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Twin Japanese Nieces Pt6

Introduction: Hot Dog Twin Japanese Nieces Pt6

Kayko and I made love for the next hour while the girls swam laps in the pool. It was more like leg exercise because they were hanging on to kick boards and just kicking with their legs. In any case it didnt matter because I was inside my wife again and loving every minute of it. We switched positions many times on our king size bed, rolling around and enjoying every sensation we experienced. Her on top riding like a cow girl, me on top either pile driving her ass into the bed or giving her the slow grind with long powerful deep strokes. But it never mattered what position we were in when it came to Kaykos pussy. I was always in it, and she was always squeezing and milking me in one style or another. I will tell you all now, and this is no shit, Kayko is the most dynamic, versatile, flexible, and loving woman I have ever had the privilege of. I love her so much it hurts. And the things she does for me only amplifies that feeling to an inexpressible degree. (Sorry guys. Im on the road and I really miss my wife.)

We finished up our round with me on the top, hammering into her like I was possessed. As my orgasm approached Kayko grabbed her ankles with her hands and spread her legs out wide open in a big V, offering herself up without any resistance of any kind, completely submissive and extremely vulnerable. I dont know how she was able to do it because she was coming like an open fire hydrant. Her cum was squirting out from around the side of my dick with each inward thrust as I hammered away. With two more quick strokes I thrust down into her as deep as I could go and held my ground as my dick exploded. Kaykos mouth opened in a wide smile as the first blast hit her insides. I grunted and jerked, forcing my dick into new areas inside her as it spewed cum like a ruptured artery. With each squirt Kayko would squeeze with her pussy, urging me to cum inside her more. It felt like everything inside me was being shot into her threw my dick. I collapsed onto her chest and hugged her to me with all my strength as my orgasm continued for what seemed like hours. Kayko immediately locked her legs around my back with the grip of death and began kissing me like we had not seen each other for years. It was fantastic. If I could have crawled inside her I would have. We were locked together not as two people, but as one spirit stuck in two bodies trying to reunite.

When I heard Kayko gasp, the moment was over. I was squeezing her so tightly that she was having trouble breathing. She is tiny when you compare her to me and I can easily over power her even on my worst day. But in the heat of the moment I had just got a little carried away and used too much force. As I raised myself up from her she had the warmest smile of appreciation on her face. Even though the rest of her was a mess she still looked great. As we lay there giving each other little kisses and just enjoying the afterglow we heard the girls come in and start up the stairs. The girls were done for the day, and it was dinner time.

Im going to make dinner, Kayko said as she unwrapped her legs from my back, What do you want to eat?

I kissed her one more time before replying. You go and take a bath. I am going to fire up the grill and cook steaks for everyone.

Was I that good? she playfully asked as she climbed off the bed.

I looked at her and thought for just a moment before I said, Better.

With a quick kiss she was off to the bathroom with me close behind. I looked at her delicious ass wink back and forth and I noticed something. Now she was walking funny! Pat yourself on the back, Mike I taught to myself as I headed over to the sink to wash my dick off with a hand towel. I had only been able to do that to Kayko a very few times during our marriage, but each time was great. With my dick clean I exited the bath room while Kayko was just starting to bathe. I put on some old gym shorts that were full of holes and an old T-shirt and headed for the kitchen. When I got to the twins room I went in. As suspected all three girls were in the bathroom showering in the big shower stall.

Hey girls, I said while watching them fill themselves up again with the hose from the shower wand. Hurry up and come down stairs when youre done. You guys can help me make dinner for Mark.

Ok, they all replied and immediately began washing and rinsing at the speed of light.

I went out to the grill first and cranked it up. (Buy a gas grill, its worth it.) With the flames set to warm it up I headed back in the house and met Saki, Shiori, and Erin all walking into the kitchen. All were dressed in mid-thigh length denim skirts and T-shirts.

How would you guys like to give Mark a treat for dinner? I asked while opening the refrigerator.

That would be nice, said one of the twins as the three walked over to the counter.

Alright, I said as I stood up holding the pack of steaks, and a pack of hot dogs.

What are we going to give him? the other twin asked as I set the steaks down and took the hot dogs over to the sink.

Something that only you guys can give him, I grinned as I took out three hot dogs and washed them off. Now, I said as I turned to face them holding one of the dogs in my hand, Who wants to be first?

I was a little surprised when all three charged forward saying, Me! Me!

Ok, I said while placing my hand on the shoulder of the closest twin. I think it was Shiori. Youre first.

I took one knee in front of Shiori and lifted her skirt. No panties, just as I suspected. Shiori spread her legs apart as I reached in between them, allowing me full access to her sweet little gash. I took the end of the hot dog and ran it up and down her slit twice before finding the entrance of her little honey pot. With a gentle push it slid right in until the end disappeared. When I withdrew my hand her pussy lips closed up, concealing my sons treat completely from sight.

