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What's A Geoduck?

The water in the tank swirled slowly in little vortices. The geoducks were heaped together in large piles in the back corners. Mindy's fingers tightened on the strap of her purse as she looked them over. The salesclerk stood by, waiting for her choice.

A geoduck is a large clam-like thing. Incapable of retracting into it's shell due it's size, it's digging foot sticks straight out, for all the world resembling a large penis. They live in beaches deep in the sand. Digging one out it is a process that can take hours, struggling to keep it from escaping.

Which is why Mindy was here at the asian foods store, buying one. She was more than willing to donate money to this little experiment, but traveling out to one of the islands and digging for several hours, that was more than she could manage.

She stood over the tank and looked in. These were living geoducks, sashimi grade. They could be eaten raw. But Mindy had no intention of eating one. In the water she could see her own reflection. She was 22, was of average height, with high cheekbones and brown hair that fell in wavy tresses to her just above her shoulders. Her green eyes matched the hue of the salt water tank. Her breasts were B cups, and were currently restrained by a plain white tee. Other than that she wore jeans and sneakers. Today's shopping did not require her to try and look pretty, not that she needed to exert too much effort. All in all, Mindy was quite attractive, not the kind of girl who really needed to purchase ocean mollusks for auto-erotic purposes, but there was something about her. She had a flair for the perverse and kinky that fueled bizarre sexual appetites. She had trouble finding matching sex partners. For all their boasting, she'd found most college boys didn't have the drive or creativity for what she wanted in bed. She had her share of sex, but was only ever truly satisfied when she was left to her own devices.

She was trying to pick a good one. They were all big enough, but some were too big. Some looked like they were too limp for her purposes. Finally she settled on a nine-inch duck, with diameter of about two inches, which is average size for a geoduck. The clerk reached in and scooped it out with his bare hands. He made as if to squeeze the water out, a process that usually elicited snorting and chuckling from passersby, but Mindy stopped him.


“It'll be cheaper if I can get some of this excess weight off it,” he said.

“No, that's all right. I've got a recipe that said not to do that,” Mindy said, lying on the fly.

The clerk shrugged and wrapped the geoduck up. They were having a special, $9.99 a pound, and Mindy's order came to almost 34 dollars. She paid willingly.


Mindy stepped quickly out of her car and practically raced up the front stairs at her apartment. She wasn't really sure how long the geoduck would last, or indeed, how it would perform. The impulse to buy it had been sudden, overcoming her while she flipped through an oceanography book at the library and had found a picture. It was the same random, undeniable kind of urge that had led her to masturbate with cucumbers and carrots at 13, and mail-order a vibrator at 14. Unfortunately, she'd found herself much too sensitive for the vibe. She'd tried to toughen herself up by using it regularly, but eventually she had to admit that she'd blown forty bucks. She owned a small assortment of dildos, but those had been only recently acquired. From 14 until 19 she was left only with what her imagination could find, and a throwback to that had grabbed her when she saw the geoduck picture.

She dumped her purse in her room, wriggled quickly out of her cloths, and slipped back into the hallway, heading for the bathroom she shared with her roommate, Irene. Irene was a redhead of the pure Irish variety. A tall, lithe body, flaming orange hair to her waist, creamy pale skin, and small breasts that Mindy was jealous of, because she knew they'd be forever pert, while Mindy's were doomed to one day sag.

Irene had gone to work, so Mindy had the place all to herself.

She let a few inches of burning hot water fill the old claw-footed tub and stepped inside. Sitting down, she unwrapped her purchase with trembling hands. The digging foot was not as stiff as it looked, but it was basically just one long, powerful muscle, and bore a certain rigidity that could not by undone. It was cold from the saltwater tank, so Mindy let it sit in the warm water. She spread her legs, leaning one against the wall and letting the other dangle out of the side of the tub.

She examined the geoduck more closely while it soaked. It had been sitting in a tank for while, but there was still some sand worked into the rough creases of it's skin, as well as a bit in the folds of the shell. It occurred to Mindy for the first time that this could be a much more sandy experience than she'd planned for. Mindy figured it couldn't be any worse than getting a little sand in her suit at the beach, and she could always douche afterwards. But whatever happened, Mindy decided she needed to be good and wet when she did it.

The smart thing to do would have been to use some lube, but Mindy had always had an aversion to it. She preferred her own juices to some chemical concoction. So she began the work of pleasuring herself. She started by squeezing her breasts and lightly pinching her nipples, as good a place as any to start when all alone. She rubbed at her crotch with her left hand, letting the friction do the work. Soon she wanted more, so Mindy scooped up some of the hot water and let it run down her pussy. Her clit had already extended beyond it's hood, and Mindy shuddered when the hot water rushed over and around it. She quickly began sliding her middle and ring fingers in and out of herself. She was already quite wet, and so she worked herself over for a few minutes to loosen herself up a bit.

