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Twin Japanese Nieces Pt25

Introduction: Punishment Twin Japanese Nieces Pt25

To say that this whole ordeal was leaving a bad taste in my mouth would be like saying that gargling with gasoline would be refreshing. We needed a way to ensure that Eric would not talk about this to anyone and it had to be something drastic. As Kayko and I stood there looking at the trio inspiration stuck like lightning out of the sky.

Eric, I said as I looked at the crying boy, What would your parents do if they knew that you had taken this out of the house, and I held up the speculum.

The terror that came across his face told me that their reaction would be something akin to a death sentence. Instantly he clammed up and quit crying. Please dont tell my parents, he began. My mom will be so mad.

And what about your father? Dont you think I should tell him too? I said as I contemplated what I was saying.

The boy looked whiter than a sheet as he did his best to formulate his next words. Dad will probably beat me, he said as he looked from me to Kayko and then back at me.

You know, Ive a good mind to do that very thing to you right now young man, I snapped at him. He bolted up right in his seat and tears started pouring down his cheeks again. And you! I snapped at Mark, making him jolt to attention too. You are so grounded I dont even know where to begin! Cell phone! I snapped and held out my hand. Mark reached into his pocket and pulled out his cell phone and handed it to me. I didnt say a word, I just stuck it in my pocket.

I paced back and forth a little trying to make heads and tails of this mess. I looked down at the speculum in my hand before I looked back at the boys and Shiori. I was so pissed that I could barely keep from ripping my belt off and destroying some asses right there on the spot! I looked over at Kayko who appeared to agree with my opening statement about the groundings. I must have been on track because she said nothing about my initial punitive measures. Finally I stopped in place standing at a 90 degree angle from them.

Shiori, I said without even looking at her. Youre grounded for the rest of the summer. Go up to your room. Not Marks room, yours. Kayko, go with her, Ill be up in a minute.

Not a word was said. Kayko and Shiori quietly departed the living room and went upstairs. When I heard the door close I sat down on the coffee table and looked directly at the two boys. I had some explaining to do, and not the kind of explaining that is interactive. I was going to talk, and they were going to listen.

You guys know you screwed up really big dont you? I said as I looked from one boy to the other. They both nodded their heads yes. Eric, seeing as how you now know something about what Mark does here I am going to ask you some very direct questions and I expect honest answers. Are we clear on that? I said as I looked the 10 year old straight in the eyes. Again he nodded his head yes. What has Mark told you?

Eric glanced toward Mark before he started to speak. Mark told me that he and Shiori did it on a regular basis and that she even sleeps with him.

I see, I said as my gaze shifted to Mark. What else did he tell you?

He said that Shiori was really good at giving blow jobs too, he responded.

Uh huh, I uttered, disgusted that I was even having to ask these questions. I shifted my gaze from Mark who was now sitting with his head down and I looked back to Eric. What else?

Only that he says that he really loves her and that you gave her to him. He paused and looked straight at me unflinching.

He hasnt said anything else to you concerning this? I had to make sure that Mark had not opened and spilled the whole can of worms.

Thats it, he said as he wiped away the tears from his cheeks.

I thought for just a moment about how I was going to handle this. The trust for Mark was now gone. And whether or not Shiori had anything to do with it was yet to be determined. I was not going to let these guys off easily. What they had done was serious and it deserved some serious punishment.

Mark, I said sternly. Youre grounded for the rest of the summer too. Go to your room and wait for me there. And no computer. Ill be up in just a few minutes.

Mark stood up from the couch with his head down. Im sorry dad, he said as he looked in my direction.

I dont want to hear it right now. I said in utter disgust. You just do what I told you.

Mark knew the ice he was standing on was at the breaking point. And unless he went upstairs right now, he was going to get a whipping right in front of his friend. He turned and slowly shuffled across the living room.

MOVE IT! I hollered.

In a flash he was up the stairs with his door closed. I looked at Eric who was now sitting with no support and a look of doom on his face. I could just lower the boom on him, but that would not guarantee that he would not say anything. I think the threat of telling his parents was going to hold up if I gave him just a little light at the end of the tunnel. I thought for just a moment before I spoke. I hope he was listening because I was only going to tell him this once.

You know that what you did was wrong, right? Eric nodded his head yes and looked at me attentively. Let me tell you a little something about Mark and Shiori that you might not know. In Japan, the kind of relationship that Mark and Shiori have is not considered wrong. There are many such instances throughout that culture. But they are kept within the bounds of the family. Do you understand? Eric looked a little puzzled. He shrugged his shoulders but continued to look at me. You do know that Shiori is Japanese, right? Again he nodded his head yes. Ok, I continued as I placed the speculum down on the table next to me and devoted all of my attention to him. Where Shiori comes from, its ok for two cousins to have a relationship like Mark and Shiori. Do you understand that? Not only did he nod yes but he very quietly spoke it. Alright, I said, confident that I was getting through to him. Now, here in America, people dont agree with cousins having a relationship like Mark and Shiori. Do you understand that?

