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Tommy, Robert and June

I was finally going to graduate with a degree in economics and a minor in business. I struggled through college and I do mean struggled.

I came from a poor background having been born into poverty and grew up that way. I was a bit above average in grades in school and knew the only way out of my way of life was through education. I vowed to get that education and worked my way through college, starting with a Junior College and finally finishing the last two years at the state university.

I not only struggled with work, but with school as well. I studied hard and I was going to graduate with a B average. It took me six years, but I finally made it.

Upon graduation I landed a job with a financial planning company that was going to pay me a decent salary with the opportunity for big bonuses.

For the first time in my life I was able to see light at the end of the tunnel in my struggles to escape poverty.

I knew my parents would have been proud of me. My mom passed when I was twelve after a valiant struggle with cancer and my Dad followed two years later with a massive heart attack.

I was starting my career at the age of twenty five. Most of the other guys in my office were married men and had a number of years of experience. One of them, a guy named Robert, sort of took me under his wing to mentor. Something I greatly appreciated.

Robert was in his mid forties with about twenty years of experience and was well respected in the office with his financial planning for his clients. With Roberts assistance I had been able to acquire several clients and was working diligently to help them set up investment portfolios.

I would wonder what my parents would think of their poverty stricken son working to help clients with their investments. All I could think of was the irony of it all.

Like college I was all work and no play and had little time for entertainment. Seemed like I had spent a lifetime of working and never had time for even a girlfriend. I had never been on a real date. I was a twenty five year old virgin.

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