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Watching my wife

It was last Saturday night when we meet up with Bob at his house in the woods.
Bob was a single man in his late 60’s salt and pepper hair made him lok hot even for his age.
We sat in Bob’s living,do I need to tell y’all that been wanting to watch another man fuck my 37 year old wife, my wife has a big sexy body with a nice hairy pussy.

We had been dranking and doing some small talking, I could tell by the slur in Baby’s voice that she well into being tippies’ she never been known to hold her drinking, and she when to the restroom..
While Baby was gone I told Bob to ask her to dance when she gets back.
On cue Baby stood in the middle of the room with her arm held out toward Bob and he gladly accepted, he pull Baby close and begin to sway side to side.
At first Bob had his arms around Baby’s waist, but soon they drop down to cup her ass.

Since no song was playing I could hear Baby moan as Bob grab her ass , soon Bob’s hands had worked they way up to Baby’s tit’s rubbing them on the out side of her shirt, Baby’s head shot back and she let a moan draw out slowly.

Soon I swapped out with Bob and wrap my arms around Babyas we dance I would grin my hard dick agaist Baby belly, and pull up on her ass, I whisper in her ear to go to the bedroom and put on the night grown she has bring with her..

As baby went to change, I told Bob he could do anything he wanted to her while they were dancing the nastier the better..soon Baby return wearing a nite shirt that came down just below her ass, Bob stood up and grab Baby around the waist and pull her close fast cause Baby’s shirt to pull up giving me a full view of her big sweet ass ,no she wasn’t wearing any panties..

Bob danced slow with baby feeling her tit’s with one hand while the other hand play with the crack of Baby’s ass , I stood up and walk behind Baby and rub my rock dick agaist her ass as she and Bob danced..

baby leand back and place a arm around neck and gave me a deep kiss,Bob pull Baby’s shirt up over her big tits and starting sucking on the hard nipples, I watched as Bob ran his hand down to Baby’s hairy pussy and fingered her now wet pussy..

I broke away to get a full view of Bob feeling my wife up and it was hot.
Soon Bob lead My wife to the sofa and laid her down,I watch as he undid his pants and drop then to the floor, as i watch i drop my pants and started to stroke my dick.
Bob place his rock hard dick agaist Baby’s pussy and push it into her. baby moan as Bob fucked her. it was hot watching his ass pop upand down between my wife legs.
I stood and walked over to Baby’s head andrub my dick agaist her lips and she suck it in deep and hard, she suck me as I watched Bob’s dick slide into pussy I could her juices on his dick when he pull out..

Bob sat down and stated he wanted to watch some, so we gave him a show, soon i couldn’t hold it anymore and shot my load deep in baby’s pussy.

I swap places with Bob and had a great view of her pussy and his dick, Bob started by kissing my wife soon I seen hand as he place the dick head agaist her wet pussy lips ,I watch as he stroke in and ot of her pussy, feeling my dick getting hard again..

Soon Bob shot his load into My wife ,,we talk for awhile and when home….

I can say first hand it’s hot watching another man fuck your wife..

Updated: December 21, 2016 — 11:07 pm
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