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Yes, Sir

What fun was in store! I had been waiting for you to make time for me for a couple weeks. Every night, I rushed home to sit by the phone, wondering if and when you would next call. It had been so long since our last date, I was starting to wonder if you had dropped me. Eventually though, you gave me a call, and asked me if I’d like to meet with you again for a fun-filled evening. Would I? I’d have to be insane not to. Somehow, no other man would satisfy.

We set the date, and I looked forward all week to our evening together. Finally, the day came. After my workday was through, I headed home to prepare. I had laid out some clothes – nothing too difficult for you to remove. I picked out my favorite bra, the one with the black transparent fabric. The panties matched. Your usual request, garter belt and stockings with a black seam up the back, were a must. A miniskirt, and a scoop necked top that dived low (and didn’t quite cover my bra) were next. I knew it was probably not the most original outfit, but I was hoping it would be a hit with you.

Stepping into the shower, I began washing my hair. The warm water was soothing to me, and I was tempted to release some of the pent-up desire that had been building in me all week. I’d managed to hold myself back for the last few days, wanting to build anticipation for our evening together. I resisted the temptation in the shower though, and began to wash my body with the luxurious soap you’d bought me a few weeks ago. I always loved it when you spoiled me. Reaching for my razor, I made sure my legs were silky smooth, and worked a bit on my pubic area. You liked to shave me yourself, making sure to leave a small patch of hair in the shape of your first initial. We hadn’t had time lately though, so I touched things up a bit, leaving myself smooth, just the way you liked me.

Stepping out of the shower, I towel dried my hair and body. Moving to the bed with a bottle of my favorite creamy body lotion, I sat naked and started to smooth it over my skin. I smiled to myself, imagining it was your hands rubbing the lotion into me.

Walking back to the bathroom, I began working on my hair and makeup. I usually let my hair go natural for you – it was black, thick and curly. I had teased you in the past about dyeing it blonde, but you seemed to like my dark coloring. I decided to let the curls dry naturally, with just a spritz of gel to calm them. Pulling out my makeup, I decided on the wine colored lipstick and dark eyeshadow. The colors would complement my eyes in addition to the thick mascara on my long lashes. Finally, I had made myself look acceptable – sexy with just a hint of the slutty look. Only you knew that side of me, anyway. The way I would often beg you for more.

Walking back to the clothes I’d laid out, I stepped into the panties, and slid them over my thighs. They were thin and transparent like the bra – I would need to be careful in public, and not bend over. The bra fit my breasts snugly, shaping them into perfect little round tits, and not restricting my firm nipples much. The silky garter belt made me feel so sexy, and I thought of you as I slid the stockings up my legs and snapped them into place. The tight little miniskirt fit my hips perfectly. The thinnest of silk blouses topped the outfit off. Even though my bra peeked from the neck, I unbuttoned the top button to reveal more of my cleavage. You’d always brought out the shameless hussy in me.

Stepping into my heels, I grabbed my keys and purse, and decided to wait for you on the sidewalk. Standing outside my building, I got a few catcalls, and kept having to pull my skirt down to make sure it covered the stockings. I didn’t have to wait long for you.

As I saw your little red sportscar pull up to the curb, I felt the familiar rush of excitement I always got when I knew you were near. I always thought it must have been the animal sex drive you brought out in me. You stopped the car, and I bent down to open the door, making sure you got a good view of my tits. Man, I’d never acted so sluttish with anyone before. What was it about you that made me so shameless? You told me to wait, and got out of the car. Walking around to my side, you opened the door for me. I think it was little things like this that drove me wild about you. No matter how you treated me in the bedroom, in public you were the perfect gentleman.

I moved to the car, and felt your hand on the small of my back. My eyes were downcast as I lowered into the seat, and you made sure I was safely inside before closing the door firmly. You jogged back around to your side, and got into the driver’s seat.

Putting the car in drive, you merged smoothly back into traffic. I remained silent, eyes downcast. I could feel your power over me already. Your left hand guided the steering wheel while your right hand landed on my thigh, and your fingers brushed against my stocking. I watched your powerful fingers massage my thigh, your pinkie slipping under the edge of my miniskirt. The hair on your knuckles aroused me, that’s how sexually attracted I was to you. I wanted nothing more than to please you, so I wiggled my hips a bit, making the miniskirt slide up to show more thigh. Your hand continued to massage my leg, sliding down to my kneecap. You then began gently caressing the back of my knee. This continued for the rest of the drive, your fingers drawing designs on the sensitive skin there.

