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When The Tied Turn

I woke gently from my deep sl**p, my eyes straining against the brightness of the morning light. It was too bright. Our bedroom was never this bright in the morning, the smell of dew mixed with cut grass and the chattering birds outside were altogether overpowering. Our room wasn't normally this bright, the smells not normally so vivid and pungent, I could almost feel the warmth of the sun touching my skin first hand.

As I finally f***ed my eyes open I could see my husband had left the blinds open, the sash window pulled up as far as it could go to let a gentle breeze tickle my body, and tickle away it did. I twitched restlessly in bed as I felt the wind lap at my flesh. Why was I naked? I remembered putting on my nighty as usual, why was I naked on top of the bed, no covers.

I rolled over to check my phone. Uh? What the fuck. My hands were tied to the bed posts, handcuffed in fact in elaborate chains that held my wrists together as well. I looked down; my ankles were too bound by another set of straps and fixed firmly to the far end of the bed. Ooh he wants to play a naughty little sex game with me, maybe even show me off to the neighbours, give them something to listen to this morning.




Where was he? Why would he leave me alone tied up, where is the fun in that, he must be coming back I reassured myself. It’s not like I can have any fun by myself tied up, I couldn't even play with myself and get a head start. I looked around the room for a clue as to what was next, what I supposed to do other than wait for his return. Was that it, he was the knight in shining armour coming to rescue the damsel in distress, well damsel in bondage anyway. I looked down at my naked body and on closer inspection realised he’d placed a new gold chain around my neck, with a small silver key attached to it. That must be for the cuffs, how tantalising having it dangle from my neck, paralysed to use it and free myself.


I wondered for a second how he would make his entrance, bursting in through the door, maybe he had an elaborate storyline for me, he knew how much I loved role playing. I focused on that moment, the second I'd see him enter the room, my hero, my man, come to save me from my shackles and take his reward. A vague flicker of recognition washed over me, had I told him about a fantasy I'd had like this?


Arrrrggh I wished you'd have left one of my hands free so I could play with myself.

Fuck it I thought, my mind is as good as any touch, I focused on him coming to save me again, that moment, that beautiful moment of realisation and joy. That moment he'd touch me for the first time, slowly moving up my arms one at a time to gently pry them free from the cuffs. Maybe he'd do the same, taking his time to slide his fingers all the way down the inside of my legs, down my thighs, down my calves, down my ankles til he untrapped my legs.

Baby I want you to come and untie me now, come and set me free, I promise I'll make it worth your while.

Nothing. I imagined him moving back up my legs, this time with his face. Shimmying his head closer and closer to my aching groin. That gentle flick of his tongue as he acquainted himself with my luscious lips and swollen clit.

Babe I want you so bad, please I need you now, come untie and fuck me baby.

He would be here in a flash, surely? Maybe he has something really elaborate planned, he wouldn't get me all worked out without planning an amazing climax for me and our little game. The waiting must be part of it, the increased danger of someone walking past and catching a glimpse of me, bound naked, helpless and begging for my mans touch. I imagined him teasing me with the key, dangling the chain in front of my face, my tongue desperately flicking out at it in an attempt to snag the key and speed up my escape, speed up the imminent fucking I was sure to receive.

Baby please, I can’t take much more, I need it now

I was shouting by now, desperate for his intervention. This had been a fun game but playtime was over, I needed the main event and I needed it now. Suddenly my eyes were caught by a change in the light, a shadow flashing across my face for a split second. I heard shuffling footsteps outside and sighed in relief, he'd finally heard my cries and was ready to take me out of this torturous teasing foreplay, he’d come to rescue me and take his reward.
Baby I want you so bad, come and get it. Take this key and uncuff me, untie and me and I promise you can do whatever you want to me, I want you inside me, I want you now, I want you to free me.
I saw a flicker as the light changed once again, I bent my neck as far back as possible to try to meet his eyes, show him the desire in my own eyes, the appetite for sex bordering on desperation I was exhibiting. All I could see was a rough outline of his silhouette, though as I held my neck in place I could see movement, he must be wanking his cock staring at my stark naked body begging to be touched and taken, lead into ecstacy.
Mmm yes, that’s it babe, wank that cock for me, I want you to see how much I want to fuck you right now. This soft naked body is all yours, that’s it stroke it nice and fast and let’s get you as hard and horny as I am.
I saw the light flicker more intensely now as his strokes became faster and more frantic. I could hear him breathing so heavily, louder and more laboured than I’d ever heard him before. He must be loving this, loving seeing me in absolute desperation begging for his cock, begging to be set free. I was wriggling hysterically on the bed, trying in vain to please my aching pussy with any kind of friction I could muster from grinding against the duvet cover.

