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The Terror In The Night!

God it was hot. The night was quiet, still and sticky. The sweat rolled off his brow into his blue eyes. Eyes so blue, that women often stop just to talk to him about his “Beautiful eyes”. God he hated that. Or was it just women? Hell he didn't know and didn't know how to cope with the feelings he was having at the time. Feelings that seemed to come from an era long past. Primal feelings that aroused the inner self more than anything he had ever experienced before. He wanted to control someone, make'em scared while he had his way with them. He wanted to tie them up and make them beg him to stop. Stop hurting them. Stop making them ashamed of the things he was doing to them. God knows he knew what that was like.

He had been watching her for some time. About a week or so, to and from school, work and even church. He had set by her several times in Sunday school. Watching her talk and listening to her sweet voice, but most of all watching her tight ass and full breasts as she walked. God she was hot. As hot as this damn night. But he had to wait for her to return from the store. He knew that was where she was going, because he watched her make a shopping list through the kitchen window.

He heard a car coming down the street. It was most likely her, because this neighbor hood was quiet after 9 PM. To many older people, hell most of them were in bed before 8.

It was she, he watched her pull in and start unloading the car. She went inside and came back out, but by then he was in the garage and hiding around the corner by her dryer. As she went by he got up and went into the house, down the hall and into the back bedroom. Not hers though, he didn't want to be in the room when she came in.

He waited for about and hour for her to come down the hall and start running water in the tub. He knew her routine, because he had been watching and making notes. As she got undressed, he watched, god she was beautiful. But he had to make her different. He had to make her more of a lady. A lady ready to obey her man when ever and where ever they were.

As she got into the tub she turned on the Jacuzzi and lay down in the swirling water. With all the noise he got up and took off his clothes and laid them on the bed. He then went into her bedroom and turned off the lights in the room. He then reached into the bath and shut off those lights. She screamed and then shut off the Jacuzzi. Who's there? She was scared and he loved it. He could here her voice tremble. He said nothing. She started laughing to herself saying that damn bulb. As she rose from the tub she reached for her robe and headed for the bedroom. She stopped, had she turned off the light in here also? She couldn't remember. She walked slowly along the edge of the dresser trying to find the switch and the door. Just as she reached for the switch he placed a rag over her mouth and held it there until the either overcame her. Now she was his. He carried her over to the bed and laid her on it. Pulling out some handcuffs he placed them on her wrists and ankles. He then took a hammer and drove some loops into the bed; with this he cuffed her to them. Now she was totally under his control.

He played with her body, stroking her hair and moving his hands up and down her body. He loved her, he thought. But he had to make her better. Better for her sake. For the sake of all that he held dear.

As she awoke, she started to move around. Pulling on the cuffs and crying out, he had to quite her down. He jumped on her chest, nude, but not excited like he thought. He held his hand on her mouth and nose saying, “Quiet Mary, I love you”.

This made her even more scared; she rolled back and forth and bucked up and down trying to throw him off. But to no result, he was too strong. She tried to beg him but his hand grew tighter and tighter until he couldn't stop. He choked her, hurting her making tears flow her eyes. She was dying. He was going to kill her. He couldn't stop himself, the sheer excitement of her fighting him made him hard. He was excited the most he had been in years. He started to feel cum building up inside himself, begging for release. As she became unmoving he came on her chest, he laid his body down on her, covering her head with his stomach laying his head on the pillow above her. He went to sleep.

He awoke; it was early in the morning, nearly 3AM. God where am I? He pushed himself up and realized then where he was. He was scared to death. Oh my god, what have I done? I've killed Mary. How am I going to get out of this? He jumped up, running into the other room and grabbed his shorts and t-shirt pulling on his sneakers he ran for the door, he had forgotten his bag. He went back, he turned on the light, and then he realized the true depth of his crime. He was scared, lonely and yet excited about what he had done.

As he run for the door he realized he was nude. He put on his shorts and wiped off the handles of the door. Remembering the cuffs he again went back to the room, he removed the cuffs and claimed his hammer. God what else, he couldn't find anything and run out the front door. He ran down the street to his car. He drove home and threw his clothes into the wash and took a shower.

The news the next day said nothing about the incident. That puzzled him until he remembered her parents lived on the North side of town and hadn't checked up on her yet. The day wore on, until the night again overtook it. He was again into his domain, darkness.

