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What Lena Wants

Introduction: Lena used to be close with her brother Milo, but things have changed recently. Lena just wants to have her brother back, maybe a little closer than before. Hi Lovelies! I hope you enjoy this story. I am hoping to expand upon it with more of Milo and Lenas relationship, so stay tuned.

Xoxo, Cede

Growing up, I was the youngest in our family. The only girl on top of that. I had three older brothers, Sam, Peter, and Milo. Sam and Peter were five and eight years older than me, and basically ignored my exsistance. Milo, though, was only eighteen months older. I was an accident, clearly. Im pretty sure my mother only wanted three kids, but I think she was kind of relieved, too. She got the daughter she wanted in the end.

My dad did computer work for some big company. I dont know exactly what, but he spends most of his time on his work computer, typing up reports. He leaves every morning at six thirty for work, and usually stays late doing overtime.

Mom is a real estate agent, and when she isnt working, shes watching HGTV, trying to get new ideas. Ideas for what Im not sure. Does she plan to fix our house up? Someone elses? Who knows.

My parents have lived in this rut for the past four years. We all know their marriage is dead, but neither of them have moved for a divorce. Its an issue we all tiptoe around.

When things were at their worse, I would sneak into Milos room, climb into his bed, and snuggle up with him. I would cover my ears with a pillow or he would tell me bad jokes. I was twelve and he was just shy of fourteen. That was six years ago, and I wish I still had an excuse to climb in bed to cuddle.

Lena! Lay-na! Milos shouting can probably be heard from outer space. He stands at the bottom of the stairs, holding up a half empty bag of chips. I may have eaten them, even though I knew they were his.

I lean over the railing, and sigh. Wha-at? Cant you see Im busy?

Why? He asks, shaking the bag. They never did anything to you. They didnt deserve this, Lena!

I love when Milo is in a mood like this. The last few months have been horrible since he got a girlfriend. He spends all of his time with her or thinking about her. Hes gone every Friday night, when we always had our movie night, and if he is here, shes with him. Lucy. Ugh, how I hate her.

Shes not even that pretty. Her hair is from a bottle, her make-up too thick. She wears too much Victoria secret perfume, and calls me Sissy. Its like, bitch, you aint married to him yet, dont call me sister.

I started a rumor before school let out that she gave head to Marc Newman under the bleachers, but it didnt really take off. I was running out of ways to get rid of her so I could have my brother back.

Who cares about your chips. Lets go swimming! I pouted out my lower lip. Come on, it will be fun, I tempted.

I could see Milos brain trying to figure out if there was a chance he could see, call or text Lucy in the next few minutes, and shrugged. Fine, but not for long. I promised Lucy wed see a movie tonight.

Ignoring the Lucy part, I squealed and ran back to my room to change.

I had bought a new suit back when summer vacation first started, but hadnt had a chance to wear it. It was the raining season in Florida, and by the time I rolled out of bed in the afternoon, the storm clouds were already rolling in. Like clockwork, everyday, we had thunderstorms.

But today the sky looked perfect.

Stripping out of my shorts and tee, I grabbed my bikini from my dresser. It was white, sure to be sheer when wet, with a multicolored paisley flower on each bra cup. They just so happened to circle my nipples almost perfectly. The bottom was held together with string and beads. If I wasnt careful, it might get caught on something and come untied.

I pulled the bottoms on, and grabbed the top. I pressed it against my boobs, covering them, and let the string ties hang down. Milod have to tie them for me.

Mi, can you help me a sec? I yelled out, opening my door. Milo was already in his swim trunks, two beach towels in hand. I turned my back to him. I need you to tie me please.

With a grunt, Milo handed me the towels, and then began tying my top. His fingers grazed against the nap of my neck as he pushed my hair out of the way. All too soon, he was finished. There. Now come on, I need time to hop in the shower after.

The two of us slipped out the glass door onto the screened lanai. It was connected to the pool cage. I set the towels down on a chair, and walked over to the edge of the pool. I bent down to check the water, and Milo took the chance to push me into the water.

The cold was a shock, and I came up sputtering. Goosebumps covered my tanned skin, and I wiped the water from my eye lashes. Instinctively, I went to cross my arms over my chest, but realized my nipples were poking out to say hello. I let my arms drop. Hey! thats not fair.

You walked into that, and you know, Milo quipped. Stand back. He took a step back, sprang on one foot, and leapt into the air. He tucked his legs to his chest and cannon balled into the water. Fuck! Its freezing! He swore as he surfaced. He wiped his eyes, and then shook his hair out. Droplets of water splattered against my skin.

I made a move to try and dunk him under the water, and he dodged me. We played at this for a while, me chasing him and him always evading capture, when I finally got a hold of him. Actually I got a hold of his swim trunks, and gave them a yank.

Milos yelp made me jump. I knew what I had done, but the sound still startled me. The trunks hung crookedly on his hips, the one side falling almost to his mid thigh. I could see the dark curls of hair but not much else.

Blushing red, Milo yanked his trunks back up. I pretended to look away, but felt disappointed. I wanted more.

Lena, why did you do that? He asked, kneeling down in the water so only his head was above the surface. The water rocked and crashed against the pool tiles and us, slapping the walls in a soothing way.

Because I wanted to. I crossed my arms. Fuck him noticing my nipples.

Lena, he chided softly. Dont do this.

