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The Pill – Part 4

This is the Fourth chapter in the story of my adventures in London, on the day when I took a small pink pill and my face and body transformed into that of a beautiful young woman. However, I knew that I only had 24 hours before the effects wore off and so determined not to miss any opportunity, I had a day of sexual adventures, some planned, some on the spur of the moment.

The story so far: I had started my day in the back of a van, in a multi-storey car park, choosing the outfits I would wear during the day, and discovering the wonders of my new female body. I had then greatly improved the days of a couple of men on packed commuter trains, before arriving at my office and seducing my lesbian secretary, followed by giving the office intern his first sexual experience…

Now, as I left the office in the midday sunshine, all the physical activity of the morning was beginning to catch up with me and I was suddenly ravenously hungry. It was just before midday as I walked along to my favourite sandwich shop, which was quiet in the lull before the lunchtime rush. I just managed to stop myself from greeting the Italian owner by name – this young, sexy lady was a stranger to him. Little would he expect that I was the tall middle-aged man whose delicious sandwiches had put on a few inches round my waist over the years!

"Good morning, lovely lady! How can I help you? Would you… aaaah…." His usual patter trailed unexpectedly away. When I lifted my eyes from the wide selection of sandwich fillings to his face I saw his wide eyes staring at my blouse. Or rather, as I suddenly realised – with the sun streaming in through the large plate-glass window behind me – straight through my blouse and at my beautiful tits. I looked into the mirror on the back wall behind him and realised that I may as well not be wearing a blouse at all. I had lost my bra earlier, during my encounter with my lesbian PA, and the light behind me was making it virtually transparent.

With an effort, he hauled his gaze back to my face and hefted a sheepish grin back on his broad, olive face. I kept eye contact with him and, to his credit, he did his best to focus on my face too.

"Please can I have turkey, brie and cranberry in a soft white baguette?"

"Yes, of course, lovely lady." He said, starting to busy himself with slicing the bread. "Would you like any salad with that. Any salt or pepper?"

"No, thanks." Then, wickedly, I added "I prefer to keep the best bits uncovered. It increases the pleasure, don't you think?!"

The knife clattered to the floor and he disappeared behind the counter to retrieve it, but not before, I saw the reaction on his face. When he re-emerged, with his back to me he took the knife over to the sink on the back wall. I saw him looking at me in the mirror, drinking in the sight of my body through the translucent blouse, as he washed and cleaned the knife. When he turned back to me, whilst he was sweating profusely, he had managed to get his features back under control. I smiled innocently at him. I noticed his green apron bulging, where his powers of self control could do nothing about the bl**d flow to his stiff cock! I could see that he was trying so hard to be professional, but I couldn't help to derail him even more.

"Which part of the turkey, is the meat from?" I asked, innocently.
"It is just that I much prefer BREAST, don't you. Could you give me breast, if it is not too much trouble, please…!" Once again his composure left him. I compounded the situation. "It is rather warm today, isn't it?" I said, taking the collar and wafting my blouse in and out.

His eyes were immediately drawn there, getting the better of his self-control and he stared at the silhouette of my breasts. I turned back and forth slightly to make sure he had the best view possible. He was openly staring, mouth agape, slices of breast – ironically – hanging from his fingers. He licked his lips slowly, then swallowed hard. With a massive effort he wrenched his eyes away from my body towards my face, to find me innocently surveying the list of drinks above his head, so he took the opportunity to have another sneaky peak back at my body. Then reluctantly got back to making the sandwich.

"Anything else I can help my lovely lady with?" He was soon asking, back in his role as smooth Italian shopkeeper.
"Please could I have a nice cool bottle of milk, please?" I asked.
He stared at me. "Milk?"
"Yes, please." I replied.

He turned to the fridge muttering "Breast and milk! Breast and milk! Oh Mamma Mia!!!" As I took my paper wrapped sandwich from him, I let my fingers brush against his hand and felt him shiver.

"I hope to see you again soon, lovely lady." He said.
"I can see that you do!" I said nodding at his erection.

He looked down at himself then back at me in embarrassed horror. With the hand not holding my sandwich, I cupped and rubbed my left breast, watching his eyes widen with the realisation that I had been teasing him throughout.

"Thank you for the compliment!" I said to him, then, laughing, I picking up my milk and walked from the shop swinging my hips sexily.

I paused at the door and looked back at him and winked. He started to laugh, a big booming laugh that followed me down the street. I had made his day. I knew he would be telling his favourite customers about me for the next week!

