The Summer Ill Never Forget 4.5 – The Auction Fin

The music started and Matt opened up his leather vest to show his bare chest. Steph didn’t realize that Matt wasn’t wearing a shirt under his leather vest. She thought she would recognize that little tidbit but with the alcohol was really beginning to kick her ass and her continuing raising pressure hiding under her panties demanding a cock inside of it now she could understand missing the little tidbit of not realizing Matt wasn’t wearing a shirt.

As soon as he threw his vest off the stage into the crowd some girls came onto a stage that rival any girl that posed for Playboy. Once the girls fully came onto the stage and what seemed to Steph they were situated to get into the appropriate positions for the obvious dance number that was going to happen. The question that pondered in the back of Steph’s mind was if it was going to be a good dance number or completely horrible.

Oh, who was she kidding she was at the height of her peak of horniness like she cared what the dance number would be all she cared about was getting her pussy to stop screaming at her for attention. And right now what would do that would be to focus on Matt and the mystery surrounding him…well ok she had to admit she was more interested in his body mainly his third leg. Fuck she was horny. She just wished at this moment that the auction was over and her ‘collector’ would come to collect her so she can get hopefully a guy’s throbbing member to damage her wet damn felt like her pussy was like a teenage dying to get rid of its virginity.

Fuck what the hell was going on with her. She tried to actually think of what was going on with her the constant urge to fuck anything that has a throbbing member filled with the mystical love juice that she found intoxicating. First, she tried to think of everything that has happened over the last few days. As she tried to connect the dots if there was any connection to anything a jolt ran through her body starting in her brain going down her spine stopping at her chest running around her nipples, going back down to her spine and shooting to her pussy.

As soon as the jolt ran to her pussy the jolt became more powerful and it was like a thunderbolt was fired down directly from Zeus himself aiming directly at her clit. Holy fucking shit. Steph nearly doubled over with the complete euphoria happening between her legs. She needed the man bone between her legs damn it. Screw trying to connect the dots at this moment wasn’t helping to get her laid for fuck’s sake.

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