Touch me baby, I want your hands all over my body, I want your dick in my mouth, in my pussy, I want your fingers inside me, wherever they can go, however many you can fit. Please baby I need your touch now.

I was whimpering and pleading with him, breathless from the aches inside my body that needed to be quelled by his touch, by his cock, by his fucking. Finally I felt a darker shadow slowly move across my face and block out the sun altogether. My eyes strained still blinded by the sunlight, but I could see his arm moving towards me.

Oh fuck yes baby, touch me, feel me, feel what you’re doing to me right now, feel how horny you’ve made me, feel how wet you’ve made me, feel how much I want you.

His hand awkwardly met my skin, groping, probing and searching for its destination. His fingers dragged against the top of my breasts, his nails pulling roughly across my soft tender skin sending a small shiver of pain through my nervous system. His hand clasped tightly once he felt my nipple and he firmly grabbed a handful of my soft breast and squished it between his fingers and palm harder than he’d ever grabbed my before. His hands felt rough, cold to the touch, dry and callous, the only softness coming from a small amount of his precum that was stuck to his finger tips and smearing itself over my chest.

Oh fuck yes, grab me baby, fondle me, be as rough as you want.

The wanking intensified in tandem with his heavy breathing increasing in speed and volume. His hand now sc****d itself back up my chest to my chin and clumsily prodded around the opening to my mouth, unceremoniously trying to f***e his digits passed my saliva dripping lips and inside me.


I opened wide for him and 2 fingers leapt into my mouth, so fast and so far his knuckles cracked against my teeth. He circled around feeling his way towards my tongue as I clamped my lips shut and tried to isolate each finger and suck them tight into the vacuum of my small tight mouth. His hand relaxed a little and I seized the opportunity to work my mouth around his fingers back and forth, imagining it was his cock I was sucking him off, forcing all my neck muscles into the slow deliberate action. He let out a loud grunt and yanked his fingers free from my mouth, again roughly squeezing my breasts, this time aided by my spit covering his fingers. He f***efully pinched my nipple between two fingers and pulled them roughly towards him, stretching my skin and breast tissue out and testing the full elasticity of my youthful body.

Take the key and untie my hand now babe, I need to feel both your hands on me, let me wank your hard sticky cock for you and let you explore my body properly.

His hands instantly swept back up to my neck ripping the chain from my skin and the key with it, I felt a little snap and wondered if he’d broke it but didn’t care by now. He fumbled around for a second placing the key in the lock and finally freeing up my left hand in the process. I reached my hand back searching for his hard cock but found only thin air.
Baby come closer I need your cock in my hand, let me stroke it for you while you touch me.
He duly obliged and I felt him push himself further through the window. I felt his cock slap against the top of my wrist, letting it rest there momentarily before I wrapped my fingers around his hardness and slide them sensually along the length and breadth of his manhood. His cock was soaking in precum juices, lubing my fingers up perfectly to wank him furiously as I wanted to. His cock didn’t feel as hard and fleshy as normal but I put it down him being nervous hanging pants down out of the front window! I tried to look up at his dick and see catch a glimpse of his hardness but my view was blocked by his arms stretching out over my face and reaching down my body to grope me further.

Touch me baby, I want to feel your fingers on my pussy, please baby, play with my clit I’m desperate for your fingers on my pussy, in my pussy, touch my pussy baby I need you now.