A short walk away was a small park, similar to many others in London, hedged in by tall buildings, but large enough to trap enough sunlight in the summer months as to make it very popular with the local office workers. These would later come in numbers to take a break from their mundane desks, monitors and paperwork, and to eat some lunch, people watch, and soak up some rays of sun – topping up their tans. Remembering my sunglasses, I put them on and sauntered to the park to eat my baguette and to drink my milk. I wasn't too bothered by topping up my tan: the skin was only mine for a day anyway. I was, however, very interested in people watching – particularly watching people's reaction to me, my sexiness, my beauty. The sunglasses helped me in this regard. I could watch them without them realising I was watching them. I guessed my blouse was still quite see-through in the sunlight of the outdoors, given the reaction of one guy who, coming towards me, staring fixedly at my chest walked slap-bang into a lamppost!

I was definitely enjoying all the attention, but when I got to the park it was almost deserted. Except for an elderly bag lady, going through a bin in the corner, I could see nobody else. I strolled to a bench at the north end, facing into the sun and settled down to eat my sandwich, enjoy a few minutes peace and quiet, think back on my day so far and take on some fuel for the adventures ahead. As soon as I started eating, I realised how hungry I was and finished my delicious baguette in record time. I may have been distracting him, but it was still a first rate lunch my horny Italian sandwich-maker had made for me! I leant back on the bench, sipping my milk and enjoying the rays on my face, with my eyes closed. My mind went back to the adventures I had already had that day and wondered about those to come – and those who would come; in me, for me or over me! I was starting to feel pretty aroused, just thinking about it and I let my left hand wander over my body; my legs, across my skirt, pressing on my pubis, over my stomach and up to my breast.

I was in a small world of my own when I gradually became aware of whistles, calls and shouts. I opened my eyes and looked around. Other than the old bag lady, there was still nobody in the park. Then a shout made me look up, then another shout made me look up the other way. I suddenly realised that on either side of the park, on the side and the roofs of the tall, looming Georgian houses, men were working. On one side the scaffolding reached to the top and the men were working on the windows at the top of the scaffolding. On the opposite side of the square, similar but lower scaffolding supported men who were working on the crumbling fascia of the building. When I say "working", actually neither group of men were working, but were all leaning over the scaffolding and waving and calling to the beautiful lady in the park below them who was, until recently caressing her sexy body, much to their visual delight.

"Don't stop!" One of the window workers shouted to me! I laughed and blew him a kiss. His mates all cheered him. I blew a kiss the other way to the other gang of workmen – equal shares. They cheered too and the window men laughed. I took a large swig of my milk, then laid the bottle aside, so I had two hands free to continue my self-pleasuring and give the best show to my audience, who cheered appreciatively.

I ran my hands up both legs several times, then brought them together and rubbed hard down across my mound. I did that several times, enjoying the sensation and enjoying being the centre of attention. I slid forward on the bench, as I did so, my skirt rode up, helped by me parting my legs. The next few circuits my hands made were against my legs, rather than via the additional thickness of my skirt. A loud cheer from both sides let me know that my stocking tops had evidently just appeared on show, to much appreciation from my watchers. This spurred me on to greater things, now, as my hands did their circuit, my right hand pushed my skirt even higher as it found my vagina lips through the insubstantial lace of my black thong. As my right hand was busying itself dry-fingering my pussy, my left hand travelled up and started to unbutton my blouse from the top. The calls and whistles were now reaching a crescendo and I looked around at the faces of the men now leaning dangerously over the scaffolding rails. I didn't want to be the cause of any of them to have an accident – other than in their pants! However I was enjoying myself too much to stop.

Just then I was distracted by noise of chatter at the other end of the park and a group of school c***dren entered, carrying lunch boxes with them. Now I had a dilemma: I definitely did not want to be doing this in front of k**s, but equally I really didn't want to stop giving a show to those builders. I pulled my skirt down and looked around – there were some boos, but then one of the men from my left, in heavily accented English, shouted

"In the bushes behind you". I looked up at him and then to where he was pointing.

As quickly as I could, I gathered my things and found a path through the bushes behind the bench. The bushes were quite thick here and I was quite hidden from the rest of the park when I found a little clearing. I could still see the builders on both sides, but, could only see the rest of the park when I stood on tiptoes. There was a hedge behind me hiding me that way – I could only be seen from above. Perfect!

I put my things down and started to explore my body with my hands again, but it wasn't quite right – I was standing up and not giving the best of shows. I looked at the ground below me: hard packed earth, with a bit of scrubby grass. There was nothing for it, I lay down on the earth. There was a loud "Whoop!" from one of the men – but his colleagues quietened him – both sets of builders were aware that they should now not be drawing attention to me – or to themselves. I looked at them and realised that – by standing back a bit, they were hidden from directly below, but not from me. They all had their hands in their pockets, or down their trousers and I t was fairly evident to me what they were doing.

