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The Teaching Assistant


“Be sure to read the chapter on Newton's third law before class on Monday. Have a good weekend.”

As the middle aged professor finished his lecture, the sudden rustle of activity stirred me from my thoughts. I blinked a few times, glancing around at the hundred or so other students that filled the lecture hall, before reaching up to brush my hair back behind my ear. As I folded my notepad closed, I frowned briefly at the empty page. I had done it again. I missed an entire lecture. It wasn't that I was disinterested in the subject, but I couldn't seem to stay focused, recently. Not since I found Todd with– a shiver ran down my spine as I shoved the notebook into my bag and slung it over my shoulder. I didn't want to think about it. Good riddance to both of them.

I waited until the crowd had mostly left the lecture hall to make my way out, but I found most of them gathered still under the breezeway outside. Rain poured down, creating rapids along the edges of the steep sidewalks and small ponds in the grass. Most huddled near the edge, staring as if they expected it to stop any second. I glanced at my cell phone and sighed– ten minutes to make it across campus, and it certainly didn't look like it was going to stop any time soon.

As I stepped up to the edge of the breezeway, I tugged nervously at the hem of my denim skirt. I wasn't dressed for running and even less so for running in the rain. I could feel the rain splash against my toes, strapped into my wedge heels, and I chewed on my lip as I considered which book to sacrifice as an umbrella. Physics finally won. It had the most surface area.

With a deep breath, I raised the book over my head and strode out into the torrential downpour. My shoes splashed through the puddles at a light jog even as I felt the heavy drops pelting my shirt, my legs, and my face. I cut through as many covered areas as I could, but by the time I arrived at my next class, I was soaking wet. My hair lay flattened against my cheeks like a drowned rat, and the air conditioning hit me like a wall of ice as I stepped through the door. Goose bumps crawled across my skin. I tried to shake as much water as I could off of my book, but it was almost as lost of a cause as I was. Finally, I gave up and stuck it back into my bag, planning on opening it up to dry it out later; however, when I looked up, I was surprised at my reception. The hallway outside the classroom was filled with guys– some that appeared barely old enough to be in college and some that appeared to be in their mid thirties. Nearly all of them were staring at me.

I smiled back nervously, reaching a hand up to comb my fingers through my soaking blonde hair in a vain attempt at looking presentable. Was I in the wrong place? Had I stumbled into some kind of guys only class?


“This should help.”

The voice came from behind me, a deep, intoxicating sound that made me gasp in surprise. As I turned around, I felt a jacket being slipped over my shoulders. The fabric of the sport coat was heavy and easily swallowed my frame, but the liner was warm and comforting. I clung to the lapels, greedily keeping the warmth inside, and I smiled up at a clean cut, mid-twenties man that stood several inches above me. He wore a friendly smile on his lips, and his deep green eyes seemed to stare right through me. My lips parted, though it took me a moment to coax the words out.

“Thanks. I was freezing.”

A soft chuckle came from his lips as he nodded his understanding. “I know. We could tell.” His friendly smile twisted in to a mischievous grin as he nodded towards the rest of the group in the hall. I glanced back towards them, most of whom had gone back to idle banter or reading their books. The show was apparently over. When I looked perplexed back towards the man beside me, he gestured towards the jacket. “You might consider carrying an umbrella or wearing something other than white. This is Florida, after all. It's going to rain almost every afternoon during hurricane season.”

Panic struck me suddenly as I opened the jacket enough to look down at myself. Just as he suggested, my shirt had become all but transparent and showed most of my tanned torso as it clung to my body. A tiny school logo and my white lace bra was all that protected my breasts from wandering eyes, and my nipples still stood out against the thin fabric of the polo shirt. My cheeks flushed instantly, and I spun quickly to face the wall, unable meet his gaze again. “Oh my god,” I whispered, one hand reaching out of the jacket to shield my eyes. “I am so embarrassed.”

“Hey, don't sweat it. Just think– you'll probably never see any of these dorks again. They're all in computer programming with me. What class are you looking for?”

I hesitated. I didn't want to answer. I didn't even want to admit it, now. “Computer programming.”

For a few seconds, silence hung in the air. I finally pulled my hand away to look up at the man, who seemed to be crossed between shocked and amused. “What's so funny?” I demanded.

“Nothing,” he said, holding his hands up in front of him innocently. “It's just– you don't strike me as a programmer.”