Again his hands roughly sc****d down my body, so much faster and carelessly than how I’d imagined him tantalising and teasing his way around my flesh. One hand firmly grabbed my breast again, squeezing harder over and over again, he felt like a panicked teenager feeling a titty for the very first time. I arched my back and f***ed my hip off the bed to give him a better angle and view of my waiting pussy. His fingers pawed aggressively through my landing strip bush and grabbed and groped heavily at my pussy lips. He rubbed 2 fingers up and down my swollen clit with no finesse, it was like he’d forgotten how I liked to be touched, caught up in the fantasy of the game we were playing, he had reverted to brutally groping me like a caveman, which as a surprisingly pleasant change, the mix of pain and sensitivity driving me closer to orgasm.

Oh my god baby, you’re going to make me cum already, finger me please, I need to feel you inside me, I want you to feel it when my orgasm hits.

I felt his dick twitch in my hand as the words left my mouth, his member stiffening to another level of firmness. I rewarded him with an even faster wanking motion, interspersed with a slow sensual working of my digits up and down his dong, my fingertips stopping occasionally to rub his pre cum gently over the tip of his dick. I felt my whole body convulse as his fingers brutally plunged into me, so bluntly was he forcing his 2 digits inside me like I’d never felt him do before.


I was screaming now, my body writhing, jiggling and wriggling out of control as I felt his fingers roughly drive in and out of me, his fingernails tearing at my lips and plunging painfully into my tender pussy walls. Reflex reactions f***ed my hand tightly closed around his penis as I continued to wank him ferociously, the feeling of his hard cock in my hand, his rough fingers delving in and out of my pussy and his vice like grip on my boob, raking at my skin, clawing at my nipple. I felt the wave of my orgasm rise inside me, building and building and building


The waves ripped through my abdomen and crashed into my vagina, my walls forcibly contracting as tight as I could involuntarily squeeze them. My hips bucked, my leg shaking violently as it tried to move inside the tight bondage straps. I felt his fingers rip themselves free of my pussy, the rough friction causing another wave of pleasure to pulse and rip through my groin.


I squealed and panted breathlessly in delight at the pleasure searing through my insides and the pain of his fingers tearing out of my pussy again. His hand had clenched even tighter around my entire boob now, his fingernails digging hurtfully deep into my skin so much so that I felt like I was about to bleed. His other hand slapped my own away from his cock taking me by surprise. A moment later an a****listic grunt filled the air.


Splash. A hot jet of thick creamy spunk flew through the morning air and landed flush across my tummy and inside thigh. Another dollop crashed over my bush and onto the bed, most of it getting tangled in my curly pubes turning them a brilliant bright snow white. Another 2 drops splashed onto my tits. A panic had gripped my still convulsing body, as I looked up and saw his cock hovering over my face as he jack hammered it hastily inside his hand. Another stream dropped more gently from his dick and covered my face shutting one of my eyes. His hand loosened from my breast as he dropped the final smaller thicker wads of cum on my boob. I didn’t recognise that voice. I said it again inside my head. I DIDN’T RECOGNISE HIS VOICE. The emotions flooded my body, panic, fear, anger, shame, humiliation. I’d know his touch hadn’t felt the same, his hands rougher, colder, callous. His dick had felt different too, how had I not noticed this properly and realised it wasn’t my husband sooner?


I was angrily bellowing at him but he ignored me, still gripped by the wake of his own orgasm, his hand still wanking his member above my face, his other hand rubbing his cum into my titty. I tried to f***e more words out of my mouth as he wiped his dwindling cock in hair, on my cheek and then finally thrusting it savagely into my mouth.


I finally found my voice again as I pulled my head away from his cock and freed it from my mouth. I pushed his hand away from my chest and tried to turn around and glare at this invading stranger. Still in shock and struggling to comprehend what had just happened let alone take control of the situation.
Sorry but you were begging to put my hands all over your body, you begged me to finger you and you pleaded with me to make you cum, I thought you wanted it so I gave you what you wanted.
His voice sounded genuinely shocked, breaking and creaking as he hurriedly rehoused his soft soggy cock back inside his trousers.

Where’s the fucking key, give me the fucking key you sick bastard.

He wiped his cum covered hands on my pillow and fumbled around the bedclothes looking for the key.