Now go and watch some TV, I said as I reached onto the counter for the next one.

Next, I said as I prepared then next dog in my hand.

Erin stepped up next and didnt wait for me. She lifted her own skirt and spread her feet apart, adding a little bit of a squat to her stance. I raised the hot dog to her crotch and ran it back and forth a few times till I found her opening. With just as much ease as with Shiori, the hot dog slid right in until it disappeared. When I drew my hand back she dropped her skirt and bolted for the living room, hollering something about watching some TV show. As I reached up onto the counter for the last hot dog Saki stepped up to me.

Uncle Mike, she said while lifting her skirt and spreading her feet apart.

Yes sweetie, I said as I reached in between her legs with the hot dog.

Will you use your finger first? she asked with a little bit of a blush to her cheeks.

Sure sweetie, I said as I put the hot dog in my left hand and reached for her tight little pussy with my right.

Upon first contact with her labia I could tell that she was soaking wet. My finger slid right up into her with only minimal effort, a genuine first for her. She stood patiently with her feet spread apart and her skirt raised up to her chest as I worked my finger in and out of her for a few minutes. When her breath started to get a little short and come in slight gasps I used my thumb to stroke her clit. At the first light brush of that little hooded rascal Saki shook really hard, almost falling over. In a flash she grasp onto my shoulders as her first orgasm faded almost as quickly as it came. When I looked up at her she had a nice little smile. I pulled my soaking wet finger from her and brought it to my lips. Mmmm, sweet as always I thought to myself as I licked my fingers clean.

Thank you Uncle Mike, Saki said.

No, thank you honey, I said while pushing the hot dog into her.

Saki appeared to be not as deep as her sister or Erin. When I pushed the hot dog into her it stopped with almost half an inch still sticking out from her outer labia. I pulled the dog out a little and wiggled it around as I tried to reinsert it.

Bend your knees out a little honey, I said as I twisted the hot dog around while I wiggled it back and forth. This time it went all the way in, just like the other girls. It must have been hung up on her cervix. Now go and watch TV sweetie, I said as I prepared to stand up.

Saki quickly stepped forward and gave me a kiss. Not on the cheek, but on the lips. Before I could say anything she spun around and raced into the living room where the other two girls were watching some teen show. Now all three of them were making dinner for Mark, with hot dogs in their pussies!

After seasoning the steaks and getting out a few side dishes, Kayko came strolling into the kitchen. She was wearing her short white kimono with the blue sachet. Her hair was up in a nice bun at the back of her head and her little nipples were plainly visible through the material of the Kimono.

Im going to go and work out, she said. And she pinched my butt as she walked by.

I grabbed the plate of steaks and followed her out on to the patio. I just gave Saki an orgasm with my fingers, I said as I set the plate down on the edge of the grill.

Did she enjoy it? Kayko asked after she stopped next to me.

Yes she did. She even gave me a kiss on the lips afterward. I answered back while dropping the meat onto the hot grill.

Kayko raised an eyebrow. That was nice of her. She replied.

And, I continued as I picked up my large steak fork to tend to the sizzling meat, Ive got all three of them making dinner for Mark.

Really? Kayko responded while looking back at the house to see all three girls sitting on the couch watching TV. And just what are they making for him?

Hot dogs, I replied with a smile on my face. Each one has one hot dog inside them.

Kayko almost burst out laughing as she tried to stifle her amusement at the apparently ridicules task I had them doing. Well, she said with a big smile on her face, He should definitely like that.

With that said Kayko started off across the yard. I watched her walk away from me, her gorgeous ass winking back and forth with each step. About half way there she turned back to see me looking at her. She smiled really big, quickly spun to face me, and then opened the flaps at the bottom of her kimono to reveal her naked pussy. She then spun back around and started walking again, glancing back over her shoulder once to see my reaction. What a tease I thought as I began working the steaks. But I love her.

When the steaks were almost done I hollered for Mark at the top of my lungs. I figured he was down by the creek, but he was still within earshot. As I began removing the steaks from the grill he came running into the back yard from the path.

Get cleaned up buddy, I said as I piled the last steak onto the plate, its almost time to eat.

He walked up to me and looked at the plate of hot food. Im really not in the mood for steak, he said while rocking back and forth a little.

Not to worry, I said as I started for the door, the girls have made something special for you. Now hurry up and get cleaned up.

