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The Tease Gets Hers

My European move has been postponed, allowing me to add one or two more stories before I go. As always, I would like to encourage readers to go back and read my prior stories, vote and send me an email or make a comment. I love hearing from you all.

Fifteen years on the job and I was getting restless. I loved police work but I was yearning for some of the creature comforts unavailable to someone on a cop's salary. With overtime I was pulling in around forty thousand a year, but I was sure I could do better. My friend of many years, Jack Winker, had left the job well before I did and got involved in real estate, ultimately landing the job of project manager for a construction company in the northern end of the county. He worked for a California company whose plan was to build, market and sell housing of all kinds in an area bereft of affordable places to live. Jack opened a small office within walking distance of the property to be developed. Since I was a member of the County Major Crimes Strike Force, I retained jurisdiction even though I was ten miles away from my own headquarters. So, I stopped in to bullshit with Jack regularly. The office was basically one room with a desk for Jack, one for his secretary and a couch on which Jack took frequent naps. His golden Lab was ever-present and could be found lying on the couch with Jack or on the rug next to him.

The first couple of times I visited Jack, it was just him and Buster (the dog) present. He was searching for a secretary, but had not yet found a suitable one. Jack took me for a ride in his jeep to show me the property, which was both beautiful and huge. The job had all the earmarks of a success. I always enjoyed spending an hour or so with Jack, who I had known since 7th grade. He was very bright and had a sense of humor that was truly unique.

One night I was sitting home in my apartment and I got a call from Jack. “Hey, if you're in the neighborhood tomorrow, stop in; I have something to show you. Maybe we can catch some lunch.” He wouldn't give me any further info, so I was quite curious. The following day, I drove up to Jack's office. As soon as I opened the door I saw what he had to show me: his new secretary. Wow! I'll always remember how she smelled. It reached me halfway across the room. I don't remember the name but it might easily have been Chanel's Instant Hardon.

Misty was everything I expected in Jack Winker's secretary; stunning, almost Greek looking with dark curly hair. She had a pair of great big tits, inviting lips, brilliant white teeth and green eyes. She was also, I later learned, quite a good typist. Misty was wearing a relatively modest mini-skirt with black stockings and a not-so-modest tight top and obviously no bra as her nipples were clearly visible. Once we were introduced it was difficult not to stare at this goddess. The three of us sat around chatting for a half hour or so, until Jack declared that it was now lunch time. We walked a couple of blocks to the inn and enjoyed a fine lunch.

The topic of our lunch conversation was Misty. It happened that Jack met her in the very inn in which we were dining. She lived a block away. Misty had just gotten divorced from her high school sweetheart, with whom she had one child, a 9-year old daughter. She was in her early 30's. In the course of their conversation, Misty mentioned to Jack that she was about to re-enter the work force and that she had been, in her pre-marital life, a secretary. Jack hired her on the spot, never even inquiring about her qualifications. To Jack, she was qualified simply on the basis of her bra size and the notion that he might one day have the opportunity to fuck her.

Fast forward five years and I am now working for Jack in sales. My income was 6 times what it was as a cop. Jack has become wildly successful and is now the president of the company, whose sales exceeded $100 million a year. Misty was still his secretary, except that now it is the worst kept secret in town that she and Jack are having an affair. Jack was brazen bastard if ever there was one. His office was on the first floor of an old house. Directly outside his window was a Victorian-style porch. He would usher Misty into his office and lock the door, so he could enjoy a morning or afternoon quickie without being interrupted. He often invited me and some of the other guys to go out onto the porch and watch through the window as Jack undraped those monstrous tits before Misty sucked him off. He set his desk up so he could see the window but she couldn't, as she pleasured him. After a while, it got pretty crowded out on that porch as even the occasional female employee would stop by for a peek. Misty obviously had great technique and it rarely took more than five minutes to get Jack off. Jack compensated Misty by giving her a little extra under the table and buying her a new car every three years.

During this five year period, Misty and I became good friends, often flirting shamelessly with each other. She would “accidentally” rub her tits on my arm or put her hand on my thigh just short of my aching hardon. I wanted her. She knew it and played me for all she was worth. I remember her touching her tits briefly when she knew I was watching. If I called the office and she answered, she'd tell me she was thinking about me and masturbating. But, if I made any kind of serious move at her, she backed away. “Maybe tomorrow.” Once, she got me to help her move something for her, promising “to make all your dreams come true,” and then I got the old tomorrow line. And, of course, tomorrow never came. She was hard not to like but it was frustrating playing these games with her.

One occasion that I will never forget occurred on the occasion of Jack's purchase of a new Italian sports car. He asked me if I wanted to take a ride and I said sure. Jack explained he had some papers to drop off at Misty's. So, off we went. It only took a couple of minutes to get there, especially with Jack cranking 100+ mph. He parked in the driveway, left the car running and said “I'll be right out.” I had a newspaper that I read from cover-to-cover in about 20 minutes. Jack was still not back. So, I got out and went in the side door, which led to the kitchen in this older Cape Cod. “Jack, what the fuck is taking you?'

