the local high school.

I say, “Ello, how have you been?”

I gave him a fist bump and we act like I was at work yesterday.

Brandon says, “Eh, same old, same old. Though one thing is strangely happening and it has to do with you.”

I ask worried, ”Well, what is it?”

He replies, “Well a girl has been coming in the store at least once a week looking for you.”

“Huh, looking for me you say… Well who could that be?”

“Well it is a girl named Madi.’

My face droped at the sound of the name. Madi is my Ex-girlfriend, best friend. She is a diabetic also and I knew she liked me while me and my Ex-girlfriend, Starr dated. Madi and I are talking on FB and she did send me a sexy pic of her yesterday but, we promised we would not hang in the real world, only in the diabetic world.

Updated: December 21, 2016 — 11:08 pm
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