Mark raced through the house and up the stairs. It was good to see that he was actually looking forward to eating dinner with all of us. I put the steaks in the oven and finished preparing all the side dishes. By the time I was ready to start serving almost an hour had gone by since I had inserted the hot dogs into the girls. They should be plenty warm by now. As I began setting the food on the table Kayko came walking in through the French doors. She looked fabulous with her tanned legs against the white material of her kimono.

Come on and eat, I announced as I set down the last plate.

The girls came running from the living room and Mark trotted down the stairs. Gathering around the table we needed to decide on a seating arrangement. This was our first meal together as a whole group. Kayko and I have our seats. I sit at the head of the table with my back to the kitchen, and Kayko sits at the far end facing me. Erin and Mark were to my right facing toward the laundry room and the twins were to my left.

I looked at the twins as I sat down. Shiori, you sit closest to me. I said. The two girls switched positions and quickly sat down. That way I will know who I am speaking to.

They both nodded their heads. Mark sat down to my immediate right at the plate with the three empty hot dog buns on it.

Dad? he queried while looking at the now empty bread, Where is my food?

Shiori, I said as I began loading my plate, I think you were first.

Shiori nodded her head and stood up. She walked around behind me and stepped up to Mark. Mark just looked at her like he was a lost puppy. Shiori then lifted her skirt, spread her feet apart, and reached in between her legs. Mark now had a look of amazement and confusion on his face as Shiori pulled the hot dog out of her snatch and placed it in the first hot dog bun. After which she dropped her skirt and walked back around to her seat. Mark looked like he had just won the lottery! In a flash he had taken a huge bite out of the first hot dog and was chomping away. He didnt even bother to put anything on it, he just chowed it down as it was. I guess that was a good thing because it would have ruined the flavor of Shiori.

Mark, I said while cutting on my steak, what do you say?

Mark had to swallow first before he looked directly at Shiori and said, Thank you.

Shiori gave a nod of her head followed by a big smile and a little giggle. It was a little amusing, and even I gave out a little chuckle. Kayko just smiled but continued eating. Mark, on the other hand, was happy as hell. He finished his first hot dog in world record time and then picked up the next bun.

Whos next? he said as he looked back and forth between Erin and Saki.

Erin stood up next and lifted her skirt. Mark watched closely as she spread her feet apart and reached into her pussy with her thumb and index finger. Slowly she pulled the hot dog out and then placed it in the middle of his hot dog bun.

Thank you, Mark said as Erin dropped her skirt and sat back down beside him.

Youre welcome, she replied with a smile on her face. She wiggled back and forth in her seat a few times after she sat down. I guess she had to get used to being empty inside again.

We all chowed down in comparative silence because everyone was hungry. When Mark finished his second hot dog he lifted the last bun and looked at Saki. Saki stood and walked around to Mark, stopping next to my right side. She lifted her skirt, spread her feet apart and reached in. With one little bob of her knees she pulled out Marks last hot dog and set it in the bun.

Thank you, Mark replied as Saki dropped her skirt and returned to her seat.

Girls, I said as I watched Mark pig out on his last pussy flavored hot dog. Thank you for making Marks dinner tonight.

The twins just both nodded their heads because their mouths were full. Erin said, Sure. And that was that. Everyone ate until they had their fill. I could tell that Mark was pretty full as well, he usually only eats 2 hot dogs. But the meal was pleasant none the less.

Before I dismissed everyone from the table I spoke up. Gang, I said as I leaned back in my chair to savor the good food, I am leaving early tomorrow morning for Germany and will be gone until Friday. Everyone was looking at me as I spoke which showed that I had their undivided attention. Mark, you will conduct your daily inspections of the girls under your mothers supervision. Pay attention to what she says. Mark nodded his head yes. Girls, you are to work with Kayko while I am gone. Do everything she says. Got it? All three nodded their heads yes. Ok, youre excused from the table.

You would think that I had just shot the starting gun at the big race the way everyone except for me and Kayko bolted from the table. Whoosh and all 4 kids were gone! Mark headed up the stairs to his room and closed his door. Erin and the twins all piled into the living and started squabbling over what they were going to watch. Kayko just looked at me and sighed with a pleasant smile on her face. Things could not have been better.

Go and sit with the girls, Kayko said as she stood up and started cleaning the table. Ill take care of the dishes.

As my sweet wife walked by I could not help myself and ran my hand up the inside of her leg to her pussy. She was soaking wet and emitting heat like a blast furnace. Kayko stopped when she felt my hand and shuffled the plates around in front of her while I played with her slit. When I tried to insert my fingers I immediately felt the end of her stone exercise tool.

I looked up at Kayko as I pushed gently against the stone. Whats this?

Im not done yet, she replied while stacking the plates she had been messing with. I still have the horse to do.