“I'm in the living room, come on in.” Sounded reasonable.

I found my way to the living room and there's Jack, sitting on the couch grinning from ear-to-ear. His pants were at his ankles and kneeling between his legs was Misty, who was wearing only panty hose, while sucking Jack's cock. She didn't look up; didn't try to cover up. She just kept on sucking. Jack engaged me in normal conversation as I sat down on an adjacent arm chair, which happened to have a pretty good view of the action. Misty worked Jack's cock with her right hand as she sucked. Jack and I discussed a sale I had made when he said “hang on a minute.” He leaned his head back, closed his eyes and came in Misty's mouth. I had seen Misty give Jack a blow job a few times from the porch, but this was real close up to the action. Misty swallowed every drop and gradually slowed down on the stimulation until Jack was finished, licking the final drop of cum from his cock before standing up and walking into her bedroom as if it was the most normal thing in the world. She emerged two minutes later, wearing a red silky looking shorty robe. She looked stunning, in a slutty kind of way. I was flabbergasted.

Jack hitched up his pants, gave Misty a peck on the cheek and we were off. I waved goodbye to Misty and she gave me a wicked smile, almost as if to say: “You may have seen me suck him off, but you'll never get it from me. So suffer.”

When we got back in the car Jack expounded on Misty's skills. “Man, nobody gives better head than her. I think she loves me but all I need is a secretary and an occasional blow job. I know you lust for her, at least that's what she tells me.”

“I've never made a secret of that. She's as hot as a pistol. Now that I've seen her in action from just a few feet away, I gotta figure a way to get her in bed.”

“Good luck with that. She told me she likes you a lot but she likes fucking with you even more. She's a major league tease and loves to manipulate guys without coming through for them. But, if you can find a way, more power to you. It will certainly be something you won't soon forget. I guarantee that.”

“I could see that.”

“She was resistive to me for the longest time. Finally, we were alone in the old office, kissing and petting, when I decided to go for broke. I took my cock out and from that moment, everything changed. She is mesmerized by a hard cock; loses all will power and self control.”

“Wow! That's very interesting.” I doubted I would ever do it, being no where near as aggressive as Jack was. But, it was good to keep in the back of my mind.

Right around the same time, I had made a sale to a young professional athlete, who often came by with his colleagues to show them around. Now, these were all nice looking, well-built young guys in peak condition and Misty took a liking to one of them, a swarthy, dark haired guy named Wally, who was trying to make one of the local pro teams without having been drafted. He was a high school legend in that part of the state who went on to distinguish himself in college until he injured his knee in a bowl game. He recovered fully but had lost a step and never made it as a pro. Misty smiled at him and he smiled back. She wore a sexy outfit that showed her body off to good advantage as they flirted from a distance. Misty signaled me to come over to her desk and when I got there, she asked me about Wally. “God, he's beautiful. Would you introduce me?” I made my standard deal with her, I would do as she asked if she would agree to have sex with me just once. She made her standard promise back and I brokered the introduction. Misty and Wally hit it off and as we closed the office for the night, I saw them heading to the inn for drinks.

Several days later, Misty stopped in my office to thank me. She said she and Wally really hit it off and they wound up in bed together that very night. She cooed about what a nice cock he had, how they fucked for hours and how many times each of them came. She could be quite descriptive when she wanted to be. She also liked making me squirm. No mention of my reward was made until I brought it up. “Maybe next week.” That did it. I had enough maybe next weeks and I decided at that very moment that I would never be manipulated by her again.

I kept my promise to myself for a very long time. I left Jack's company, having been lured away by their chief competitor. I had a great thing going for myself, which included a corner office. I did very well in sales. The money was rolling in. Jack and I remained friends. Misty was the last thing on my mind—until the phone rang one morning. It was Misty.

“I'm trying to find Winker. Got any idea where he is?”

“Well, good morning to you, too. And, yes, I do know where he is. He's on his way to California for a week. I dropped him off at the airport this morning.”

“Damn, I have to speak to him. I have a problem.”

“Good luck with that, he's probably just boarded. He departs in about a half hour and he has a layover in Denver. I think he arrives in LA around 7:30, our time.”

“Well, I guess I'm screwed. I bounced a check and I was hoping Winker could cover it for me. The branch manager is being a real prick.”

“How much do you need?” My moment was about to arrive. The worm was beginning to turn.


“I could cover that for you.”

“Oh, could you? Would you?” The despair left her voice like someone had thrown her a life preserver moments before she drowned.

“Sure, I'll drop off a check to you in an hour or so. But, there is one condition.”

“What, I'll do anything.”

“You get the check as soon as you're done sucking my cock.”

“That's not fair!”