Finally, we reached your building, you guided the car to your parking spot, and turned off the ignition. Once again, you told me to wait, as you moved to open my door for me. As I exited your car I made use of the opportunity to show off a generous portion of leg. Closing the door behind me, you again placed your hand on the small of my back and guided me to the front door of your building. Your fingers were drawing designs there, as you had done to the back of my knee. The doorman greeted us with a smile, and we headed for the elevator.

The ride up to your room was uneventful. Somewhat disappointing for me, as you usually used the opportunity to grab a handful of ass, or tit, before we reached your apartment. This time however, your hand remained on my back and your fingers continued making those maddening designs.

As the elevator stopped, your hand guided me gently through the open doors and down the hall to your apartment. You unlocked the door, and opened it to allow me to enter first. I did, walking into the familiar setting which reminded me of the fun times we’d had in the past. I grew warm just remembering. Closing the door behind me, you locked the deadbolt, and asked me if I’d like something to drink. I said I’d be happy for you to choose a drink for me, and you asked me to make myself comfortable as you moved to the kitchen.

I settled myself on an ottoman, crossing my legs seductively. I leaned forward a bit, hoping you’d catch the show I was trying to give you as you made your way back into the room. Instead of your usual smile, your mouth turned down a bit at the corners as you handed me a glass of white wine. I started to feel nervous, wondering if you had brought me here to end our sexual relationship. I leaned back, pulling the neck of my blouse up slightly, starting to feel foolish.

You moved easily to a chair across from me, and relaxed into it. As you sipped your wine slowly, I saw your eyes taking me in. My mind was whirling, trying to figure out what you were thinking. You looked completely at ease, and I was sitting on the edge of the ottoman, becoming more tense by the minute. How I would cope without your sexual attentions was not something I wanted to contemplate.

Finally, you stood, and set your glass on an end table. Moving to where I sat, trembling now, you removed the glass from my hand and set it down as well. Grasping my hands, you pulled me up to stand in front of you. I could not determine the look in your eyes, and I watched your lips as you formed your next words.

“You certainly look the part of the slut tonight.” I heard you say, with a hint of disapproval. I felt nervous, wondering if I had gone too far with the outfit. I unconsciously moved to tug the hem of my miniskirt down, feeling more foolish by the second. “I was just trying to please you . . .” The words died in my throat as I realized I’d made a mistake. You must not have wanted me to look so trashy. “I won’t dress this way again, if you don’t like it. Just tell me what you want, and I’ll do whatever it is.” My voice was taking on a pleading tone, and I saw the corners of your mouth turning down further. My lower lip trembled, and I grew nervous, waiting for you to tell me to leave, that you never wanted to see me again.

Grasping me by the upper arms, you pulled me close to your chest. Your grip on my arms was tight, and your face was close to mine. “I think the teasing little slut routine has gone far enough,” you growled. “I’ve had it with your little game. Now tell me, do you want to be my slut or don’t you? You’d better be prepared to do a whole lot more than you’ve been doing if you want to be a true slut for me.”

My mind was racing, and I was really shaking now. “What more do I have to do? You know how much I want you, I’d do anything to make you happy.” Your hands still squeezed my arms, and I knew there’d be light marks on my skin when you let go. “Anything?” You growled again in my ear. “Are you willing to be completely, totally my slut? My own personal sex whore?”

I could not imagine what you could want from me that I hadn’t already given you. I contemplated what you might mean, and could not come up with an idea. “What would I have to do if I was your slut?” I asked, looking up apprehensively into your eyes.

“You’ll find out soon enough. First, though, you have to make the choice. I have had it with your teasing. Either be my slut, completely, or I will take you home and you’ll never hear from or see me again. Make your decision. Now.”

My head reeled. What in the world could you mean? I imagined what you might do to me, and I imagined never doing anything with you again. I knew, no matter what being ‘your slut’ might entail, there was no way I’d make a conscious decision to never see you again. As my thoughts spun, your hands on my arms were still squeezing, your breath hard on my ear. I could feel a hardness in your pants, and I knew I had affected you. I thought of what you would do to me with that hardness, and my decision was made.

“Well?” You said, impatience rising in your voice. “What’s your answer?”

I looked up, and nodded my head. “Yes,” I whispered, “I will be your slut.”

A grin spread across your face, an almost evil grin. “Good. Very, very good. I thought you might say that. I have to tell you, I am pleased at your decision. I am sure, with some proper training, you will make me a very pleasing slut.”