He paused for a moment and got a bit of a puzzled look on his face. Why not? he asked.

Damn! Of all the things to have to explain he had to pick the most difficult. I was in no mood to try and spell it out for him so I just shortened up my answer. They just dont like it, I said, being stern with him. You just have to trust me on that one. Again he nodded his head yes and looked at me. Now Mark has made a big mistake by telling you anything that he and Shiori have done and he is in a lot of trouble for it. Do you understand that? The look of fear started creeping back into his eyes as he again nodded yes. So here is the deal. Youre going to go home. Mark and Shiori are both grounded for the rest of the summer. That means no phone calls, no coming over by either of you, and no computer time. And you are not to tell a single person about any of this or I will call your parents and tell them what you brought over here and what you did with it. Do you understand me?

Eric swallowed hard before he looked at me and replied, Yes sir.

I picked up the speculum and held it out in front of me. And if you ever bring this over to this house again, Ill take you back home myself and hand this directly to your mother. Do you understand me? I was very stern with my tone. I wanted him to know that under no circumstances was I playing around. I had no problem with telling his parents. I just hoped I would never have to.

Eric looked at me with an engrained fear that I hoped would never fade. Yes sir. he responded.

Alright, I said as I handed the speculum back to him. Get your magazine and go home.

Yes sir, he said as he got up from the couch and headed for the kitchen. I didnt even see him look up toward the upstairs. He just quietly picked up the magazine and headed out the French doors and put his shoes on. As soon as he was squared away he bolted across the yard toward his own house.

That was only one third of the mess straightened up. Two more to go. Before I went to chew my sons ass off I poured myself a big double (triple) of scotch and drank the whole thing. I needed a little something to get my hands to stop shaking before I dealt with the rest of this mess. This whole ordeal was grinding my nerves down to a frazzle. As I was about to head upstairs I heard a crack from the den. I had almost completely forgotten about Erin and Saki. They had been in the den the whole time. A check in on them was in order before I went upstairs to deal out the rest of my judgments.

I quietly eased the door open and looked in. The stereo was playing and the girls were chatting back and forth as they looked at the table. Lucky for me they had their backs to the door so I was able to close it without them seeing me. Thank goodness they had not overheard the ordeal in the living room. All I needed was for them to get involved in this mess and create a bigger mess.

I trudged up the stairs, almost dreading what I had to do. I knew this was going to be hard on Mark, but it had to be done. He had done something really serious, and it warranted some serious punishment. I knocked once on his door before I stepped in. Mark was sitting in his desk chair just staring at his models blankly. It had been quite a while since he was in his room alone. My guess is he was starting to feel the weight of his punishment before I had it all dished out. He looked up at me for a moment as I stepped in and shut the door behind me.

Wheres Eric? he asked when he saw me come in alone.

Erics gone. I replied as I took a seat on the edge of his bed. But right now, if I were you, Id be more worried about my own butt rather than Erics.

He looked away and held his head down. He knew I was right, and he also knew that he was in deep shit. I was going to get some more clarity on this situation and he was definitely going to give me the answers. That is simply all there was to it.

Mark, I said in a calm and clear voice. He turned his head and looked up at me. Why did this happen? I asked, trying to get an answer that might explain all of this.

I dont know, was his first response. Typical of a boy his age who had his butt in a sling.

Come on man, I said, trying to prey it out of him. Why did you guys put that thing into Shiori?

Mark lowered his head a bit more and took a deep breath. Because I love her dad. he said in a slightly exasperated voice.

Because you love her? I questioned. He had lost me. What do you mean son?

He thought for just a moment before he started to spill the beans. I told Eric about Shiori. he said as he glanced up at me. And I know that was wrong because you had told me not to say anything to anyone. he said as he started to become rather animated with his speech. But Eric is my friend and he promised me he would not tell anyone. So I told him about what Shiori and I do up here in my room.

I listened to him intently as he continued to tell his tale.

Eric has always bragged that he has kissed a girl before, and he would tease me about it. So when I told him about Shiori, I figured it would shut him up. he said as he looked to me for some kind of understanding.

Did it? I asked out of stupid curiosity.

Yes it did. For a while. he added with a somewhat dejected look on his face. But then he wanted proof that Shiori and I had done it. Thats when I invited him to the fort.

And what did Shiori say about this? I asked, finally getting the chance to cut into the meat of this problem.

At first she said no. he said as he put his head back down. But then I talked her into it.