With a small sigh of disappointment, she removed her fingers. She reached for the geoduck. It was heavier than the average dildo, and had the fleshy quality that no sex toy had yet been able to accurately reproduce. Mindy nuzzled the tip of it against her vagina, aligning it for penetration. With one hand she held it up, and with the other, used two fingers to spread her labia apart. She took a couple of deep breaths, not being sure what to expect, and exhaled. She began to push. It spread her open wonderfully. She breathed in and then laughed out loud in ecstasy. She got it about two inches in and then pulled out a bit, then in a bit more, then out just a little bit. It was like having sex for the first time, slow and steady, finding a rhythm that works with your partner.

But once she had it halfway in, it was time to go whole hog. She took her hand off her labia and held onto the shell with both hands, and began pulling it up into herself in earnest, eager for more. She pumped it in and out, occasionally giggling a little bit. Mindy couldn't deny that most of her arousal came from the sheer perversity of her actions. True, the geoduck was a living thing, though Mindy half suspected it was dead now anyway. And it wasn't like it was a horse or dog, it was a mollusk. An overgrown clam. Mindy felt no more guilty using it in this fashion than she felt guilty swatting a fly. Anyway, the Geoduck hadn't exactly been the giant penis it appeared. Or so she thought.

The few grains of sand on the digging foot rasped the inner walls of her vagina, which Mindy guiltily enjoyed. It stretched her open and filled her up like nothing else. She pounded away at herself and mercilessly mashed her clit with her thumb. The steam from the hot water mingled with the sweat dripping off her body.

She had been working it good and hard for about five minutes when she felt her first orgasm approaching. Her body was heating up, and the muscles inside of her began to clench against the geoduck. Suddenly the geoduck moved. All of that pent up muscle was squirming. The heat inside of her was unnatural to a creature used to living in the cold sands of Puget Sound water. It was trying to get away by pure instinct, and this meant thrashing around that nine inch digging foot for all it was worth. It was like having a giant prehensile penis inside of her. Mindy moaned and came. The gushing of hot juices from inside her only made the geoduck wriggle even more, and Mindy just held on tight, pushing the bivalve against her quim, the rough shell rubbing painfully but pleasurably against her clit. Her orgasms grew faster and closer, her muscles clenching its muscles internally. Finally the geoduck used it's last ditch escape plan, squirting the salt water stored up inside of it out in a jet stream. The cold liquid hit Mindy like punch, the dichotomy of her own burning hot juice and the cold water pushing her over the brink to her biggest orgasm yet. It started on the soles of her feet. Her legs tensed up and she felt like her calves and thighs were twitching uncontrollably. Her breath came in deep gasping breaths and her spine was electric. When she finally came, she blanked out. She took a deep breath and rode out the orgasm in oblivious silence.

It was at this point that Irene walked in the door, stripped down to a pair of lavender panties. Unbeknownst to Mindy, Irene had worked a morning shift that day, and coming home in the moment of Mindy's silence, completely unaware that her roommate was there, Irene had decided to take a quick shower.

Now of course, being roommates for the past four months, they'd seen each other in various states of undress. Irene had in fact walked in on Mindy while she was masturbating before, and they'd both wordlessly agreed never to speak of it again. But before Irene could back hastily out the door, she saw the thing between Mindy's legs. Irene was now stranger to sex aides, but being from Montana, she was a stranger to geoducks. To her, it looked like some alien parasite had latched hungrily to Mindy's quivering vagina.

“What is that?” she said before her mind caught up with her mouth.

Mindy's eyes flew open and to the door. At any other time She would have grabbed the shower curtain and tried to hide, but she was already in the thrall of her own perverse nature. Having her roommate walk in on her was only making it worse. There was suddenly an exhibitionist struggling to get out, and Mindy could do nothing but grin up at Irene and say, “Geoduck.”

“What's a geoduck?” Irene said. Irene's mind had detached in the same way as someone in shock. Like sitting behind the wheel of your car and wondering if you left the iron on after someone has just t-boned you. The only thing she could think, since she'd already failed to just turn around and leave was to talk.

“Like a clam,” Mindy said. She was so blissed out it felt like she was stoned, though she hadn't puffed since high school. Every nerve in her body seemed to be turned to pleasure mode, and each stimuli just made her hornier. As the geoduck continued to squirm ineffectually inside of her she took in her roommate's almost nude form. She noticed for the first time that the top surfaces of Irene's milky body were dusted with orange freckles, like peaches and cream.

“I was just going to take a shower,” Irene said, trying to explain her presence to herself as much as to Mindy.

“Be my guest,” Mindy said, carefully inching to one side of the tub. Mindy had never had any feelings for women sexually, and honestly, she wasn't feeling much of any right now, she was just getting off on making Irene thoroughly uncomfortable.

“Oh, no,” Irene began to say. She was beginning to snap out of it, and realizing that maybe she should just leave and let Mindy finish up whatever it was that she was into. Or was into her. Or whatever.

The only thing that kept her in the room was Mindy slowly drawing the geoduck out of herself. Irene's eyes widened when she was done.

“It's a penis!” she exclaimed.

Mindy laughed. “No, it's a mollusk. Like a clam or squid or something like that.”

Irene stared at it in fascination. “It really does look like a penis,” she said.

“How do you think I came up with this?” Mindy asked.

“Did it… feel like a penis?”

