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The Tenant

A few years back, I had suddenly become a landlord. It was something I had on my mind as a side business for a long time already, and at times even did some research on, but the horror stories about awful or crazy tenants always held me back.

So, now I actually am a landlord, I take new tenant selection always very serious. I would pick tenants that had a reason to stay, like a long term job, and with a credit record that made it likely that they would treat the lease with respect. A few past rent referrals and a general professional impression were key. With my apartment I always had several applicants because the apartment was nice. Also, the location was great and I kept the rent reasonable in the hope that the tenant would stay for a long time because selecting tenants is time consuming and quite a pain in the neck.

Well, about three months ago, Kate, my current tenant, made it past all those barriers with grace. And with looks like hers, it was very easy to remember her interview, because she simply stuck out. She had a broad smile that showed all her teeth, long flowing hair and a trim body that showed all her work at the gym. The part that really stuck out was a very proud pair of boobs often just barely hidden in a stretchy T-shirt. Add to all this that she was about ten years younger than me and nobody would have been surprised to learn that she was the center of my fantasies on many a lonely evening.

But that was not why she was my tenant. She appeared responsible and with her job should be able to afford the rent. Also the deposit, as well as the first two months were paid exactly when due, one day before the end of the month.

Well, today was the Fourth. I had left a message on her voice mail already two days ago, and no sign of life. No call, no note, no check. I was worried. This is a bad sign. With difficulty, I pushed the thoughts of some of the horror stories from friends about difficult evictions out of my mind. So at about 5 PM, when she normally gets home from work, I would stop by and visit her. Hopefully everything was already in the mail and it would arrive before I went there.

I went about my day as usual. After work, checked my mailbox and while there was plenty of junk mail, bills and such there was no letter from Kate. I felt disappointment and got a little mad. What the hell, now I have to go deal with this, it was time to go over there.

The apartment was just a short drive away. I saw her car in the driveway and through the window I could see the lights were on. I knocked.

She must have noticed me pulling in, because the door opened right away. There she stood, pretty as can be in her beige T-shirt and skin tight jeans. Her hair drooped forward as she looked at the ground. “Hi Paul” she said at a low tone. “I know why you are here, and I apologize for being late with the rent. It is not my style and I promise to get back on track as soon as possible.”

Oh, I sooo wanted to feast on the looks of this girl. And I admit I noticed exactly what she was wearing and how well it fit her, particularly the creases in the stretch of her T-shirt. It was just an average T-shirt, but with her in it, that T-shirt attracted a lot of attention.

It was chilly outside. And while I wanted to just take her promise at her word, I couldn't resist asking her some follow up questions. “What is going on? You were extremely timely before, and your credit record indicated that you take your obligations seriously.” I asked her.

She looked at me. She shivered. “Why don't you come in for a second, it is chilly out.”

Oh, I wanted to just stand there and stare. Her nipples poked right through the thin fabric! Oh, the things dreams are made of…

I stepped inside and closed the door. She already headed down the hall and I just looked at her jeans. Each step brought about just that motion that runway models study. A thought came to mind that nobody walks like that, is she doing this on purpose? But I just brushed it off, just the skin tight jeans probably.

“Can I get you something to drink?” she asked, trying to be hospitable.

“No, I am fine.” It sounded much harsher than I intended, and with a softer tone I continued: “I would like to be a generous landlord, but the reality is that I have a mortgage to pay on this building. Your rent payment makes up a good chunk of it. So, I will pass on the drink but need to know what you are going to do to get current on your rent.”

“I know, I know” she said facing me but looking at the floor again. She struck me as a bit dramatic. “I have never been in this situation before, and absolutely abhor it, but I just need a bit more time.”

“Great” I said. “No idea how you got here and no way out? That sounds like a quick trip down the legal path to eviction”.

She looked me straight in the face. With wide eyes she exclaimed: “Oh, I just need a little bit of time, I get paid again on the 15th”

“Oh great!” I said, “And uncle Paul will just dream up some cash to help you out?” I was getting more and more agitated. This chick didn't get it. Rent was her responsibility and I am not going to be some kind of charity bank smoothing out her bumps in the road. Oh, bumps, yes, I wanted to see more of those, but that wasn't part of the deal!

She started down this road of “oh my niece ran into some trouble and I had to post bail because …”

I cut her off. “Oh, I feel for you, but that really is none of my business and I really don't want to be involved. I want to collect my rent, and while you live your life, I live mine.”

“But you have to understand, I couldn't just leave her in jail! I had to do something…” She said.