Two days later the news opened the evening news with a startling discovery of a young attractive female dead in her home on the south side of town. No details were available at the time, but police had a few leads. Leads? What leads? Had someone seen him? Had he left prints? He knew he was screwed. But after a week the news died down and he attended her funeral. No body noticed him and even came over to speak. Just a school friend they thought.


Two weeks later, he was beside himself. He was going crazy, he couldn't control his feelings again and wanted to make the other day seem boring compared to what he had planned now. He had found an old barn with a down stairs storage, out in the country. The barn had electricity but no heat or a/c. God knows it needed that. But the neatest thing of all, he had found a beam running across the ceiling with hooks in them.

He thought if he placed come-alongs on the hooks he could pull someone up and suspend them in air. Making them totally at his mercy. He made all the arrangements, got all the equipment and placed the much needed gynecologist table with wheels in the room. He was ready.

He knew he was taking a real chance, but he had to do this. He had to take these women and make them his, all his. He had four women in mind, one very young lady of 21 and two of 30. But his most wanton one was this lady of about 45. She was wonderful. A nurse he knew from school. Red headed and big breasted, she was a catch, and he had to have her.

The first one was Brenda, she was the nurse, and she was easy. He just played like he had sprained his ankle and was limping back home when she stopped and offered him a ride. Before the end of the hour he had her under his control and in the barn. With this accomplished he set out for the other 3. He found his 21 year old lady doing her evening run in the park. He waited for her to return to her car and over came her easily with the ether. No one noticed and that made him happy. He tied her up and gagged her and placed her in the trunk of his car. The other 2 were walking down the street doing their evening stroll when he pulled up and asked them to get in. They laughed and told him to get lost. He pulled up his gun and told them to get in, and if one runs the other would die. With that they got in, both in the back seat. He told them to take the rags and the bottle soaking the rags with the liquid in the bottle. He then told them to hold the rag over the others face, if they didn't he would kill them both. They did and passed out in the seat.

When he got to the barn, he backed in pulled the tarp over the car and unloaded his haul. As he tied them up he gently pulled them up in the air until there feet was barely touching the floor. They were each elevated on a stool, making them a little taller than they were. He placed tape over their mouths, and then sharpened his knife. He wanted it very sharp. He wanted it sharp enough to cut anything easily.

Brenda was the first to wake, she was scared to death but very calm. He told her he had something in store for her and the others, but she had to wait for the others to wake up.

In another hour they all woke, nearly at the same time. They all started moving around and swinging back and forth on the ropes. He stepped into the front of them and said enough. No more trying to escape. He had something for all them to see. He turned the light on himself and revealed his manhood in all its glory. He was 10 inches of solid rippling manhood and said each was going to enjoy this until he said no more.

He pulled up the knife and went over to Brenda; he started with her top, cutting it free. Then he went to her skirt, with that gone he cut her bra loose and released her beautiful tits. Her nipples were hard and very large. He tweaked the right one and then cut off her panties and panty hose. She was stunning; her red muff was beautiful, trimmed and very neatly trimmed into a heart. How sweet he said, with Valentines Day only two days off. He then turned to the others. He in turn removed all their clothes and started moving his hands up and down their bodies. He couldn't decide where to start. Maybe the young one, yea that would be nice, she would work nicely.

He brought her down onto the table and hand cuffed her to it. He then pulled up a stool and started playing with her pussy. She had nice firm tits, at least 38's. And her pussy was nice and neatly shaved. He placed Vaseline on his cock and rubbed it on her pussy, making it very slick and ready. He then placed the head of his cock at her hole, moving it barely in and out until he could feel her start to move with him. He drove his cock all the way in making her buck up and moan. With this he started fucking her hard, banging his balls off her lips with a furry he hadn't know existed in himself. He was in heaven.

She started to cum and moaned loudly and blew out her nose like a horse after a run. He too was close and started moving faster and faster until he moaned and blew a load inside her. He didn't think he would stop, he felt like he never had before. Totally in control, she had to lie there and take what ever he gave her. Even if she didn't want it she had to take it. She was crying, tears running down her face into a pool beside her head on the stainless table. He smiled, knowing he was in charge.

He pulled her back up and placed her on the stool. Then went over and set down in his chair, in the dark and watched the others just standing there, all they have exposed to him and only him. He smiled and went to sleep, dreaming of his next step. What ever that would be.

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