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The Roommate

Winter time in the Midwest could be a real drag. The weather was cold, often, accompanied by an certain dampness that scored right down to your very bones. Finding ways to entertain yourself could be just as difficult and vexing. My roommate and I sat silently in our living room of our simple apartment. Mina sat at the end of the couch staring out the window, her chin resting upon her palm. We had been discussing ideas of what to do this evening for entertainment. By the look of the roads we weren’t leaving the apartment. The plow trucks hadn’t even passed yet. Simultaneously we both let out exasperated sighs. What to do?
Mina gave me a brief glance accompanied by her warm smile. I returned the expression in full. My thoughts briefly returning back to how we became roomies. It was earlier this previous autumn. We had met when she had started working at the same diner as a waitress. Once we started talking we came to find out that we also attended the same community college together.

Mina and I hit it off immediately. Her interests mirrored my own with the exception of a few, slight, differences. Mina had an incredible personality, not unlike my own. She had this small town ‘girl next door’ way about her. Her hair is blond and long, reaching to her mid back. Her eyes were an alluring green with just an tad bit of brown. She also was the kind of girl that looked incredible in an assortment of colors when it came to clothing. Mina was to put it bluntly, an girly girl. She was good at hairstyles and applying make up. I, on the other hand, wasn’t quite as comparable in that way. I was more stockier that she was. I was slightly taller and had a more endowed chest. Though she had an appealing rack, size C.

I am the yin to her yang, so to speak. Where she is light and colorful, I preferred dark shades, especially black. My hair is dark brown, often dyed black with streaks of bold colors like blue, pink, etc. My eyes are hazel with one eye actually lighter than the other. Don’t misunderstand me, my personality is exactly like hers. I just prefer an darker lifestyle. It suites me, quite well may I add. Both of us had grown up in small rural towns, being humble was part of the package deal.

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