Do what? I asked, playing obtuse. I walked over to the steps, climbed out of the pool, and sat on the curb dangling my feet in the water. I spread my legs just enough that you could peek at what the transparent fabric revealed.

Milo didnt look down, and didnt swim over. This isnt right.

Do I look like I care?

Milo snorted, finally relenting and swimming over to me. He stood at the perfect height, his head positioned perfectly between my thighs. His hand plucked at the ties holding my bottoms together. You should. He tugged, and the bow slipped. I hadnt double knotted them.

I leaned forward, my hand resting on his head. I tucked a lock of wet hair behind his ear. Dont care with me, Milo, I begged.

I wanted so much to go back to our old relationship. We were so comfortable with each other. We were like twins. Then that night I ruined everything.

We had been home alone, watching a movie. There was a nude scene, and a frontal shot of some girls boobs. I was stretched across the couch, my feet on Milos lap when I felt him. He twitched beneath the arch of my left foot, and suddenly, I became all to aware of my brother.

We locked eyes for a brief moment, and then both of us turned red. I pulled my feet from his lap, and he shifted in his seat. We watched the rest of the movie in silence.

That was the first incident. The next incident was me catching him mid jerk in his room a few days later. His eyes were squeezed shut, and he hadnt heard the door open. I stood there, enthralled, watching him. The way his hand moved up and down in quick, efficient movements. He groaned, and I watched as his jaw clenched before his pearly white jizz sputtered out. After the third gush, he looked up and saw me, my mouth agape.

Since then, I had been obsessed with him. I had tried everything I could to get him to see me like that topless girl in the movie. I tired other guys. Id jerked off one of Milos friends at a party hoping that would be a suitable substitute. It wasnt. Milo heard all about it and more, most of it lies. He confronted me, and I tried to kiss him. He pushed me away, and I cried.

But now, as his held fate between his thumb and forefinger, my stomach flip-flopped over how close we were. Milo, please, I murmured. Please.

With agonizing slowness, hhe pulled the string free. The flaps on my bikini bottom sagged on that side. When he didnt move to the other side, I took things I to my own hands. Reaching behind me, I pulled the bottom strap on my top. The bow slid free, and I tugged the wet garment over my head.

Sitting there, topless in front of my brother, I could hardly breath. I didnt want to do anything to ruin this moment. Milo swallowed hard, and then undid the remaining bow.

Lena, he murmured as the fabric dropped away from my skin. His eyes traveled up from the apex between my legs to my breasts and then back down. His hand rested on my thigh, and I mentally urged him to move it down to where that warm ache bloomed.

Please, Milo, I repeated again. I took his hand and moved it so it covered my slit.

I felt like I was on fire, and shifted my legs apart even more. I needed him to touch me, to feel his fingers inside of me.

Slowly, Milo began to react. His fingers brushed through the spry, dark curls that I kept neatly trimmed in the hopes he would see me. They moved down at an aganozing pace, over my outer lips, spreading them the tiniest of bits.

Are you sure? He asked, stopping his hand. I bit my lip and nodded. That was all the invitation he needed to throw whatever worries he had to the wind.

I knew I was wet, could feel it seeping out. He dipped his middle and forefinger inside, scooping it up. He spread it over me, slickening me all over. I leaned back, scooting my bum closer to him, and closed my eyes. My nipples prickled with arousal, and I tweaked at them with one hand, circling one then the other with feather light touches.

Milos movements became harder, more aggressive. Two finger dove inside me, pumping in and out while his thumb teased my swollen clit. For all of my fantasies, and enthusiasm, no one other than me had touched me like this before. I wanted it to be Milo, needed it to be him.

Just as he had found a steady pace, he stopped, pulling his fingers out of me. Lena, he whispered. He grabbed my hips, and brought his face mere centemeters from my wet, aching sex. Lena, Lena, Lena… His tongue flickered out, lightly caressing me.

More, I moaned. I was clutching at my breasts, squeezing them, and about to burst with need and longing. More, Milo.

My brother complied, his tongue picking up where his fingers had left off. You taste so good, Lena. He nibbled at my clit before sucking on it hard.

Oh, I whimpered, my toes curling. Use your fingers too. Inside me, harder than before, I instructed. I was close, I just needed a little more, a little rougher.

His calloused finger tips didnt disappoint. He started with two, flexing them and stretching me. I cried out. More! I demanded. Milo slipped in a third, though it was a tight fit. His fingers where bigger than mine, felt so much more… Powerful.

While his tongue and teeth worked at my clit, his fingers curled up, finding my tender g-spot. Milo pressed up on it, rocking his fingers across the needy area.

My back arched, and a series of high pitched gasps escaped my mouth as I came. My hand dropped from my breast, and I let myself fall back against the concrete. Fuck, I muttered. Fuckity-fuck fuck fuck.

Fuck is right, Milo replied, his fingers slipping out of me.

I lay there, zoned out and drunk on my bliss. I wasnt even aware of Milo fixing my bikini bottom to its original state. When I glance up, he had this blank look on his face. We cant do this again, Lena.

Milo- I started. He cut me off.

No, Lena, Im serious. This is wrong. We cant do anything sexual ever again. Youre my sister.

Tears burned behind my eyes. Why would the universe let me taste something so perfect and sweet only to take it away?

Milo slogged away from me, exiting the pool. Water dripped from his trunks causing them to sag. He grabbed a towel, and without another look at me, went in the house.



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