So this whole mess was caused by Mark. I just shook my head in disbelief. I had so believed that things between him and Shiori would stay here in the house that I had almost forgotten about them completely. But the explosion of today reminded me just how naive I can be at times for trusting someone so young with such a grown up thing. I could kick myself in the ass!

So you talked Shiori into having sex in front of Eric just to prove to him that you guys had done it? I asked in astonished exasperation.

Mark looked at me for just a moment before he nodded his head yes.

So that is what happened at the fort yesterday. I said, putting two and two together.

Yea. he replied. But I let her keep her clothes on! He blurted out. Confident that he would earn some points for saving Shioris modesty.

I could have smacked him in the head just for saying it. The whole situation should not have even happened let alone letting her keep her clothes on! But I held my tongue, and my hand. I still needed to find out about the speculum. Just go on, I said in a low tone through gritted teeth.

We got on the floor and we did it with me behind her. Mark said with a bit of embarrassment showing on his face. And as we were doing it, Eric pulled out his dick and started stroking it.

What did you do? I asked, curious to find out if he had coerced Shiori into giving Eric a blow job.

I just kept up what I was doing, he said as he looked down at the floor. Shiori called him over and started giving him a blow job.

How did you feel about that? I asked, curious to see how he handled this obvious deviation from a singular relationship by his cousin.

I was mad at first, he said as he looked up at me. But then Eric lost it and blew in Shioris mouth after only a few seconds.

And it was shortly after that when we met on the path, right? I said. That answered the question about the kiss on the cheek yesterday. Mark didnt want to kiss Shiori on the lips because she had let Eric cum in her mouth.

After he blew he said he wanted to do it with Shiori too, but I told him no. I told him that I was the only one who was ever going to make love to Shiori and that was final. he said with a very determined tone to his voice.

But he didnt give up did he, I said as I glanced up and down at him.

He begged me to let him cum in Shiori just once, he said, showing the frustration on his face that he had felt at the time. But I still told him no.

So who came up with the idea of the speculum? I asked point blank.

Mark glanced around a bit before he placed his hands on his knees and rubbed them back and forth a few times. It was Shiori who suggested that I just hold her lips open and let him jack off into her.

Shiori? I said, not sure of how to take this.

Mark continued by saying, But then it was Eric who told us about the speculum his mother had and how it would work so much better. He brought it to the fort yesterday afternoon along with the magazine he stole from his dads collection. We were going to do it last night but you stopped us.

Always trust your instincts. I HAD been right yesterday. All of the signs I saw, and all of the clues I had pieced together were spot on. I had stopped them from using Shiori as a cum bucket, and from it escalating into something more. I was still lucky today that my business meeting was cancelled or else Shiori would have been used by the two boys and we might not have found out about it until it was too late.

I looked him in the eye and asked the 64 million dollar question. So who put the speculum into Shiori?

Mark looked straight back at me before he calmly replied, She did. She said she had seen one used on one of her nannys back in Japan so she knew how to put it in.

And you guys used the magazine to figure out how to do it next, right? I stated.

Yes, he replied quietly before turning his head down again.

Hearing this revelation made me think, for a moment, that I was punishing the wrong person for the events in the fort. I had thought it was Mark and Eric who had dreamed this whole mess up, but it turns out that they were just acting on a suggestion from Shiori. I had no idea that she would even dream of doing something like this. I looked at my dejected son. He had been roped in a bit, but he was still completely at fault for having said anything in the first place. My judgment about his punishment was going to stand. Even though he had told me the truth, he was still clearly in the wrong.

Alright, I said as I weighed my options for punitive measures. You are still grounded for the rest of the summer. He dropped his head into his hands and shook it back and forth just a little as I spelled out his punishment. Seeing as how you have an obvious issue with responsibility I am going to give you some. For the rest of the summer you are responsible for taking care of the lawn. That means you have to mow it, clean the flower beds, rake the clippings, and trim the shrubs. There is no more sex for you for the rest of the summer either. Shiori is going to be moved back into her own room and the two of you are to remain separated. That means no kissing, no touching, no nothing. Are we clear on that?

I could see the energy drain out of him as he nodded his head yes.

I will decide IF I am going to give you your cell phone back at a later time. And you are not to communicate with Eric for the rest of the summer. That means no phone calls, no going over anyones house, NO FORT, and no internet. You have broken our trust, and before you get any of your privileges back, you have to earn them. You know you guys could have really hurt Shiori by making her put that thing inside her. I said as I stood up and headed for his door. What would you guys have done if she did get hurt and started bleeding or something?

I dont know, he replied with his head down.

Well maybe you should think about that kind of stuff before you act. I said as I stopped and held the door open. Come on, the yard is waiting.

