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The Power of The Moon ch.4

Sorry it has been so long since I have written about these two but Holidays are crazy!

Grace and Matty’s date had been perfect. He had been standing right outside her office building, with two cups of hot coco with way too many marshmallows on the top. They had walked through the park that was between her apartment and her office. It started to rain, and quickly turned into snow. Matty stood with his face turned up to the sky, letting the snowflakes hit his face as though he had never seen snow before.

Grace stood watching him for what seemed like a long time. Matt pulled her in close and touched his freezing lips to her warm ones. It had been the best kiss that Grace had ever had in her life. Shortly after that kiss, when he was walking her into her apartment building, she asked him what he was doing for Christmas and when he had said he was staying home Grace invited him to her family’s house for the holiday.


Matty picked Grace up from her apartment and drove thirty minutes to a rural area where a small house was perfectly decorated for Christmas. He stepped out of the car. Grace, already out of the car, stood looking at the house in front of him.

‘You ready?’ Grace took his hand.

‘Not really. I would much rather play in the snow first!’ He joked.

But Grace hadn’t taken it that way. She took a bunch of snow in her hand and plopped it right on the top of his head.

Matty jumped with surprise at the snow that had been put on his head. ‘Oh, you are going to pay for that one, Grace!’ He yelled, then ran and tackled her in a pile of soft snow. They laughed and wrestled in the snow for a few minutes.

‘Grace Ann! What in God’s name are you doing playing around like a six year-old?” Chided an older voice, bringing Grace and Matty to their feet.

‘Hi Mom.’ Grace took a step forward, then pushed Matty back into the snow for no good reason. ‘Mom I would like you to meet my boyfriend, Matty,’ She stifled a giggle as Matty came over with snow all in his hair. ‘And Matty this is my mom, Joanna Jenkins.’

Matty held out his hand for her to shake but she only looked down in disgust. ‘I have made dinner and it is getting cold. I was waiting for you two to get here and I come out to find you playing in the damn snow!’ Her words tailed off as she walked inside the house.

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