“Why? Because I forgot my umbrella?”

“Oh, no. That's not it… at all.”

I could hear my heart pound in my ears as his eyes bore into mine. I tried to look away, but I couldn't. My hand rose nervously to brush my hair back behind my ear.

“My name's Kyle. I'm the TA for this class,” he finally broke the silence, stretching his hand out.

“I'm Ashley,” I responded, placing my hand into his. His grip was gentle, his hand big enough to wrap completely around mine, and the warmth of his skin sent a shiver down my spine.

“Ashley, why don't you go home and get some dry clothes on? You can bring my jacket back during my office hours, and I'll get you caught up on what you missed.”

My eyes widened, and my smile brightened. “You would do that?”

“Of course. Now go on, I can't be seen showing favoritism to the only girl in the class.”

I rolled my eyes at him, but I wasn't about to argue. My dorm room was back across campus, and I had a long run to get there.


Kyle's office hours weren't until the next morning. When I got up, I put on a navy blue dress with the same wedge heels as the day before. The cut of the top was a little low across my C-cups, and I chewed my bottom lip as I considered them in the mirror. Maybe I wanted him to notice. I pulled the jacket down from the window, where I had hung it to dry, and started my trek across campus.

“Come in,” I heard Kyle's familiar voice after I knocked on the door. He looked up from his computer and smiled when I stepped in, holding his jacket in front of me.

“Good as new, I hope,” I said as Kyle rose and stepped around his desk. “I'll pay for the dry cleaning if you think it needs it.”

“Don't worry about it. It's just a jacket.” He assured me as it took the jacket and pushed the door closed behind me. “Please, come in, make yourself at home.”

I crossed my legs as I sat in one of the chairs in front of his desk, and when Kyle came back from hanging up his coat, his step faltered. His eyes slid from my calves to my chest, which he had apparently just noticed since taking the coat, and it took him a few seconds to compose his thoughts.

“So, I think…”

“Oh! Thank you, again, for loaning me your coat, You really don't know how much I appreciated not having to sit through class soaking wet with everyone in there staring at me,” I cut him off, rising from the chair again. He followed me with his eyes and smiled.

“You're welcome,” he replied as he leaned back against his desk. “Besides, it would have been a little more than distracting to try to teach in front of.”

“You think I'm distracting?” I asked, a playful smile curling my lips. I took a step in front of him, my light blue eyes gazing up into his emerald orbs. It took every ounce of courage I possessed, but for the first time, I saw a flash of lust cross his face.

“I– I think you're…”

“Yes?” I prompted, my hands reaching up to rest gently on his chest. I saw his eyes dip briefly down towards my chest and his Adam's apple rise and fall as he swallowed harshly.

I could feel his heard pound underneath my hands through the cotton of his dress shirt. As I eased forward slowly, I could feel his arousal stir against my navel. The sensation sent tingles across my skin, and I felt my own excitement blossom.

“You are… my student,” Kyle forced himself to say breathlessly. His hands found mine and gently pried them from his chest. He slithered out from the side of the desk, where I had pinned him, and stood facing away from me. I stood, my hands at my sides, silent for a long moment before I stepped forward again.

“I'm sorry,” I said gently. I reached out to touch his sides, and the musky odor of his cologne filled my nose. “My boyfriend– I caught him with my ex-roommate. I wasn't sure I would ever be able to trust a guy again. But I feel safe around you. You were nice to me when no one else was.”

Kyle turned to face me, his jaw tight. He was still trying to resist looking at me that way. “Ashley, you can trust me,” he said in the same gentle voice he had used when we first met.

“I know,” I said, moving forward once more. “And you can trust me.” As I stared into his eyes, I could see the heat still burning in them. “I won't tell anyone,” I whispered.

In an instant, his lips were on mine and I felt his hand tangle into my blonde tresses. The kiss was deep and hungry, and I let out a little grunt of surprise as my arms lifted to wrap around his neck. Our lips parted at the same time, and his tongue stretched out into my mouth. I welcomed him with my own, the soft caress turning more aggressive as our tongues began to wrestle sensuously.

His lips parted from mine as his grip tightened in my hair, and his mouth slid down my cheek to my throat. I let out a moan as he held me tightly and feasted on my neck. My breath turned to pants, and the slightest touch felt like electricity across my flesh.