Little did I know that Kayko had sat at the end of the table with her 5 pound stone inside her throughout the entire meal. She had just sat quietly, with her legs crossed, and munched away while she worked her delectable snatch on the polished stone. It was really no big surprise. We had gone to the city one day and she had brought it with her then, so dinner at the house was nothing.

Ok honey, I said. I removed my hand and stood up beside her. We will be in the living room when you are done. I gave her a little pat on the ass before I walked into the living room and flopped down on the couch. Its nice to be home. As soon as I was down the girls all piled on to me. One twin on either side of me tucked up under my arms, and Erin sitting next to the twin to my left.

Can we watch a movie? they all asked over and over as Erin switched from channel to channel.

Yea go ahead, I said as I leaned back and enjoyed the attention I was getting.

It took all of five minutes before all of them were out like a light. I guess the workout Kayko had given them had worn them all out. I sat and flipped through the channels until Kayko came back in 45 minutes later. She walked in to the living room in her Kimono and stood there with her arms crossed below her tits.

So much for mister excitement, she said.

Just help me get them to bed, I said as I pried my way out from under the pile of girls. Mark will just have to check them while they are asleep.

Carrying the girls up the stairs was like hauling sand bags, they were heavy. Granted the twins only weigh about 75 pounds each, but Erin was right at 100 pounds. It took three trips for me to get them all upstairs. As I made each trip back down the stairs Kayko would undress the girl I had just set down. I put Erin in her room and the twins in one bed each. It was tiring but I got it done. As I got the last twin set down I went back down the hall into Erins room while Kayko undressed the second twin. Erin was laying out flat on her back snoring ever so lightly with her legs together and her arms at her sides. This wont do, I said to myself as I grasp her ankles and spread her legs wide apart, exposing her sweet pink gash. She looked good, like a &frac34, scale model of her mother. I went across the hall and got Mark. I explained to him that he would have to be careful because the girls were asleep and in a different position than usual. As we walked into the room he looked at his sleeping sister.

There you go buddy, I said while gesturing toward his sister. Check her out.

Mark sat down and reached between his sisters legs with his finger extended. I stepped alongside him and reached over and pulled Erins pussy open, completely exposing her pink hole. Mark wasted no time at all. He slid his finger in as far as it would go and twisted it around inside her several times before withdrawing it. Erin didnt move at all, she only took a slightly deeper breath one time when Mark stuck his finger into her, but that was all. The rest of the time she just lay motionless. Mark brought his finger up to his mouth and sucked it clean. He paused for a moment before looking at me with a strange expression.

She tastes a little bit like hot dogs, he said as he drove his finger into her again to get another taste. This time he twisted his finger around deep inside her before pulling it back out.

Well, what did you expect? I said as I let go of my daughters pussy, letting it close around his finger. She did make you dinner in there.

Mark smiled as he licked his finger clean. Come on buddy, I said as I stepped toward the door. You have two more to check.

We left Erin lying just like she was, with her legs spread and her pussy wide open. It wasnt that cool in the house so she would be just fine. As we entered the twins room Kayko was just setting down Sakis left foot. She had both girls laid out on their backs with their legs spread wide apart. When she saw us enter Kayko stepped to the end of Sakis bed, turned around and bent over, pulling her pussy wide open. Mark went to Shiori first and stuck his finger deep into her. Shiori moved just a little but then lay still. He twisted his finger back and forth many times before pulling it out and licking it clean.

Same here dad, he said as he got up and walked over to Sakis bed.

He stuck his finger into Sakis tight little box and twisted it back and forth. Saki didnt move at all. He pulled out his finger and tasted her.

The same, I said as he stood up.

Yep. He said and he walked around behind Kayko.

Kayko stood still as Mark stuck his finger into her and twisted it back and forth, digging around inside her. After several twists he withdrew his finger and licked it clean. He smiled at her taste.

Mom tastes the best tonight. He said as he looked up at Kayko who was smiling back at him.

Ok son, off to bed. I said and I gave him a little pat on the back.

We put the twins in the same bed and covered them up. The day had been long and we were both tired. As Kayko and I snuggled up together in our bed, I couldnt help but think of how lucky I was. I slid inside Kayko and went to sleep as she milked my cock slow and steady with her pussy. Life was great.

End Pt6

For those of you who would like to make suggestions and give me story line ideas I must remind you of this one important fact. This is a TRUE story. 98% of what you have read in my stories actually happened to me and my family. There have been some omissions, and of course I have changed all of our names and locations. But what you read here, and what I chronicled in My Asian Treat, are a rather accurate depiction of my life and family. You must also keep in mind that there is a mixture of cultures, philosophies, and beliefs within my household, so many things that might seem odd to you, may very well be accepted in other parts of the world. Just keep that in mind. Enjoy the reading. I will have another installment in a few days.

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