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The Nurse Who Turned His Life Around-Part I

John really didn’t know how he got roped into all this work and travel. He wasn’t in a rut, he was in a deep dark cavern. John was quite frankly exhausted and wounded in more ways than one. His attempted reconciliation with his former wife Carol had failed miserably. John’s over-sexed seventeen-year-old teenage daughter Stacey had gained early admission to Princeton, left home for college and was probably fucking everything that moved and having more fun than John could even imagine. John’s life meanwhile was just going nowhere it seemed.

John drove home in the pouring rain with large raindrops beating against his windscreen splattering into large spider webs before the wiper blades wiped them away in the rapidly growing darkness. In the sullen darkness of the car John thought about how as life moved on you lost things along the way. His parents were both gone (within one year of each other) from cancer: liver cancer for his mother and bone cancer a few months later for his father. John’s little brother who had died at less than a year of age also came to mind, his grave so far away John rarely got a chance to visit. John’s dazzling marriage to Carol, so envied by his contemporaries, was now fading into oblivion. Carol, still slim and attractive, has taken up with a young NASCAR mechanic with (so John has heard) a highly talented nine-inch cock. John’s beautiful young seventeen year-old daughter Stacey (a pretty racy number herself with a proclivity for tight tops and very short skirts) rarely called John since Facebook, friends and time in bed with random boys seemed to occupy most of her time when she wasn’t shopping with the credit cards John provided for her.

Every living thing contains within it the seeds of its own demise, so how do we attain happiness in the face of such bleak prospects John wondered? As we move through our lives we leave so much behind and the weight of those memories can sink our souls. Today John felt the weight of those memories weighing him down and making him feel lost and adrift, a soul cut loose from its moorings.

John has struggled through the last five years with nothing more satisfying than building his medical company. Sex? What sex? Oh you mean his left hand? His wife Carol had moved on long ago and John just seemed at loose ends. John had always been a bit of a conservative “nerdy” type of guy and this image prevented his getting much in the way of female attention if you know what I mean. John was also always a bit of a loner and into stuff his contemporaries didn’t necessarily appreciate. While everyone in high school was into rock and mindless pop John was into Van Morrison and jazz? While all his friends lusted for a Mustang he dreamed of an Aston Martin Vantage.

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