“Well, you may be helping her, but you are sure messing up this lease.” I said. “I am going to be forced to report you to the credit bureau and start eviction procedures. After all, this is a business agreement we got into, and you are not pulling your weight.”

“I know. I am sorry.”

Oh the sad face above that shirt. In my mind, that image only existed for a flash. In my mind, her shirt would be laying somewhere on the ground and she would be flashing her ear-to-ear smile at me.

My mind was traveling a mile a minute. I already had my hands on her proud boobs, the room was moving around me, a rhythmic motion of her body relative to the room…

“Are you ok?” Her question pulled me out of my reverie.

“You know that I am not leaving empty handed” I said. “I need some assurance you are going to get current on your rent in a hurry.” I almost blurted it.

“Oh, I will, I promise.” She said.

“I will make you a deal, you work off the interest right now, and I will let it go till the 15th. But if you don't meet that date, I am starting the eviction procedure.”

She looked revolted. “What?? You want me to – work it off? – Crap, what kind of man are you?”

Did she just smile?

What just flashed over her face?

I wasn't sure what just happened. I made an indecent proposal, oh crap what did I just do? But I saw something happened, just not sure what just happened. All I could think was: Time to get out of here.

I shrugged my shoulders and started to turn towards the door. “Have it your way.”

“Hold on!” she sounded alarmed. “Hold on, there must be some way to work this out?”

“What do you mean exactly, when you say work it off?”

“Never mind” I said. “I have to get going and because of your financial BS, I have to schedule a meeting with my mortgage officer, after all, I have to protect my credit rating”. I actually managed to sound annoyed. Hard to imagine while I had all sorts of images of her shirt, or not shirt on my mind…

She took a stance. “Listen up mister! You may be holding all the cards, but I am not going to just roll over.”

“That doesn't sound like a comment that is going to improve your credit score any time soon…” I said.

She looked worried. “All I need is a good week and a half. You have to give me that!”

“I am going to leave right now, since you are not going to take my offer and I am going to do what I can to get you out of here.” Oh, in all reality, I didn't want her to leave, I wanted her out of her clothes beyond anything.

“But I like it here, and I have nowhere else to go!” She exclaimed.

“Well, show me that you are going to take my deal then!”

She blushed. She put her thumb in the edge of her shirt and stretched her sleeve forward.

I wasn't sure how to take that. But it gave me an excuse to stare. Oh, not that I wasn't staring already…

I could feel my woody in my pants.

“Oh, wouldn't you like to be able to read my mind!” she exclaimed coquettishly while flashing a smile I think I have seen before, but somehow still seemed sooo new.

“You are trying to be the smarty pants!” I said while I let go of the door knob. I turned more towards her and said: “OK, make me want to stay for another minute.”

Now I got to see a real smile. She looked almost victorious as she lifted both arms in the air. Quickly her arms moved down again and while her tits almost hopped, she whipped off her shirt.

“How is that for interest?” she asked while tipping her head forward and almost asked the question in the shade of the rest of her face

“Uhh” was all I could manage

Her boobs almost climbed out of her bra by themselves. I didn't really notice the radio before, but now her body was moving to the beat of the drums… Oh, my, I wanted to cheer!

“I have to get going” I managed to utter.

Pluphhh was the sound of her bra landing on the hardwood floor.

I almost choked. Yes, I wanted to see those puppies. But I surely wasn't prepared to see them now. I was supposed to be the tough landlord, going to evict the loser tenant that was sticking me with the rent. And here the blush rising from my chest was taking my breath. Or actually, while this breathtaking beauty was dancing right in front of me, her tan lines were laughing at me.

“Not so fast!” she said in a slow tone, moving to the tune on the radio. “I want to make sure you remember our deal”

WTF? What deal? Thoughts blasted through my mind. I had asked her, and now she was rubbing it in my face?

She was only inches away from me. And her tits were sticking out more than a few inches…

I gathered all my wits and suddenly got a hold of myself. “This isn't working chicky. I am out of here and you can kiss your credit score goodbye.” I turned towards the door again. It was time to pull a real trump card. I wanted this chick. She was hot like the desert and this one had tan lines.

“You dance not too badly, but I don't go for pretend” I sneered at her.

She lowered her gaze, as if she had lost a wager. But what was that sparkle that flashed through her eyes? Her eyelids were down, now she looked at the floor.

“Last call, you either put out, or I am headed and you will see an eviction notice next. Your choice.” I almost blurted it. There was no need to be that noisy, the radio was not that loud.

She shyly wrapped her arms around her, just barely able to put those great tits out of view. The wrapping actually was a turn-on itself, as her boobs boobed up over her arms.

