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When Secrets Come Out (3)

Introduction: This part starts with Nates point of view. It gives some background. Please rate and/or comment. I need to criticism to get better. It all started when I was 7. I was hanging out with my best friend, who happened to be a girl. We were inseparable. We did everything together. I thought we might have ended up together.

We played dress up sometimes and other times we played sports and video games. We did what the other wanted to. I guess my dad didnt like it.

One day when I came home, I had some make up on my face.

What is that on your face? My dad said.

Make-up. Natalie did my make-up. I replied.

Well Nate, you look very pretty. My mom said.

Go wash your face. Then come see me. My dad demanded. I could hear faint arguing as I washed my face. Once I washed all of the make up off, I walked out. My dad had his belt in his hand.

Come here. He screamed. I walked over and I felt a strip of pain across my face. Then across my back several times. I cried really hard.

He still hits me when I do something he doesnt like. The only person Ive told is my therapist. They are pretty much the reason Im alive. Playing sports is something my dad wanted me to do, and he wanted me to ignore girls so I can focus on sports.

I really want Jess and I really want to make her happy, but Im scared Im going to be like my dad. I dont want her to be stuck with a guy like that.

When I finished the fifth grade, my family moved. I met Jess in the new town. I never really talked to her, but liked her. She never really had many friends and everyone thought she was weird. I always wanted to be her friend, but I was afraid people would think I was weird too, and I didnt want to get hit.

I hit puberty in the 8th grade. I started to masturbate. All I thought of was Jess. It sounds weird but I was in love with this girl. One time, I was doing my thing, my dad walked in. He got really mad and hit me really bad. I have scars on my back from that one time. He also gave me a black eye and a gash on my head. I told everyone I got into a fight.

I thought I was bound to end up like my dad, so I distanced myself from girls. They deserve better than what I could give them. I couldnt give them the happy life other guys could.

I hated myself. Jess was avoiding me. I asked her if I could talk to her this weekend. She agreed.


It was a Saturday in April when I met him in the park. Nate was sitting on a bench. I walked over and sat next to him.

Whats up? I asked. We didnt look at each other.

I want to explain. He said.

Explain what? I didnt know what he wanted to explain.

Everything. My life story pretty much. He started to talk about his friend Natalie, and how they were so close. He talked about when his dad started beating him. He talked about how he felt and why he is distant. You dont deserve someone like my dad. Im going to end up like my dad and I dont want that for you or your kids. He finished.

You dont have to end up like him. You know right from wrong. You are better. I told him. Besides, if you ever hurt my kids, I would whoop your ass so hard. He laughed.

I love you. I really do. I fell in love with you when we met in the 6th grade. I wanted you to be mine. Im sorry I never talked to you earlier. But I told you all of this because I love you. The only other person who Ive told this to is my therapist. He was starting to tear up.

I love you too. Come on, were leaving now. I got up and held out my hand for him to grab. His soft hand grabbed mine and we got in my car. We drove for about 2 hours to a run-down, rest stop diner. We ordered food and ate.

Its not as good as your food, but it will do. I said.

Where did you find this place? He asked. Our waitress came over and sat next to me.

How have you been Jessi? Its been a while since youve come. She said.

Ive been good. Its been rough but Im getting along. How have you been? I asked.

Ive been good. I got some new furniture in my apartment and I got a raise here. Who is this? She acknowledged Nate.

This is Nate. I said. They shook hands.

Hes cute. I have to get back to work now. Treat my pumpkin right. She got up and kissed my head.

Who was that? Nate asked.

Thats my mom. Her and my dad split up about a year after I was born. He had issues with drugs and lost his job. He left my mom. She tried to keep it together. She wasnt making enough here to support both of us, so I entered foster care. I was adopted by the first family I stayed with in the fifth grade. I explained to him.

I didnt know. Im so sorry. He said grabbing my hand.

Its ok. No one knows except for my family, Dani, Lex, and now you. I told him.

Lets get out of here. I want to go apartment shopping. He got up, paid, and left. I followed close behind. We checked out several apartments. Each time he asked what I thought.

Why do you care what I think? I asked after the 6th apartment.

I want us to move in together. We love each other and I want us to be together. He said.

I dont know. Lets go back to my house and talk some more. We left swiftly and went to my house. It was getting late. My parents were out with friends so they wouldnt be home for a while. Nate and I went up to my room and watched a movie. It was one of those romantic comedies.

Its only 9 oclock. I need to shower. Feel free to join me. I winked at him. I was joking but he got up and followed.

We walked into the bathroom and started kissing. It got very hot very quick. I slid my hands up his shirt and took it off. He did the same to mine. We quickly undressed and his cock was standing fully erect. I felt it rub against my stomach as we continued to make out. I started the water and we got in. He soaped up my body and I did the same for him. I made sure to get everywhere, including his 8 member. The water rinsed us off no problem and he pushed me up against the wall.

Do you want to do this? He asked. I nodded and he started to rub his hand along my wet pussy. He slowly stuck one finger in and started to feel around. His thumb was playing with my clit. I started to moan. I was about to have my first orgasm. He slowly stuck another finger into me and started moving a little faster. I started to moan even louder. It was pure pleasure. He started to kiss my neck. Nate took his other hand and started playing with my tits. He was rubbing his fingers around my nipples and letting the water run down them.

Nate…oh god…I think…Im cumming… I moaned. Next thing I knew. My juices were exploding all over his hand. He rinsed it off and used it to play with my other tit. That was too good Nate. Let me make you feel that way. I pushed him off and turned off the water for now. He sat down on the edge of the tub.

Ive never done this before, so it might not be great. I said before I grabbed his cock. I started to stroke it up and down going faster as I go. I could see he wanted more. I slowly started to lick it all over. Starting at the base up to the tip. He started to groan. I slowly slid the tip between my warm lips and started to suck on the head. Nate started to groan even more. I started to go further down. I took as much as I could without gagging. I went at a steady pace at first then I got faster. The faster I got the harder I went.

Fuck…Jess that feels so good…fuck…Im gonna cum… He said. I took his dick out of my mouth and started stroking him again. I couldnt get out of the way so he came all over my face. I turned the water back on and washed my face.

That was awesome. He said kissing my cheek. I turned off the water and we dried off. I turned on another movie, this one a little more risqu&eacute,. I cuddled up close to him. I really wanted to have sex with him, but I wasnt sure if he wanted to. He wasnt hard, so I really didnt know. He fell asleep during the movie. I guess tonight wasnt the night. We started spooning and fell asleep. All through the night I could feel his member rubbing up against me.

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