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The Twin Peaks – Leverage

Introduction: Emma finds leverage on Amy Authors Note: Thank you for the feedback, everyone! I made sure to try and make some more sense in this one and hopefully you like it a lot better then the first one I wrote!

Amys face rested between both of her hands as she sat directly across the table from me. Occasionally, she shifted between her hands until a small red blotch appeared on her cheeks from the pressure. Her legs were crossed delicately, whereas mine were spread apart slightly as I slouched in the chair directly across from her. The mud that we rolled in previously was still attached to parts of her hair.

In our small farm house, our rooms were connected by an adjoining bathroom. A small four person table sat in the connected play area we had when we were children, that had since been turned into a relaxing space for our friends. Our dirty shoes left marks on the hardwood floor that we would wash off later but for now there was a more pressing matter on both of our minds.

Amy was the sister of reason. She was the only one I had but I knew by all of my interactions with everyone else around me that she was the one who could handle the most craziness, but even she had her limits. Emma, you just shoved me into a giant mud hole and held me there.

I sighed and crossed my arms across my chest. I studied her quietly. The strands of light strawberry colored hair blew around her face from the open window behind her. Her tank top, white and covered with mud had already dried to her body and outlined her dainty figure and her lace bra showed through her shirt well.

To be fair, you also caught me having sex with Jack. I didnt want to alarm her anymore then she already was. Using any vulgar words would only make her slightly less reasonable and I really did not need her to put any more stress on our mom.

I know it may have seemed like she had the advantage but the way she stood there for God knows how long, watching our dog thrust inside of her sister, told me something else was going on in her mind. I knew that if I did this, I had to go about it a certain way. I had to flip the tables on her for the sake of taking control. She had always been one for following the rules and listening to higher authority so it would be natural of me to assume that in certain terms, she could be incredibly submissive.

I mean, look…I dont want to do anything to hurt Mom. I know that she just lost Daddy, Her eyes watered slightly when before she whispered the reference to our father. She had always been a Daddys girl. I was smart, so maybe this is the advantage I was looking for. If you need help, I can help you. That just isnt natural, Emmy. You just dont touch dogs like that. Its sick.

I stood up and paced the room, making her jump a little when the chair scraped against the floor. Its not sick, Amy. Do you have any idea how good it feels to have a dog inside of you? Standing behind her now, I leaned over her. Do you? I mean, for a virgin you shouldnt even care who or what Im having sex with. I mean, youre still a virgin, arent you Amy?

Her face flushed and she looked at the floor. Her demeanor told me that while I was standing over her, she seemed more nervous about where I was. Before she said anything, I could tell whatever came out of her mouth next would be a lie. Thats what happens when youre twins with someone. Your minds become so in tune with each other that no matter how different, you can always feel the others pain or comfort.

Yes, Im a virgin. That doesnt matter though. I know that having s-sex with dogs is sick. She looked like she was going to move from the chair, but she didnt. At this angle, I could see down her shirt and her cleavage made my entire body tingle. Her breasts werent small and I was actually pretty sure that she was probably a size larger than mine.

I dont believe you, Amy. I think you have had sex before. Or maybe not sex, but some form of it. Maybe youve let Jack lick your pussy? I ran my fingers along the back of her neck as I paced back and forth behind her. Maybe youve touched yourself before and you just act shy? Or maybe youve let Daddy lick you?

She gasped and turned around in her chair, nearly knocking both of us over. How dare you suggest that, Emma?!

She stood in front of me now, attempting to size me up. I was almost 3 inches taller than her and slightly wider in build. I looked at her carefully, studying her. Her face was almost as bright as a tomato. The freckles on her face, that only she was blessed with, were prominent.

Holy shit, Amy. Did he really? I was embarrassed that we were talking about our father this way but I needed to know. It wasnt like I had never thought about trying to seduce him but I certainly never thought it would have been Amy who was that lucky.

She turned to walk away from me but I grabbed her by the arm and she froze in her tracks. My grip was tight enough that she wasnt going anywhere until I wanted her to. Tell me or I swear to God, Amy.

Okay, fine. He touched me a little a few months ago. Nothing ever got that far though. Please, dont tell Mom. Itll devastate her. Please, Emma. I could hear the begging in her voice.

And you liked it, didnt you?

She didnt respond and thats when I knew that I had her. I wont tell but you have to do a few things for me.

Ill do anything, Emma. I promise. Ill clean your clothes for a month, Ill do your chores. Ill do anything. She was nearly pleading now but when I started to smile, she got confused.

I dont want any of that, Amy. I want you to sit in that chair and stay there. Take your pants off first. Im going to wash them. I lied but just slightly. I was going to wash them but that wasnt all I had planned for her. She hesitated a little but took her pants off and handed them over to me. Now, take off your shirt. Ill do the laundry.

But I dont&hellip,.Its been awhile since&hellip,Im uncomfortable with that, Emma. She couldnt quite gather her words but the submissive in her stripped her shirt off slowly. I didnt respond but left her there to walk out into the bedroom and drop the clothes off in our laundry bin. When I returned, I came behind her and rubbed her arms.

Can I have these? Reluctantly, she gave me both her hands and let me tie them behind her back.

Emma, what are you doing? Her breathing got heavy and she squirmed slightly as I tied the knots around her hands behind the chair.

You told me that you would do anything, right? This is what I want. I was in front of her now. I pulled up the chair and sat with her, knees to knees. I rubbed her legs a little.

Not this, Emma. She seemed to know what I wanted. I told you I would do anything but this is wrong. I cant! She squirmed a little and I rubbed her thigh.

You dont even know what Im doing. Shut up or Ill gag you. My fingers trailed along her inner thigh straight to her panties. Lace wrapped around the very top and hugged her figure nicely. I could see the small wet spot that was starting to appear between her legs and I couldnt help but laugh. Youre a whore, arent you Amy?

She looked at me, alarmed, but didnt say anything. I took my thumb and rubbed it gently into the wet spot. I could feel her clit swollen under my finger as I pressed my thumb over her panties, between her pussy lips. Amy let out a small moan and I glared at her so she knew I wasnt kidding about gagging her. Our mom was just in the next room and I did not want her to hear moans coming from our bedroom.

She nearly melted in my hands as I rubbed her. I stood up behind her and reached down the front of my bra with my other hand and pinched her nipple between my thumb and index finger. Whimpering and squirming, I rubbed her clit until she came in her underwear. My face was centimeters from her ear, kissing her cheek gently and whispering to her. You have great nipples, Amy. Let me see them.

I took my thumb off her panties and admired the puddle between her legs. Unclasping her bra, I tossed it to the side and admired her breasts before taking one of her sensitive nipples into my mouth.

Emma&hellip,arent you done? Havent you gotten your wish? Cant I go now?

No, Amy. Im not even close to being done. Look at you, sitting there half naked. Your body is so beautiful and I just want to ravage it. I want to take your virginity, I want to make you do things that you never thought you could or would do. Im not done with you and I never will be. Youre submissive, arent you Amy? Youre a slut, arent you? And you were Daddys slut but now youre mine, do you get that? She nodded. Im nowhere near done.

I left her there, tied to that chair. I left her squirming and whimpering to find a way out but she didnt try for long. I watched her from the window seat behind her and even left her there alone, only to return with more supplies and Jack, who followed happily behind me.

I wasnt the only one who was ready for fresh meat.

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