“Well? What is it going to be?” as I put my hand back on the door knob.

“You suck! You are rude and a chauvinist and you don't deserve to be called a man!”

Crap what a bitch. I turned the door knob.

Click, the sound of the lock disengaging was loud at the same time that the radio happened to be silent.

“Stop!” it was a sound of despair. “You hold all the cards, and I have nowhere to go!” She had lowered her arms and her proud boobs commanded all attention. Her thumbs were in the band of her undies and started to push down.

Oh fuck, really? Was this really going to happen? I couldn't believe my eyes as I quickly shut the door and turned towards her. My second brain had sprung to attention. I was all attention now!

Slowly she lowered her underwear. A patch of fuzz was visible. I moved closer. I slid my hand up her thighs. I could feel her fuzz brushing the back of my hand.

Crap, she had darted away. Maybe only a foot or so, but from where my mind was, that was pretty close to an eternity away. I wanted to feel her lips, past her fuzz…

“Hurry up and get this over with!” She almost said it with a triumph, which was so un-becoming the situation.

She had walked into the bedroom, leaving me standing there with the image of her hips swaying around the door opening.

It felt like minutes, but in reality, it probably wasn't more than a split second, and I was in the bedroom too. Tugging at my clothes, which were loose and easy to remove, I tried to slide into the bed. My hard dick was making removal of some clothes more of a hassle than usual, but what to do?

I had my hands on her tits. My hands were large, but even so, barely large enough to completely cup her boobs. Oh, I tried, at least a few times to grope all of it at once.

She laughed. What did she laugh at? My hands? My hard dick trying to hold on to the band of my underwear? I don't think I ever found out. After all, I had other things to focus on.

Now I was within inches of her face, her mascara covered eyelashes almost beat on my cheeks. I felt her fuzz brush on my leg. I was panting and roughly maneuvered her towards the center of the bed.

The time for talking was over. Time for taking had begun.

Oh, I took, no question asked and I slid forward, her soft fuzz at first, her soft creases next… Oh, it didn't stop there, her sloppy wetness only sucked me further in!

My mind did not allow me to make note of it. I was inside, and the soft ribbly texture was trying to write a story of itself. I drove inside, slowly at first, rougher next, somewhat softer after that…

I had no idea just what I was doing, the daze I was in was impossible to fight.

I was boning this hot chick! Sooo wet, so hot, so … oh, words are sooo difficult at times like this!

Yes, I did notice she was smiling, smiling wildly with all her teeth showing, ear to ear. But what did I care? I was inside, I was where I wanted to be, and I was getting what I wanted.

She bucked almost as hard as I was. It was only a matter of time and I would come all inside of her.

“Ahhhh” She almost sounded like she was in pain. Her hands grasped the sheets in a contortious way. Her head tipped back and she made gasping noises. Her blush was undeniable.

“You are not going anywhere!” I said laughingly as I pounded away. Loud slaps came in a rhythmic fashion as I was breathing heavily.

Seconds later I convulsed on her, exhausted, happy and prouder than a peacock. Prouder than three peacocks really.

With her left boob in my hand, I laid on her, catching my breath.

Slowly I regained my conscience. Is this what it is like to come down from a drug?

She didn't say a word. Her face was blank actually.

It was time to go. I rushed into my clothes and in no time was lacing up my boots.

She was still naked and as I opened the door, she handed me an envelope.

It was a little weird to be rushing out like this, especially since I had my endorphins racing! I was ready to go to the corner bar and tell anyone who would listen that I boned the beauty at 2C. I was almost walking next to my shoes!

As I got into my car, the only sound was the click of the seat belt. I started the engine and rolled out the driveway. The street lights were dim, but my mind was still reeling, reeling from the euphoria of my feast with my tenant. Well, with wasn't the right choice of words, but feast surely was.

The traffic light turned red, just as I approached. The red hue highlighted the letter that I had tossed in the passenger seat.

Why did she give me a letter just as I was leaving? Suddenly my curiosity got the best of me. I pulled over under a street light and opened the envelope.

A check was inside. Signed and back dated to the first of the month, and for the full rent amount. What the hell? Now my mind was really reeling. What does this mean?

Wait, there was something else in the envelope. A $100 bill.

But that was not all, on the back of the $100 bill, there was a sticky note. It was blue. With blue writing on it. Suddenly the street light wasn't bright enough. What did it say? I almost panicked.

As I deciphered the letters in the dim light of the lamp post, suddenly my heart seemed to sink into my shoes.

“Thank you” it said, in cursive.

WTF? What WAS this???

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