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Twenty Seven Years Later

Twenty Seven Years Later.

It was called ‘The French Cafe,’ which would normally be the kind of place I would avoid, but one of my co workers got me hooked on the french vanilla mocha latte. I now went there every Sunday like clockwork, placing my order before sitting at my favorite table near the back. I would read my Sunday paper and watch the happenings in the small town I called my home. I didn’t interact much with the people, that was my wife’s job throughout our marriage as she never met a stranger.

My wife would have loved this little piece of European culture in a small southern town, another reason I went there to read a Sunday paper I would rather have read at home. I had promised her I would get out of the house some, and five years after her passing away I did: every Sunday at ‘The French Cafe.’ I lived a very simple life since she died, working six days a week and them Sunday at the cafe. This week was like any other week as I placed my order at the front counter with my paper tucked under my arm. I never expected a new chapter of my life to start that day or maybe it was an old chapter revisited, I am not sure.

The ambiance of the cafe was very quaint. The tables were round with long white table cloths, the Baristas wore berets and the soft music was very French. I will never admit to liking the place but I was comfortable there. The comfort was in the quiet and routine of my Sunday morning as I bought my paper, placed my order and turned towards my table in the back. No one ever sat there but me, so I was a bit surprised to see a woman sitting there this September morning. She was staring into her coffee cup as I scanned the rest of the empty tables choosing a new place to sit.

I almost decided to take my paper and go home, but something made me look again at this woman in my comfort zone. She was now staring at me, a smile on her pretty face that seemed familiar to me. I smiled back as I locked eyes with her and feelings came over me I had not felt for years. The hair was now a gorgeous bright white and the lines in her porcelain skin were clearly defined, but the eyes gave it away. I had not seen Carolyn since I was a senior in high school but those beautiful brown eyes were imprinted in my memory.

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