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The Temporary Secretary

It was 6:45am as Sabrina glanced at her wall clock on her way out the door. She was going to be late for her new temporary assignment, which is unusual for her. As she locked her apartment door she gave old lady Hendricks a wave then ran to the elevator. Smiled at the gorgeous Italian in apartment 612 as she opened her car door. As she drove through the slow moving morning traffic, she tried to think of a believable lie that would help her keep this assignment. After five years of going from one company to another she finally had the chance to become permanent. Being late on her first day wasn't a very good impression.

By the time she parked her car it was 7:15 on her watch. She entered the building out of breath and her mind racing with worry. “Can I help you, ma'am?” the guard asked as she approached the Information Desk.

“Yes, sir. I'm looking for Jackson & Harvey.” He pointed towards the elevator and instructed her to get off on the 16th floor, “Thank you very much.”

Her heart began to beat louder and faster as she reached the 16th floor. The office wasn't as big as she expected and unusually quiet compared to what she was use to. The lady at the front desk looked at her from the top of her glasses, “May I help you?”
“Ummm. My name is Sabrina Wilson. I was sent here by the Office Experts Agency.” She knew she was sounding extremely nervous. It matched the butterflies that filled her stomach.

The mature blond haired lady looked at her as if she had a bad taste in her mouth, “Oh, yes. Please have a site while I let Mr. Jackson know you're here.”

Sabrina sat on the green flowered couch and waited patiently. She could hear a man's deep and powerful voice in the office behind her. Not only did it surprise her, but also it mesmerized her. “Send her in, Linda.” He paused to clear his throat, “She's here now. I will give you a call back shortly about my decision.”

“Miss Wilson!” The lady said loudly. Sabrina didn't realize just how much her mind drifted off to this man's voice, “Mr. Jackson will see you now. The office right behind you.”

Sabrina smiled at the lady and arose from the couch. Afraid of what was in store for her she walked slowly to the open office door. There sat a gray-haired man with a full beard and a look on his face that would intimidate anyone. “Please come in, Miss Wilson and close the door behind you.” He leaned back in his leather chair and folded his hands across his obviously broad chest.

As Sabrina obeyed his instructions she couldn't help but notice just how attractive this older man was. Nor could she deny how his thunderous voice made her sexually aroused. He continued his intimidating gaze as she sat down holding her purse tightly to her side as she sat down slowly. The room was uncomfortably quiet and she became more afraid.

“You're late, Miss Wilson. I don't take unreliability likely. I am a very strict man and I don't like tardiness of any kind.” His gaze seemed to go through her.

Nervously she spoke, “I am so sorry, Mr. Jackson. Being late isn't me at all. I am sure Mrs. Shelby expressed that to you. I…”

He cut her off immediately as he leaned forward in his chair to face her and placed his folded hands on the desk, “Yes, Mrs. Shelby explained that you have always been very punctual. Her reason for giving you this assignment. However, Miss Wilson, I consider even being late once as a bad investment. I must know that this will never, and I do mean never, happen again.”

The way he said those words slowly made Sabrina shiver and surprisingly made her turned-on. She crossed her legs to control her arousal, “I promise, Mr. Jackson it never will.”

“I need more than just words, Miss Wilson.” He arose from his seat and walked to the front of the desk then leaned against the edge, “What are you willing to do, Miss Wilson, to assure me that it won't happen again?”

Her purse dropped to the floor in her sudden shock. He was a tall man of about 6 feet and very muscular built. An overwhelming size for Sabrina's petite and short frame. Her heart began to beat faster and she could barely get her words out, “I am willing to do whatever it takes, sir. This job is very important to me.” She watched him squeeze the enormous bulge in his pants. Her body began to shake with fear and her control from being aroused was gone.

He stood up and moved closer to her face. Slowly unzipped his pants as he ran his fingers through her hair. She found herself unable to move or resist his touches. As he pulled himself out she realized that he was a lot larger than what she believed. Larger than she have ever seen. He ran it across her lips, “This is what it takes, Miss Wilson.” and before Sabrina could speak his cock was forced into her mouth. He held her hair in his hands tightly. Pushing it down and pulling it up as his cock stretched her lips. The taste of him was beginning to excite her even more, but she found it difficult to take him all in. With every forced thrust she gagged and felt a short moment of nausea. He began to moan and call out, “Shit!”

Sabrina suddenly wanted to bring her new boss to pleasure. She loved his control over her and she wanted more in order to bring out her own climax. She held his cock tightly in her mouth and relaxed her throat to avoid the gagging effect he was having on her. A moan escaped her. His tighten balls slammed against her chin and she could taste the pre-cum as his cock continued to punish her mouth.

“That's it. Suck my cock good, you fuckin' slut. Love this muthafucka.” He held her head with both hands and slammed her down harder, “This should teach your ass to be late again.”

With one hand she caressed his balls and used the other to hold his enormous rod. Stroking it as it moved in and out. She looked up at him noticing his harden face with his eyes piercing through hers. He gave a slight smile. More from approval than pleasure it seemed.

His grip became a little loose upon her head the more she showed him that she would obey his command. She let out moans of extreme pleasure as she began to move her head in semi-circles. Each face fuck made loud slurping sounds.

“Fuck, bitch!” His grip tightened again, “You're a great cocksucker!”

Sabrina moved her hand from his balls and reached between her now wide-open legs. With two fingers she rammed them into her soaked and trembling cunt. In her excitement his cock almost escaped her mouth as she tried to scream. She was cumming uncontrollably.

He slammed his rod deep into her throat, “Keep sucking, bitch. Suck this muthafucka till you taste my cum!” He fucked her mouth even harder than before, “Hear me, slut? Suck the cum from my cock!” She shook her head in agreement still having her orgasm. His cock was throbbing and she knew he was about to cum. She began to inhale it like she was sucking the last drop of a milkshake and in that moment a flow of warm, thick, slightly sour cum went down her throat. She sucked for more and he held her there till every drop had been swallowed. Only a small amount escaped to her chin, which she wiped off quickly with her pussy soaked fingers and tasted while his cock still fucked her.

As soon as there was no more cum to swallow he immediately pulled out and zipped himself back up without another word spoken. Obviously his attempt to continue his intimidation. Sabrina understood as she tried to straighten herself up. Once he returned to his seat he turned to his computer and began to type. For what seemed like hours the room remained silent. She had no idea if this was her hint to leave. She wanted to ask but dared not to.

Without looking in her direction, “I am sure that you have learned your first lesson, Miss Wilson, and I hope that this is the last time we have this specific conversation.”

Sabrina cleared her throat feeling the slight after affects of his cock torture, “I have, sir. I promise to be on time.”

“Linda will show you around the office and help you get started. I have a meeting at 11 'o clock that I need you ready for. Please do not disappointment me.” He turned to look at her and gave an open palm gesture to leave.

At his command, Sabrina grabbed her purse and walked to his office door. Out of curiosity she opened the door and looked back to see his reaction. There was a very big smile on his face that she wasn't suppose to see. It quickly returned to it's previous stated, “You can leave the door open, Miss Wilson.”

“Yes, sir,” she smiled back.

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