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Trip to the Drug Store P 1

I just finished college and started a full time job and I have this new girlfriend. I really like her because she really knows what she wants, and she also likes to be in control. For this story I will call her Jill. We have gone out on a few dates, and on my last date, Jill said she wanted our relationship to become more serious. I agreed with her, because she has many of the same opinions and values that I have.

As far as our sex life goes, we have cuddled and kissed a lot, felt each other through our clothes, but haven’t gone any further than that. Jill is about three years older than I am, and is also as tall as me. So when she wears her high heel shoes on dates, I actually have to look up at her.

So I was surprised at the end of our last date when she said, “When you show up at my house for our next date, I want you to have your pubic hair shaved. If we are going to get more intimate, I like my men well shaven down there.”

I have wanted to get more intimate with Jill since our first date and I want to please her, so I said, “If that is what you want, I guess I can shave down there for you.”

Then I was surprised when she added, “Be sure and do a good job, otherwise you will be spanked.”

I didn’t know how to answer her last remark, so I just quickly left her house. I was so concerned about pleasing Jill and shaving myself properly, that I took off work early on Friday before our next date. On my way home, I stopped at a nearby large drugstore. This drugstore had a pharmacy and also a Quick Health Center that administered flu shots and even has a quick place to go to see a nurse about a cold, and other minor illnesses.

There was a sign above the Quick Health Center that read, “We will answer any embarrassing question.” I had asked the nurses in the past to help me pick an over the counter medicine for my cold, so I thought I would ask the nurse about what shaver I should use. I knew if they weren’t busy, they could help me out.

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