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The Naiads: Chapter Two

This is Chapter two of a story about Wendell, a recently divorced middle aged man who becomes the neighbor of a trio of exciting young college girls in an apartment complex named Thessaly Springs. In this chapter, Wendell does a little on line research about Ashley, the new object of his affections, and begins to plot her seduction.

This is a work of fiction. All rights are reserved.

. . . . . . . . . . .

I woke around mid morning with a raging hard on and a mild headache. Sun poured through the curtains covering the sliding glass door that led to the patio. I looked at the clock and saw I had a few hours before noon when Ashley might knock for her shoe. I planned to invite her in and I wanted to tidy up a bit and make sure everything was welcoming for her. After an aspirin, a shot of whiskey, a shower and a shave, I dressed in shorts and a tee to do some furniture moving. The smallest of the three bedrooms stored my bookcases, with all my books still in boxes stacked in front of them. I wanted to at least display my novels in the living room, so I dragged two tall bookcases from the small room. I pulled my sofa, a new piece I was proud of, from the long wall facing the entry and floated it, leaving about five feet of space between the back of the sofa and the wall for the bookcases. I moved my leather club chair and ottoman from the mid-sized bedroom, which I was using for a den, and added it to the living room set, adjacent to the sofa, but angled to allow for conversation. I placed beside it a reading lamp and a book caddy, and a small table to hold my pipe and tobacco. I smiled recognizing I had placed the chair in the exact position I imagined it being when I first fantasy fucked Ashley in her cheerleader uniform. I was planning to make that dream come true! 

A few more touches here and there, and I was pleased. On the tall bookcases, I left the middle shelves open for small framed photographs of my daughter Monae, and my grandson. I even had time to hang some of my old bachelor art, lithographs and photographs of vintage and contemporary (or at least 1980s contemporary) girly images my ex-wife Yvette never approved of and which had been languishing for years in storage. I finished it off with a few framed vintage movie posters, and my Staunton chess set on the glass coffee table, next a large photo book of Marilyn Monroe pictures. I was proud of my tastes and felt good at having a reason to display them again, and someone to display them for. I smiled and poured a cup of Irish coffee and surveyed my work. Yes. The room positively reeked of pussy-loving manliness. 

I had time to relax and enjoy it before washing up and dressing for Ashley. I sat with my tablet in my reading chair and checked Yahoo for a reply to my last message, which had been, "I have so much more for you, angel." Nothing. I was anxious to send her my cum art photo, showing her just how much more I had, at least in the way of cum. I was a little disappointed, but she had been out late last night, I assumed, by the way she was dressed. It occurred to me it was odd her date didn't pick her up, that she had left by herself. Surely she had many young men wanting her attention. I would ask about what sort of affair she attended. Good conversation starter, I thought. I unclamped her shoe and tested the set. It was holding fine, with no signs of my cum discoloring the plush leather. I changed into some beige linen slacks and a white crew neck pullover, tuned the stereo to a favorite radio station specializing in 80s pop and waited. Not long after noon, she knocked.

She looked up at me and smiled a shy but happy girlish smile, bright as the sunlight that seemed to radiate from her, so innocent, and so at odds with the satin fuchsia short shorts that hugged tightly the curves of her hips and ass, and the white sleeveless V necked tee that broke into fringe below her breasts and teased a peek at her midriff. Across the tee, in what appeared to be hand-lettering, the words "party girl" made the contradiction stark. Her face could sell girl scout cookies, but her body in those shorts said simply, "Fuck me."

"Hi, sweetheart. You look adorable! Please come in."

"Thank you. Oh this is nice!" She stood with her back to me, between me and the chair I wanted so badly to lean her over the back of and spank. Her hair was slightly damp and her scent told me she was fresh front the shower. Heavenly. fresh and ready for our first fuck. Her little ass was packed tight into her shorts, round and firm and making my mouth water. I didn't blink as I locked my eyes on it, wanting it on my face. I would happily have eaten it through her shorts. On her feet she wore no shoes, just white ankle socks with little cotton ball looking things attached at the back. My dick began to twitch under my slacks and I was glad I decided to wear briefs. I had debated it. Cum drops would definitely show in these thin slacks, I thought, and my dick was about to start dripping.

On the stereo, my favorite station KTFA, which specialized in 80s rock, played Tears For Fears, "Everybody Wants to Rule the World." I smiled at the fitting opening line:

Welcome to your life, there's no turning back….