As quickly as the kiss began, I felt Kyle pull away. Then I felt the hem of my dress start to rise from my knees. As I stood in front of him, he peeled the soft cotton up and over my head, tossing it to the floor and exposing the supple flesh of my bared breasts to him. Each of his hands cupped one of my soft mounds, and I reached up to pull my long hair out of his way. His body urged me back against the edge of the desk as he leaned in and kissed the top of my chest. My hands swirled through his hair as I sat on the edge of the desk, and I let my head fall back as his kisses turned to nibbles drew a path down towards one hardened nipple that throbbed between his teeth.

I practically screamed as his mouth closed over the sensitive flesh, and one of his hands shot up quickly to cover my mouth. My eyes widened, and I immediately realized what I had done. I flushed beat red as he leaned in close to my ear and bit my lobe, causing me to whimper. “If you can't be quiet,” he whispered, “we'll have to find something to put in your mouth.”

Though I wanted to roll my eyes at his corniness, I let the reference slide. Instead, I licked at the palm covering my mouth and gently bit at it. He groaned and his hand came back into my hair, holding my head back to look up at him. “You like to play a little rough?” he asked dominantly. I gasped, my heart pounding, the blood pulsing through my veins driving my arousal even harder.

“Yes,” I whispered, unable to nod against his grip on my hair.

He pulled my hair back farther, then, and turned me around at the same time. Unwilling the suffer the stinging sensation of his hand in my hair any longer, I gave in, laying back on the desk with my head being pulled back over the edge. I looked, upside down, at the crotch of his trousers as his free hand lowered his zipper and withdrew his throbbing nine inch erection. Surprised at his side, my lips parted and he pushed his hips forward, sliding the tip of his thick shaft into my mouth.

I gasped through my nose as my lips encircled his pulsing member. The warmth of my saliva coated him as he teased me with a little more of his length before pulling back out. When I tried to move my head forward, his grip on my hair tightened and I stopped, letting him keep control of the pace. What part of my hair that wasn't wrapped in his fist dangled down towards the floor, and my wedge heels settled on either side of the laptop sitting on the middle of his desk. I could feel the heat between my thighs growing with every passing second, and I had no doubt that he could tell just how aroused I was.

After what felt like a full minute, his hand stopped guiding his cock in and out of my mouth and instead slid across my shoulder to squeeze my breasts. I moaned against his sensitive tip and he pushed himself into my mouth until I could feel the tip of him against my throat. I gagged reflexively, and Kyle pulled out until he could feel my tongue relax. Soon, though, his hand was sliding from my breast, down my stomach, towards my navel. As he reached forward, his cock again pressed against my throat. I gagged again, but this time, he didn't stop. His fist tightened in my hair, and he shoved his hips forward. My eyes watered as I tried to swallow against the thick cock being forced into my throat. I couldn't breathe. My whole body tightened. I could feel his public hair tickling my chin, and as his hips rocked again, his balls bounced lightly against my forehead.

It wasn't until his fingers had slipped under the waistband of my panties and he felt the smoothly shaven crest of my thighs that he pulled his hips back and withdrew the cock from my mouth. I coughed and gasped for air, squeezing my eyes closed to keep them from watering.

“Take your panties off,” Kyle stated. Obediently, I raised my hips from the desk and slid the panties down my thighs. As I pulled my knees up to take them off, I heard Kyle grown. “That's it. Stay just like that. Spread your legs a little. Good. Now, play with yourself for me.”

The sound of Kyle's voice telling me what he wanted and the heat behind his words made my pussy even wetter. I reached my hands between my thighs and spread my shaved lips for him, exposing the glistening pink flesh inside. Gently, I slid my middle finger around between the lips, brushing over my swollen clit before finally pushing it up into my tunnel. Kyle's hips thrust forward again, and I took him back into my mouth. This time, he pushed all the way back in on the first stroke. I closed my eyes to fight the reflexive gag, though he pulled out more quickly. I slid my middle finger all the way in to my slit as my other hand rubbed my clit, and Kyle fell into a rhythm, fucking my mouth and clinging to my hair as watched me fuck my pussy with my fingers. Again, his free hand grabbed my breast, twisting my nipple between his fingers, and a muffled moan escaped my throat.