Watch your mouth you little slut, it was an honest mistake, don’t call me names or I’ll leave you here to find your own way out

I was taken aback, shocked into silence at his audacity to be angry at me when it was me who had been violated, it was me that had been taken advantage off. Oh my god, what was my husband going to say, he can never find out, he’ll divorce, he’ll hate me, he’ll be disgusted. I tried to wipe the cum from my eye, it was beginning to sting or maybe I was just starting to cry a little anyway, I couldn’t process what was happening anymore. My chin wobbled and quivered as the shame spread, the fear spread, the revulsion.

Who the fuck are you? Why are you doing this to me? You must be perverted to do this to someone you don’t know, I’m fucking married you asshole, my husband is going to kill you when he finds out.

The man was holding the key in his right hand and dangling it teasingly over my face

Shut the fuck up if you want this, in fact beg me for it if you really want it. Beg me like you did a few minutes ago.

How had it got to this? How can he do this to me? How could I have let him? What’s wrong with me? I struggled to hold back the tears. I swallowed hard and did what I thought was the only thing possible.


I cried out in hope wishing that someone would truly come and rescue me now, save me from this spiralling situation, save me from myself. I prayed for the ground to swallow me up whole. His hand slammed down on my mouth, covering it tightly and constricting my breathing along with my screams. His other hand waved the key in front of my face again before grabbing a handful of my hair tightly rendering me defenceless and succumbing to pain and shock, I froze in place.

You want this? Beg me for it or I’ll walk away and throw it down the drain, scream again and you’ll never see this key again.

He loosened his grip on my mouth and still feeling my body paralysed and defeated by his grip, let my mouth free.

Please can I just have the key back. Please I’m begging you, just let me go, let me have the key and leave me alone please.

He laughed out loud and let go of my hair, letting my head fall back to the pillow with a muffled thud.
There that wasn’t that hard was it now?

He dangled the key millimetres from my body, gently tracing its path down my face, over my chin, down my neck as I squirmed away, reviling from him and turning my head to shield my eyes from the creepy teasing he was now treating me too. He traced a path around my nipple the cold steel making me involuntarily flinch and my nipple to firm up yet more. He continued tracing his path down my tummy towards my groin, collecting dollops of his still warm spunk on the key. Suddenly I felt him f***e his fingers inside me again, this time followed by the cold sensation of the key entering too, contrasted by the heat of his hot cum covering his fingers and gluing itself liberally to my bushy pussy hair and swollen lips.

There’s your key, thanks for the handjob, best Sunday morning I’ve had in donkey’s years.

He laughed as he pulled his arms back out of the window and his footsteps shuffled away into the distance. I frantically dipped my fingers into my vagina looking for the key, pulling it out seconds later covered in both his sticky juices and my own. I hurriedly unlocked the cuffs and bent forward to free my legs. I was free at last and ran to the bathroom, cum dripping from all over my body, falling from me onto the bedroom carpet and bathroom tiles as I ran. I could feel it dripping down my tummy onto my legs, dripping out of my pussy, I could even still taste him inside my mouth. I splashed water from the taps onto the white covered areas of my body, grabbing toilet paper and wiping as much off as I could. At that moment I heard the front door open and my husband call my name from room to room looking for me.

Where the fuck have you been, why the fuck did you do that? I just wanked off some total strangers wrinkly old cock because of you, you fucking idiot.

As the words left my mouth I froze, staring in silence my husband frozen in time too, a shocked silence, a look of utter disbelief gripping his face. The moment seemed to last forever as I scanned his face looking for a sign of hatred, disgust, pity, anger, jealousy, rage. I couldn’t bear to wait, I just wanted to know how he would react and get it over with.
The silence lingered for an eternity, my face frozen in paranoid worry and fear, I searched his again for any sign of changing emotion, scouring his eyes for a hint as to how much he detested me. Finally my eyes began to sink, I couldn’t look him in the eye anymore, I didn’t know if I ever could again, would I even be able to look myself in the eye ever again. As my eyes dropped and headed shamefully towards the floor in embarrassment, I let them drift over his face for once last time, hoping for any kind of reaction other than this silent emotionless disappointment. I caught a slight trace of movement and widened my eyes to focus on the motion. The top of his lip was moving, ever so slightly, just the edge. The tiniest movement, curling upwards, what was he about to say? Nothing. Still absolute silence. I looked back again, pleading with my eyes. His lip was still moving upwards. What is that. Is he smiling?

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