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Turn The Tables

Turn the Tables

Charlese Le’Push

July 2010

Anastasia is 44 years old, and youthful as if she were in her 20’s. With long straight red hair, green eyes, plump pouting lips and pale white skin. She is tall and lean, sumptuous thighs that are strong and supple. Initial impression of Anastasia soft spoken, stunningly beautiful and coy but once you get to know her in the bedroom she becomes a tenacious, seductress who knows what she wants and what you need.

David is 21 years old, a tall handsome hunk with short dark hair and a goatee. He has muscular, arms, abs and thighs. He appears to be shy and conservative at first but when you get to know him you soon find out that he is a master in the matters of pleasing women. He is ready to break all the rules that most conservatives hold in the bedroom.

APOV Anastasia’s point of view

I met David at a gun show in New York. I was looking for a little purse sized number but had no idea what I was doing. The merchandise hall was massive booth after boot of guns, bullets and other various hunting accoutrement. I found a booth with a sign that said “Cowgirl Up” There were cute little necklaces with rhinestone studded cowboy boot charms. Pink holsters and pink cowgirl hats and a glass case that held little hand guns among other items. As I looked into the case a little girl about 10 years old looked at me and said “That one, you should have that one” I looked at her with surprise as she obviously knew more than I did about guns. So I asked the seller to let me see the one that the girl had pointed out. The girl smiled, purchased her pink charm necklace and hopped away into the crowd.

I looked at the gun and said “This is nice, I like the size, and it’s pretty” I thought it will fit nicely in my handbag. He must have been watching me because he emerged from the crowded walkway and said “Need some help?” I looked at the seller, she didn’t’t say anything to help me so I said “Sure”. He asked me what I’d use the gun for and so on. He explained that every gun has its purpose and should be chosen carefully. Then he introduced himself as David and told me that I didn’t’t want that one and that he would help me find the right one for me. As we wove through the crowds I couldn’t’t help but notice the fit build of his body. His jeans nicely accentuated his thighs and ass. His package wasn’t bad either.

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