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The Weekly Shop

It’s a chore, but one that has to be done.

In the winter months, I always try and make it more interesting for me – and the other customers – by wearing skin-tight leggings and boots. Of course, I need to make sure I’ve got a really good tuck when I’m wearing them. If I’m careful, I can get quite a convincing camel-toe, and of course as I’m always wearing a thong, the fabric not only clings to my butt but disappears neatly between my cheeks.

So yesterday I was heading off to my local superstore, wearing wet-look black leggings, leather boots and leather jacket. Catching a glimpse of my reflection in the store windows as I pushed my trolley to the entrance, I was happy with what I saw. Nice rounded butt, long blonde hair flowing over my leather bomber, tantalising glimpse of cleavage thanks to my push-up bra.

I was conscious of quite a few eyes on me as I entered, mostly guys of all ages, but a few women too. I’m well used to that and I love it! I can understand the guys’ attention, but often wonder if the women eyeing me up are simply thinking 'Slut!' or whether a one or two of them are fantasising about some girl-on-girl action with me! I’m happy either way.

I carried on with my shop, making a point every so often of bending down to pick items from the lowest shelves so that my leggings stretched even tighter over my butt and left nothing to the imagination!

About half-way through, I suddenly felt the tell-tale signs of some ’slippage’ in my otherwise perfect tuck. Oh dear, I’d need to fix that, can’t have a bulge in the front of my otherwise smooth attire. I headed in the direction of the store rest rooms, parking my trolley outside, grabbing my purse to use as a shield in front of my tell-tale little bump.

For such a large store, the women’s toilets are tiny, just two cubicles (stalls for my US readers!) and one of them had an ‘Out of Order’ sign on the door. Oh well, the other was free, so I slipped in and hung my bag on the back of the door.
No sooner had I started to unzip my jacket than I heard the outside door swing open and the familiar click of high heels come in. ‘She’ll have to wait’, I thought to myself, but next thing I knew she was tapping on the door…”Excuse me,” a sweet but slightly frantic voice said, ”will you be long? It’s just that I am really desperate!”.

The tone of her voice told me she was serious. I was feeling generous, so as I unbolted the door said “It’s okay, I’ve only just come in myself, you can use it first if you really need to.”
“Oh thank you so much” she said as she pushed past me, leaving the door open, hitched up her skirt, yanked down her tights and panties, sat down and let out the most gushing stream I’ve ever witnessed. She wasn’t joking about being desperate!

“I am so sorry” she said as she continued to release the seemingly endless torrent, “I’ve been out drinking with my mates and we got stuck in traffic, I just had to get the cab driver to stop here as I was going to burst!”
“That’s okay, I’ve had the same happen to me once.” I lied, but thought it would make her feel better. I’d guessed she must have been drinking, the slightly glazed look and somewhat unsteady walk gave it away. But she was definitely cute, long red hair and a tight little body, probably no more than twenty years old. From what I could see – which was quite a lot as she had hitched her skirt right up so I had an unobstructed view – she had a completely smooth pussy, always an added attraction.

“I’m afraid I’ve had a wee bit too much to drink.” As she spoke, she wasn’t looking me in the eye, her gaze was focused on my crotch, now obviously showing signs of ever-increasing ‘leakage’ as my thong had given up trying to hold everything in place. This wasn’t helped by the fact that watching a girl on the john in front of me is always such a massive turn-on. It brought back memories of the many times I’ve been laid naked on my back while being straddled by an open pussy showering me. On one memorable occasion, two of them at once!

Moving her gaze from between my legs to my face she said “It looks like you’re getting quite desperate too.”
“Er, yes” I said hesitantly, “I do need to attend to something.”
“Would you like me to attend to it for you?” was her rather unexpected response.
Standing up and wiping herself with a tissue, she suggested we use the broken cubicle next door so as not to take up the only usable one. I unhooked my purse from the door, noticing that instead of hitching up her panties she peeled both those and her tights off as she smoothed down her skirt and stepped back into her heels. “They got a bit wet”, she said, “can’t wear them now.”

I stepped into the next door cubicle and she followed me in, bolting the door behind her. “Let’s see what needs to be done.” she said, slipping her hands into the top of my leggings and peeling them over my hips. “Goodness me, they are tight!” she exclaimed as my thong peeled off with the leggings and my cock sprang out, semi-hard and grateful to be set free at last!

“How on earth do you manage to keep that so well hidden?” she asked, dropping to her knees in front of me and gently massaging either side of my dick so that my balls dropped down into their rightful place.
An answer to that didn’t seem to be needed. Well, she obviously didn’t plan on talking much more as she proceeded to guide my dick into her open mouth.

Expertly stroking and twisting it with one hand, sucking all the while, the other hand reached under her skirt and she started to finger herself furiously. It was obvious that this wasn’t going to take either of us very long!

I was massively hard now as she squeezed my balls, deftly tonguing the head of my swollen shaft with her mouth, in between taking the whole length deep into her throat, gagging slightly as my eight inches pushed as far as it could go.

Now I don’t usually cum so easily these days unless there’s something deep in my ass, but this girl was so good that I felt my sap rising fast. She obviously felt it too, clasping my butt with both hands and pressing my cock ever-deeper into her mouth, she dug her nails into my butt before letting one finger slide into my asshole. That did it! I let out an involuntary moan as I drew my cock back and shot my load straight into her open mouth. She used her tongue to capture the last few drops before sliding her lips over my swollen dick head and sucking hard, letting it pop out loudly in between sucks. I could feel the last trickles of cum drawn out of me.

As she sat back on her heels and swallowed, scooping any stray drops from her face into her mouth with her fingers, she said “Yum!”
All I could say was “Thank you.”
“You’re welcome, it’s the least I could do after you were so kind in my moment of need.”

It was at that point that we heard the cistern flush in the cubicle next door. Someone must have gone in there while we were ‘busy’! She put her hand to her mouth and giggled uncontrollably. Had they heard me moan at the point of orgasm or the unmistakable sound of her sucking my dick so loudly? Anyway, the adjacent door opened, we heard the sound of hands being washed and the hot-air dryer kick in before the outside door was opened and we were left alone once more.

“What about your waiting cab?” I asked.
“Oh I told them not to wait” she said, “I’ll get another one”.
“Can I give you a lift?” It was only fair to offer, after all.
“That would be lovely, but you’d better finish your shopping first.” she replied, “…and wait a few moments so that you are able to get that back into those spray-on leggings!” she laughed as she pointed at my still semi-hard cock and swollen balls.

“Now don’t be too long with the shopping.” she said as I finally managed to contain myself and we left the toilets, “I live in the next town, so if you’re local we best stop off at yours first. I’ll probably need to relieve myself again once we get to your place. Would that be okay?”

I thought to myself that it would be more than okay – and I could think of just where I would like her to be positioned when she did it.

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