Although as a man, I was definitely not turned on by men – something in that pill must have awakened something in me for that day. I was very turned on by the effect I was having on all these men, how the sight of what I was doing was making their urges impossible to control. I imagined a shower of cum dripping down onto the heads of the unsuspecting passers-by walking underneath and that made me giggle.

By now, I was laying with my legs up, and rubbing my legs – pushing my skirt up to reveal that black lace thong. I looked up at the intense expressions of the men and decided to show them some real flesh – I sat up and resumed unbuttoning my blouse. I let it hang for a moment, just covering my breasts, but obvious to my fan club that I was not wearing a bra – then I slid it off my shoulders, my hands dropping to cup my naked breasts as the blouse slipped down my arms. Then, with a flourish, I removed my hands and the blouse fell away, revealing my naked tits to the eager workmen. I could hear the stifled cries from them – not able to help themselves,

I went to work on my tits – my nipples were wonderfully responsive and there was such a thrill feeling the gentle breeze blowing across them. I rubbed my tits, shivering with the excitement of the touch. I pulled the left one up and let my tongue play around my nipple. Jeez! that felt good. I did the same with the right, enjoying the extra sensation as the breeze cooled the wetness of my nipples – they were now poking out so much – I could see each little pimple on my areolae standing out like goosebumps – not due to cold, but due to the high state of my arousal. I now understood how wonderfully sensitive it felt for a woman to have her breasts caressed, and licked. I was sure that I could have brought myself to orgasm just from playing with my tits! But I wanted to give my audience more… I looked back up – from my breast-reverie – to the workmen on their scaffold and was amazed to see that for a few, fumbling through the pocket of their work trousers was not enough and they had unzipped and were playing with their dicks in the open air. Wow! That actually really turned me on – that I was having this effect on so many men – but then I was usually a man, so I could kind of understand it, although I thought I would never be doing what they were in public view – but then I had never met a girl like me (if you get what I mean!).

I lifted my arse from the ground and tucked my skirt up around my waist – they could now see my thong – but not for long – I slid that off too, revealing my pussy to the excited cocks. I was pretty wet down there and could see my pussy shining in the sun – I hoped my audience could too. I rubbed the outside of my pussy then slid a finger in. Aaaaahh! That felt so good, but I needed more. I actually needed one of those cocks I could see – but no way to do that. Then I had a thought. I reached into my handbag and brought out the hairbrush – its smooth round handle would be perfect! I gently slid the handle of the hairbrush into my pussy as far as I could – feeling the incredible sensation as it slid inside me, filling me, then gently pulled back out, my pussy involuntarily gripping it, feeling the sensation of it sliding, feeling the slight suction. Incredible! And then I was laying on my back sliding it in and out of me, faster and faster.

I was letting out little moans now – trying to control how much noise I was making – desperately trying not to let out the screams I wanted to with this incredible sensation. I opened my eyes and saw that just about all the guys now had their cocks out and were wanking furiously. Something about that sight – and the thought in my mind that it was all for me – just tipped me over the edge and suddenly I was falling into the grip of an incredible, intense orgasm. I could feel the waves of pleasure coursing through me – the heat inside me. I was no longer in control – my wrist ached with the furious work it was doing with the hairbrush, but I could not stop. I may have screamed – I don't know.

I opened my eyes again to look at my audience and saw one by one as the workmen came – cum glistening as it fell from their hard cocks. Another wave of orgasm hit me and I shut my eyes. I was aware that my back was arched now and could feel the dirt and grass on the back of my head and shoulders as my pussy was seeming to reach upwards to impossibly reach the workmen's cum that it seemed to crave. And then it was over – I was back on the ground, exhausted and shivering with the sensation. And very happy.

The workmen could not help themselves and I heard the loud cheers and even rounds of applause. Then another voice
"Dirty slut!!"

I looked round to see the old bag lady was standing on the edge of the clearing, glaring at me and my nakedness.
"Yeah!" I said. "Jealous?"

I stood up and retrieved my blouse and knickers, putting them on and straightening my skirt. The bag lady just stood and watched me. I wiped the dampness off my hairbrush, then used the brush to remove the worst of the earth and stones from my hair. I put everything back in my bag and looked around at the workmen. They were all standing there watching me – now with their cocks back in their trousers. I bowed to one group, then turned and curtsied to the other lot then, waving cheerily, I pushed past the bag lady – the smell of her filling my nostrils – and made my way back to the park, and on my way to my next adventure.

There were many shouts from my appreciative audience – even some calls for "Encore! More!" I made sure I put on my sexiest walk as I walked along the pavement away from them… I think they appreciated it!

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