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The Teacher: Introduction

I can sense that something is wrong…very wrong. There's someone here, I can feel it. The stillness in the room, the complete absence of sound, is unnerving. It's too quiet.

My eyes open onto complete darkness. The wrinkling of my brow and the brush of my lashes against …something…are the first true indications that my senses are being obstructed. Instinctively, I start to lift my arm from the pillow to pull it away but I can't. My senses are awakening slowly to the realization that I am blindfolded; my arms are bound above my head and….yes…now I can feel it, my knees are raised, my ankles are bound to my thighs.

What is happening? Who's done this?

The muffled cry as I find my voice alerts me to the fact that I've been gagged as well. My tongue flickers across the silken fabric that's been wedged gently between my teeth. It's not terribly tight or I would have felt it sooner… wouldn't I? A slight turn of my head and I understand that the material covering my eyes has been drawn tight across my ears, as well. It doesn't shut out all sound, I can hear the engines of the traffic outside, now that I am aware and listening, but it does impair my hearing enough to muffle the soft, natural sounds of the room around me…and the presence of whomever has trussed me up so efficiently.

How can I be this calm? Why aren't I screaming? Why is this happening?

My mind is racing as I awaken fully, and I am shocked by the fact that I find myself in this predicament and I haven't even begun to struggle. My heart, thudding in my chest, is the only part of me not trying to remain perfectly still. The thudding in my ears is almost like thunder and does even more to mask even the slightest sound around me.

Am I really “this” curious about what is going on that I can't even move? Why aren't I panicking?

I feel the mattress depress beside me and I note that I am centered on my modest double bed. Curious, yes, I am curious about what is going on, who has just seated him or her self beside me, what do they plan…but that is all. My emotions seem to have drifted away with my dreams.

I'm startled by the soft, deep voice now speaking very close to my ear, “Good evening, little one. I'm so glad to see that you are finally awake.”

The voice, though one I don't recognize, is alluring, seductive in its tone. Who is this man?

My thoughts turn to my daily routine, scanning through everything I do, who I interact with, where I go. The gym, early in the mornings, I generally speak only to Heidi, the trainer who occasionally helps me with my workouts. The office, all day, no one new who might embody this voice that has captured my attention so easily and it's certainly not one of the few men who I see on a daily basis, is it? Mentally going over the short list and their manner of speaking, the pitch of their voices, No. Who is it, then?

Today, straight home after work, dinner alone here in my apartment, as usual…this can't be someone I know. I don't know that many people. In the few seconds that it has taken me to go through all of this information, he hasn't moved. I can feel the heat of his breath against my cheek as he sits so quietly, watching me, waiting for a response.

His voice, so gentle, so easy to listen to, “You're confused, I know, little one. I've been watching you for so long now, without your knowing.” His fingertip brushes lightly over my cheek. “So alone and lost within yourself, so hungry and yet so afraid to join the world around you.”

I gasp slightly as I hear his words. So true and yet, what does he mean, “So hungry?” Hungry for what, I can't help but wonder.

“You've been waiting for me, little one. Do you know that? You've been waiting for me to show you who and what you truly are. I am here tonight to teach you.” I hear the catch in his breath as he speaks this last.

His lips graze my forehead for an instant and then I feel his weight leave the bed. Where has he gone? What does he mean to “teach me”? WHO IS THIS MAN??

Now, as I feel as though a cloud has lifted from my mind, I begin to panic. Without any conscious decision to do so, I begin to struggle in my bonds. My wrists tug at the thick cuffs fastened tightly to the headboard and my legs strain against the straps binding my ankles to my thighs. My back arched, my hips raised lewdly as I try to push my legs straight, but the straps are much stronger than I imagined. The cuffs are bound together in such a way as to only tighten further around my wrists with my movement. A soft whimper escapes my lips as I finally relax back into the mattress, a fine sheen of sweat cooling on my skin from my attempt.

A soft chuckle from across the room, “Ah, I see it's wearing off. The sedative that I injected into your plump little buttock as you slept so peacefully, I mean.”

The gag stifles another gasp and a muffled curse from me as I renew my efforts at escape.

“Not to worry, little one. I would never use a narcotic to subdue a student. It was only to prepare you, to…dull your senses a trifle, so that I could prepare you for what's to come.”

“What's to come? What's to come!” I scream inside my own head. The reality of my situation is finally having an impact on me. Drugged, stripped, bound to my own bed, completely helpless with a man I neither know nor understand not only responsible for but intending to continue whatever little game he has planned for me! That, is what is to come!

I have no control over what is happening and I am lost in my own hysteria, tears well in my eyes as I contemplate the true helplessness that I feel at this moment…

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