“You said anything and those are my terms. And fairness doesn't enter into it anymore than it has over the years, leading me on, teasing me and manipulating me to get what you want. Now that I have something you want-and need-fairness is an issue. I don't think so. You decide. Call me back.”

“Give me a few minutes to think it over.”

Ten minutes later the phone rang. “Okay, you win, come on over.”

“Not so fast. I want you to wear that little red shorty robe you wore when I was over with Jack. Nothing under it.”


I sat back in my chair, with what must have been a Cheshire Cat grin on my face. Seven years of putting up with her bullshit and I was about to win one. Finally.

The ride to Misty's took me about fifteen minutes. It was a pleasant fall day, my father's birthday, in fact. I arrived right about noon. I entered through the kitchen door as I had before. My cock responded to the circumstances by getting about half hard. I had been on the trail of this quail for years. I didn't want to marry her; I wasn't looking for a girlfriend. Just sex. We both understood that. I called out to her; she directed me to the living room, where she was sitting in the armchair, in her red robe, wearing heels and drinking what I took to be Scotch.

“Have a drink.”

“No thanks, it's a little early in the day for me.”

“Did you bring the check,” she asked tentatively.

“Of course, that's half the reason I'm here, isn't it? I pulled the check from my shirt pocket so she could see it.”

I asked Misty to stand up and when she did, she seemed a little tipsy, which made me think this was not her first Scotch. I took two steps over to her and checked her out. She was as beautiful and sexy as ever. She was forty, same as me. In fact, she was just three days younger than I. She had taken the trouble to do her makeup and fix her hair. She looked gorgeous in that red robe and she knew it. I unfastened the sash and the robe dropped to the floor. Misty stood before me naked! My cock was throbbing now. I finally had her, but in a strange way, she still had me, too. I touched her tits. They were soft and firm; her nipples hardening in pleasure. She closed her eyes to enjoy the sensation.

Misty took my hand and led me to the couch where she had given Jack the blow job with me as an audience a while before. We sat next to each other. We kissed and as our tongues got acquainted, I touched her pussy for the first time. She was drenched. I was pleased to see she was somehow getting into the spirit of things. I found her clit and massaged it gently, yet rhythmically. In no time, her hips began to move with me and before long, she was cumming. She came long and hard, just as Jack predicted. Then she slowly mellowed out, enjoying the afterglow.

“Hey, I thought the point of this was for me to suck your cock. And you're still dressed. Come on now, drop your pants.”

I stood up and took my pants and boxers at my ankles. My cock was raring to go and was just about at Misty's seated eye level.

“Ooooh, I like it. You've got big balls. I'll bet they're getting full right now. I can fix that.” Misty began stroking my dick by wrapping her fist around it and jerking it up and down, pretty much the same way I would. Pre-cum was flooding out. As Jack had said, she seemed almost transfixed by my cock, never taking her eyes off it as she stroked it. It was fascinating to watch.

“Now, it's time to get to work,” Misty declared as she put my swollen, aching cock in her mouth. She stopped long enough to give me advice that I had already figured out: “Whenever you're ready, just let it go. Cum in my mouth.” All I could do was nod.

Misty was an artist at sucking a man's cock. She kissed the head and licked the sensitive underside, then engulfed the whole thing with her tongue going at what seemed to be warp speed. I was standing as she blew me. She remained seated on the couch. As she sucked, she looked up into my eyes. It was, frankly, a lot more erotic than I expected. She was definitely into it. Misty stopped sucking my cock long enough to take both balls in her mouth and give them each a wonderful tongue bath. As she did, she continued stroking my wet shaft. It was incredible.

“Time for you to cum for me,” Misty ordered as she took my cock back in her mouth, this time deep throating me, grabbimg my butt with both hands as she sucked. I knew I wasn't going to last long. The sensations she was giving me were just too intense. I felt my orgasm building up and knew the moment was at hand. I arched my back and let myself go. The spasms were powerful and tore through my body in rapid succession. I couldn't see it, but I rocked Misty with a solid eight streams of my love juice. She took it all and swallowed nearly every drop, leaving just a drop on her lower lip, that fell onto her right tit as she released my cock from its playground. She licked her lips and smiled.

“How was that? Those balls of yours gave me a lot to swallow.”

“It was sensational,” I swore. And, it was. Misty was a self-centered bitch for years. But, that one blow job made up for a lot, even though she even did that for self-serving reasons. Still, it's hard to be resentful to someone who just sucked your cock.

I gave Misty a hug and her check as I left. She never again tried to manipulate me with her femininity. I suppose once the veil of mystery is broken, manipulation becomes impossible. Misty and I remained friends but never again had another sexual encounter. I have relived the one we had many times. Its memory is still fresh in my mind. I can still smell her and see her looking up at me, a smile in her eyes, as she sucked my cock. Every dog has his day. This was easily one of my most satisfying.

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