I didn't want to turn back. I wanted to begin my new life. With Ashley. And I wanted to begin it now.

"So many books! Have you read them all?"

"Oh yes, I love the classics."

"Shakespeare!" She saw the large volume of the Yale Shakespeare on its side, very noticeable by its size. "Oh you have to meet Rebekah, then. She's an actress. She loves theater."

"Yes! You must introduce us. I'd love to discuss it with her."

"You can meet her tonight! We're having some girlfriends over. I'll bring her by."

"I'd be so thrilled! Please do!" 

Help me make the most of freedom/and of pleasure….

"Oh and such pretty pictures! I feel so plain and ordinary around all these beautiful women on the walls!"

"They don't compare to you, Ashley. You are the prettiest girl in the room."

She turned to look at me and smiled. "Awww."

There's a room where the light won't find you/ holding hands while the walls come tumbling down

"Would you like some irish coffee? I was just going to pour a cup."

"That sounds good! Thank you, yes."

"Well, please. Sit down. Here's your shoe. Try it out while I pour us some."

She sat on the ottoman facing me, as I stood behind the bar in the kitchen. I poured the coffee, and added the whiskey. As I topped our cups off with cream, I heard her say, "Oh its so soft! Did you put some conditioner on the leather?" 

I looked at her and she stared back waiting for an answer, fingering the soft leather of the shoe. I will never forget the expectant look on her face, like a c***d asking her father if he brought her a surprise. "Oh. That. Yes. It's uh…something I made up on my own, kind of." I put our cups on saucers and walked to the sofa and took my seat. I patted the spot to my left and said, "Please, come sit beside me."

"I'll have to bring you the other one so you can condition it, too. I hope you have more," she said as she took her seat.

I have so much more for you angel, I thought. My imagination became vivid. Suddenly before me I saw the two of us fucking behind the chair. 

"Mmm this is so good!" 

"I'm glad you like it." I watched my cock pop out of her butt and squirt in arcs that landed in the small of her back as I pulled her hair toward me, lifting her pretty face to the ceiling.

"So creamy and rich!"

"I have so much more for you, angel." Oh no. Did I say that or just think it?

"Angel? Ha ha! I'm not quite as angelic as you seem to think I am. You're so sweet, Mr. Connors." Yep. I said it. She put her cup on the saucer and added, "This is all I can take for now, though. I have a long way to go tonight. But thank you." 

I can't stand this indecision/married with a lack of vision

Fantasy Ashley stood behind my chair, pulling up her panties with her little titties still bare and jiggling, while fantasy me rubbed my cum into her back.

Beside me Ashley pulled off a sock and strapped on her shoe. "It looks like nothing ever happened! Feels nice!" She stood and put her weight on it. Her ass was just inches from my face and eye level! 

I lunged at her butt, pressed my mouth between her cheeks and sucked it hard. "Feels nice! I'm such a naughty girl teasing you with my hot young ass in your face. I deserve a spanking Mr. Connors!" Fantasy Ashley was no angel at all. I laid her across my knee and slapped her satin covered ass hard. "Please no more! This is all I can take for now!"

"You naughty! (Slap!) Little! (Slap!) Party girl! (Slap!) Tease! (Slap! Slap! Slap!)." I pulled her shorts down to expose her ass, pink and hot and bare. 

Beside me Ashley lost her balance standing on one heel and fell across my lap. "Oh! Not again! One Irish coffee and I'm d***k! Ha ha!"

"I think you just like falling into my arms," I told her as she lay across my lap. She raised her ass high as she regained her posture, and I let my hand rest lightly on it, as if to help steady her, but enjoying its warmth and firmness.

Fantasy me rubbed her bare bottom gently and said, "I think you like it, my naughty angel."

"You do seem to put me off balance, don't you?" She said. "We must stop doing this or people will talk!"

The moment had arrived. I was ready to begin my seduction. I put my hand on her thigh and asked her to let me see her ankle, ready to replay our first meeting but with a different ending. Before she could answer, though, the doorbell rang. Dammit! Who would that be!?

I looked through the peephole, half hoping it was Yvette, though she would have no reason to visit. I'd have loved for her to meet her replacement, my beautiful young Ashley. But no. It was not she. I opened the door and there stood Ashley's roomie, Sierra.

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