“Oh, god no. It's so much better. Penises don't move.” As if to illustrate her point, the geoduck twisted a little bit, Mindy's juices slowly detaching from it and mixing in with the tub water.

“Holy shit!” Irene was hooked. The geoduck looked like the best thing to happen to her since a long-gone boyfriend that had owned a sybian. Irene's brain began to fire on different wavelengths. One of them stated pretty plainly that she needed to get the hell out of there, and go masturbate in her room if she was really that horny. Another wavelength, issuing from a more southerly part of her body, seemed to feel that she should get the job done right here and right now with the geoduck. She probably would have stood there all day, alternately swaying towards the door and tub, if Mindy's kinky nature didn't save her.

Mindy held up the geoduck by the shell and waved it enticingly back and forth. “You wanna try?” she asked.

Irene bit her lower lip and nodded almost imperceptibly. Mindy stood up and stepped out of the tub. Irene had expended her last bit of conviction with that little nod, and stood frozen to the floor. Mindy set the geoduck in the tub and stepped in close to her roommate, much closer than was necessary.

“You can't do it with those undies on,” she whispered in Irene's ear, hooking her thumbs under the elastic. Irene was shivering very slightly, and Mindy realized she was shivering too. She pulled them down, crouching as she did so. In doing it, she came face to pussy with Irene. She tried to look at it in passing, and then discovered just how difficult it is to casually look at someone's genitals. She couldn't help comparing. Whereas her pussy was trimmed and cropped, Irene had let the orange hair take over, though it seemed to naturally be of a thin, downy variety as opposed to the coarse thick hairs Mindy was cursed with. Mindy could smell the arousal, a recognizable scent if ever there was one, but she noticed that it was lighter than her own, a little less musky. She turned her head and looked up at Irene. Irene's eyes were wide and fixed on Mindy. She didn't look scared, she looked like she wanted something, anything, to happen. So Mindy tenderly licked her from bottom to top. Irene sighed and her legs trembled. She had a boyfriend at the moment, but the jerk wouldn't ever go down on her, depriving Irene of the best kind of sex a woman can get.

Mindy slid back Irene's body, letting her hands caress her sides, until she was cupping Irene's face in her palms. Mindy wasn't sure what she was doing with a girl, but the little voice in her head wasn't letting her stop. It just said 'kiss this girl'. And so she did, drawing the taller woman's lips down to hers and unhesitatingly slipping her tongue into her mouth. The kiss was a back and forth, as Irene seemed suddenly able to move again, though only her tongue. They slid back and forth, each trying to see just how far they could stretch, or maybe just to count each other's fillings, it didn't really matter, it was just great.

They stopped and Mindy took a hold of Irene's hand and they stepped into the tub. Irene lay back, her head resting against the side of the faucet. Mindy turned the hot water on, and it poured out, beating a comforting massage onto Irene's right breast. Mindy straddled her and kissed her hungrily. Although sex is no substitute for masturbation, masturbation lacked having another warm body around, and Mindy hadn't had another warm body around in quite a while. Now that Irene was there, Mindy was giving it all she had. She kissed down her neck and went to work on her pencil eraser nipples, eliciting moans from Irene, who just went limp and lolled her head out over the rim of the tub. Mindy rubbed at Irene's vagina, and when she could fell the sticky wetness begin to seep out, she reached behind her and grabbed the geoduck.

Irene bent her legs, pointing her knees at the ceiling and spreading her lower lips open wide for Mindy's toy. Mindy worked it into her without hesitation, and Irene was quickly gasping and coming. She came easily, and Mindy was pleased. She thrust untiringly for several minutes, and then she felt a tremor in the clam itself as Irene's eyes opened.

“It's… it's moving,” she panted.

Mindy smiled and said nothing, pushing hard until the shell was firmly pressed against Irene, all nine inches of the beast inside of her. Irene began to writhe uncontrollably. Her legs bent and straightened, her arms pushed against the sides of the tub, her fingers clenching. She twisted her torso slowly back and forth, and moaned louder and louder. “Oh…Oh…”

Mindy bent down, and holding the moving geoduck firmly in place, fastened her lips around Irene's engorged clitoris, sucking fiercely.

“OOOHHH! OOH…NOOOO!” Mindy didn't stop, being well aware of the difference between a ‘no' said in passion and ‘no' said when something was wrong. Besides, Irene suddenly putting her hands to the back of Mindy's head and pushing her down harder was a bit of a clue that everything was all right.

Irene moaned louder and louder, finally coming in a mix of gasping and screaming and tensely muttered expletives that were hard to understand. Her body clenched with such might that the geoduck simply popped out of her and Mindy's hands when she was done, sliding to the other end of the tub. Mindy slid down further and let her mouth have it's fun with Irene's dripping pussy, licking, sucking, and generally just cleaning up after Irene's orgasm. Irene eventually put her hands around Mindy's ears and pulled her up for a long, deep kiss. When it was done, they turned off the water and lay at opposite ends of the tub for a while, their legs tangled together, neither really sure what to say anymore.

“Hmm,” Mindy said.

“What is it?” Irene asked.

“You taste salty.”

Irene threw the geoduck at her.

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