“Oh, fuck, Ashley…” Kyle groaned as he pushed deep into my throat again, grinding his balls into my nose. I could feel his cock throb on the verge of explosion, but he pulled out suddenly. Again, I coughed, and as I gasped for air, Kyle's hand released my hair. He stepped back from the desk, his saliva coated erection arcing up out of his lowered zipper, and moved around to the front. He stretched out a hand to help me up and eased me off of the desk in front of him. I reached up my hands to his shoulders, and again our lips met, our tongues caught in a brief duel before his hands found my hips and he spun me away from him.

I could feel the power in his body as one hand stayed on my hip and the other went to the back of my neck. I reached out my hands, catching the edge of the desk, as he positioned me in front of him. The tip of his cock brushed against my thigh and I spread my legs farther for him, easing up a little higher on tip toe, though the wedge heels made it more difficult. Soon, I could feel his erection nuzzling against the lips of my pussy. The tip seemed to bathe in my juices and tease my clit before finding its way into my tight tunnel. I bit back a moan as his manhood pushed deeper inside me, stretching my inner muscles around his girth. Once fully inside, he stilled for a moment and moved his hand from my neck back into my long hair. He pulled my head back, forcing me to arch my back and press my ass back against him. Then he withdrew almost completely from me before thrusting forward again with such force that I cried out.

I heard a sudden “Shh” from behind me as he pulled me back against him again, and I swallowed harshly, trying to fight the urge to moan or scream– unsure which might escape if I were to let go of myself. Again he withdrew, settling into a steady, pounding rhythm that brought his trousers against my bare thighs again and again. Occasionally, I could feel the cool metal of his belt against my ass before he withdrew again. The sounds of our panting breath filled the office. As he held my head back, I had little choice but to look up. The blinds were still open in the third-story office, and I gazed out at the courtyard below to the students that busily went from class to class. Something about the thought of them looking up and seeing me pushed me over the edge, and I whimpered as quietly as I could as I thrust my ass back against Kyle. My orgasm swept over me in waves, and I coated Kyle's cock with my hot juices as the muscles of my pussy squeezed tightly around his shaft.

Kyle's breath deepened, but he remained stony and silent. I could tell he was still trying to hold off his own orgasm, and mine only pushed him that much closer. Slowly, he slid his thickness from my dripping pussy and took his hand from my hip to guide it upwards. I squirmed when I felt the slick tip brush against little pink pucker of my virgin ass. “Ky..” I started to protest, but his fist tightened in my hair suddenly and I gasped. His hips pushed forward and the tip pressed harder, my own juices allowing the tip to slide into me.

“Fuck,” Kyle growled in a dangerous sounding whisper. His arousal was raging out of control, and he pushed me harder down on the desk, flattening my chest against it and forcing me to turn my head sideways.

“Ky..” I started again, my soprano in little more than whimper. Again, Kyle cut me off. He thrust his hips forward, filling my ass with his cock. I lay my hands flat against the desk as Kyle pins me there, my ass pointed up towards him, presented like a trophy. Slowly he withdraws before thrusting in again, reaching back and slapping one of my ass cheeks with a loud CRACK that caused me to cry out.

As he fucked my ass, I slowly started to get used to the feeling, and my pussy once more began to ache for release. “Fuck me..” I heard myself beg quietly as my mind swam in the sensation.

“That's it,” Kyle groaned just as quietly, his hand grabbing my hip forcefully. “Take it in your ass, you little slut.”

“Oh, god, yes! I want to be your little slut,” I pleaded. “Use me how you want.”

Kyle slammed into me and I couldn't hold back the whimpers. His hand tightened in my hair, and suddenly his body tightened. The last thrust pushed his cock into me to the hilt, and I could feel his hot seed release inside me. I moaned as his body started to relax behind me, and slowly he withdrew.

My ass ached from the pounding, and gradually I stood back upright. I brushed my hair and smiled at him, tucking my bottom lip coyly between my teeth.

“I hope I wasn't too rough towards the end,” Kyle said, and I shook my head.

“No,” I lied. “I was nervous, at first. I've never done that before.”

“Well, I'm glad I could be the first,” Kyle answered with a mischievous grin. He tucked is softening member back into the fly of his trousers and zipped them back up while I picked my dress up off of the floor. As I reached for my panties, he snatched them off of the desk and tucked them into his pocket. “I'll hang on to these for you.”

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