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Was it a Dream? Ch 1

‘My name is, Kandikiss51, I’m a writer here on Lush. I do it for the joy of writing, plus the fact it makes people feel good and by feel good I mean masturbate. I had just posted a story about phone sex.

Another lush writer named Michael, left me a comment. “Great phone call, I love jerking off when I don’t have the real thing. I wish she’d call me.”

I always read my comments and reply to them, this one is not an exception. I messaged him and said, “I cannot call you if I don’t have your number.”

He gave it to me probably thinking I’d never call. To his surprise I did the following morning, “Are yah having fun yet,” I cooed into the receiver. Thus began a friendship with lead to the co-writing of this story.’

“Did you ever have a dream that was so real you could swear it actually happened?”

You are working hard, and don’t notice that someone is watching you. My gaze follows every move you make, I am so excited I feel my nipples harden, my clit begins to throb. I lick my lips hungrily, adjusting the dress I am wearing making sure it shows off my best assets. It is a short flowery number, cut low in the front, and short enough to be modest, but I bend over just right, and flash you. I’m not wearing a bra, and my panties are drenched. I feel like taking them off and stuffing them into my purse, but decide to wait.

I walk around as if searching for something, eying you out of the corner of my eye. I quiver lightly as I see you walking toward me, my voice catching in my throat. I turn a bit, so at first you don’t recognize me.

‘Can I help you mam,’ you utter with a voice as smooth as Tennessee whiskey.

I turn and bat my green-eyes, blush, and purr, ‘Depends on when you get off work Michael.’

I thought for a moment you were going to pass out. ‘Oh my god, never in my wildest dreams would I think I’d ever see you.’

Glancing around quickly you notice we are alone, you take me by the hand to a secluded spot away from the camera’s lens, pull me close and kiss me hard.

I kiss you in return as our tongues do the dance of lovers. I notice the outline of your hardened cock against my leg, and stop you. ‘Let’s wait baby, I do not want to cause any suspicion here where you work. What time do you get off?’

Updated: December 21, 2016 — 11:10 pm
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