Mark got up and slipped past me on his way to the garage. My punishment might not seem like much to you guys, but you have not seen my yard. The cared for part is almost one whole acre of grass with neatly cared for flower beds spread out all over it. I have a crew of 3 lawn care specialists who come by once a week to tend the property. With Mark doing it by himself, he should have something to do every day. That will keep him busy for the rest of the summer.

As Mark headed down the stairs I looked down the hall at the closed door of the twins room. I hoped Kayko had things well in hand otherwise this was going to be just as agonizing as the ordeal with Mark and Eric. I knocked on the door once before I entered holding my breath.

Shiori was sitting on the edge of the new bed we had bought for her and her sister with Kayko standing with her arms crossed in the middle of the floor. Shiori kept her head down, not even looking up at me when I walked in, with her hands folded neatly in her lap. She didnt say a word, and she didnt move. She just sat still like a statue. I stepped up to Kayko while looking at my niece.

Well, what did you find out? I asked.

Kayko basically told me the exact same story that Mark and Eric had. About the teasing, the blow job, everything matched. And she confirmed that it WAS Shiori who had inserted the speculum for the boys to jerk off into. I told Kayko about Marks punishment, and that she would have to oversee his activities while I was gone. She was in agreement will all counts of my punitive measures except for Shioris. Apparently this was a pretty big deal in the Japanese culture. Breaking the trust of your family is like slapping them in the face. And saving face in her culture is what it is all about.

Why is she sitting so still? I asked, looking at my niece who almost seemed lifeless.

Kayko looked at her and said, She has been itai. She is not to speak to anyone else.

(Itai, in Japanese, means to be ostracized. Kayko had basically excluded her from the family. She would be treated like an outsider, someone who was part of the family, but who had wronged them to such a degree that she would be treated as an outcast. Kayko had to tell me what it meant.)

Now I understood why Shiori sat so quietly. The punishment was far worse than anything I could have dished out. In all practicality, Shiori had no family anymore. It made what I did to Mark seem like a paper cut.

Is she ok? I asked, concerned about her physical condition.

She has some bruising inside, but otherwise shes fine. Kayko responded with her arms still crossed. You should have removed that thing down at the fort and not made her walk with it.

Im sorry honey, I said as I realized how stupid I had been. I was just so angry that I didnt think straight.

Kayko glanced up at me for a moment with a pissed look of understanding on her face. She knew I did not mean to do it. The heat of the moment had just clouded my brain. Besides, I was ready to kill when I saw what they were doing, so all of them were lucky to make it back to the house with their butts in one piece.

So what will she do for her punishment? I asked.

Thats up to you Mike, Kayko responded as she dropped her arms to her sides and turned to look at me.

Great! (Another note of sarcasm) She had already been dealt a blow that I could not even touch, now I had to apply some kind of punitive measure? I thought for a moment before I spoke up.

Shiori, I said from my position next to Kayko. She only turned her head to the side a little but still did not look up at me. Youre grounded for the rest of the summer. You will do whatever task your aunt gives you until you start school this fall. If she says clean the dishes, then youre the dishwasher. If she tells you to do the laundry, you do it. You will sleep in here for the rest of the summer. No sex with Mark or anyone else while you are grounded. That means no kissing, no touching, or anything else. You will not communicate with Eric in any fashion either. No going down to the fort or seeing him in the yard. No contact with him at all, that includes the internet. Do you understand me?

Tears started to trickle down her cheeks as she slowly nodded her head yes.

Just consider yourself lucky, I said as I gave Kayko a quick glance before I turned and headed out of the room.

As soon as I had the door closed I could hear Kayko lite into Shiori in Japanese. I will tell you guys this although I would not admit it to anyone else at the time, I felt sorry for Shiori. It was my fault that she wound up in this situation. I had given her to Mark, and trusted that he would act accordingly. My blind trust of my son had brought this all about. Granted she did have a hand in the fiasco, but she was still in this situation because of a decision I had made. Now she was suffering the repercussions of a chain of bad decisions. As I walked down the stairs I looked out the patio windows to see Mark pushing the lawn mower around in the back yard. Another victim of a bad decision. I went and got myself a good stiff drink and headed for my office. This would be a wound that would take quite a while to heal.

So far my 4th of July holiday sucked, and I mean BIG TIME! Two of the four kids in the house were grounded with a ton of restrictions placed on them. The disaster that had resulted from poor decisions by me had almost torn a section of the family apart and put us in some real legal jeopardy. Kayko had&hellip,demoted Shiori (for lack of a better term) to someone who held the status of a house servant. And it was all because of me. Congratulations Mike, I said to myself as I picked up the full glass of scotch I poured and headed across the living room for my office. The king of the house had fucked up in such a huge fashion that there was no comparison. I took a huge swig from my glass, causing myself to cough a little and my eyes to water. For someone who thought he had things well in hand, events sure proved otherwise. As it was at that moment, I felt like crawling under a rock.

End Part 25

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