With that statement, you dragged me through the hall to your bedroom, not seeming to care if I tripped on the way. I stumbled along after you in my precarious heels, as your powerful arm pulled on my wrist. Inside your room, you pushed me to the wall face first. I turned my head as you pressed me hard against the wall. You leaned into me, pressing my breasts against the smooth surface.

“Now, a true slut of mine would never dress this modestly.” I wondered what you meant. “No indeed, since you have agreed to be my true slut, from now on you will wear only what I wish you to wear.” Your hand reached underneath my short skirt and grabbed a handful of my panties. In one swift motion, you ripped the fabric and tore them from me. “My slut never wears panties, unless I tell her to. Same goes with a bra. She always wears a short skirt, unless I tell her not to. She always wears my favorite stockings and garter belt, unless I say otherwise. You choose to defy me on this, and your position as my slut will be at an end. Understand?”

I nodded my head, as best I could with it pressed against the wall. “Say ‘Yes sir’ when talking to me, slut.” Your command was rough, in my ear. I closed my eyes, and whispered “Yes, sir.” As I started to recover from the shock of this turn of events, I started to realize what your forcefulness was doing to me. I never would’ve imagined that you being rough like this would turn me on, but that was exactly what was happening. The feeling of your hot breath on my ear, your body pressing mine hard, my breasts squeezed against the wall – all were sending a tingling feeling to my pussy. Somewhat ashamed of myself, I wondered if you would notice my arousal.

Your hands became possessive, roaming over my ass cheeks. “Now, my little slut, when we are out together, you will never deny me the pleasure of touching any part of your body I want. If I tell you to stand still while I finger your pussy, you will. If I tell you to bend over so I can pinch your ass, you will. An obedient slut dresses so that her man can always have easy access to any part of her he wants. That includes your tits, ass, cunt, and clit in addition to any other body part.”

I felt my pussy – now a cunt that you had control of – becoming wet. I never imagined you could be like this. The thought of you in complete control of me made me very hot. I was perfectly cut out to be your slut, so far. I had no problem letting you have access to every bit of me. The thought of being such a slut in public was a bit intimidating, but worth it to me for the opportunity to be YOUR slut.

Your hands lifted my shirt in back, and unhooked my bra. Turning me around, you commanded – “Take it off.” You said it with complete finality in your voice. I had to unbutton my blouse and take it off to remove the bra. “Give the bra to me, and put your blouse back on.” I handed you the bra, and rebuttoned my shirt, all the way up.

“What, now you’re going to be modest?” You sneered, and snagged your finger down the front of the blouse, ripping open the top two buttons. My breasts hung a bit lower without the bra, and my nipples became hard as they slid across the silk fabric. You bent to pick up my torn panties, and threw the them in the trash can, followed by the bra. My eyes grew wide, as you said “You won’t be needing these anymore.” My cunt was starting to feel like it was on fire.

Turning me around, you pressed my back up against the wall, hard. Your face was inches from mine, your eyes were so dark. Placing your hands roughly on my hips, you lowered your lips to mine and kissed me fiercely. I felt your tongue wanting to slide into my mouth. Still reeling, I didn’t part my lips immediately. I felt your hand at my jaw – and you broke off the kiss. “Never, slut, NEVER deny me access to any part of you. If you cannot abide by this rule, our relationship is over. If you can, then be assured you will be rewarded profoundly.” Your statement left me weak in the knees, and I felt a rush of juice between my legs. As I opened my mouth, your lips smashed against mine and your tongue started exploring.

As soon as that kiss ended, another began, your tongue ravaging my mouth. Your teeth biting my lips – not hard enough to cause pain, but enough to make me aware of your position in this new relationship. And the fire in my cunt grew hotter. Minute after exquisite minute, your lips played havoc with mine, until I felt them becoming sore and swollen. Still, I opened my mouth wide to let you in. Slowly, my body began to surrender completely to yours. My muscles began to relax, and my knees started to waver. You must have felt that I was losing control, for you wrapped an arm around my waist, another under my knees, and carried me to the bed.

I moaned – wondering when you were going to start roaming my body with your hands. You didn’t – in fact, you ended the kiss, and left me lying near the edge of the bed, panting with desire. I looked up at you questioningly, and your chest was heaving. My gaze traveled to your pelvis, and I smiled at the huge bulge I saw there. This seemed to anger you, for you jerked me off the bed, and dragged me out of the room.

“Where are we going?” I asked, in between my gasps for breath. “Where are we going, sir? I thought-”

“You’re going to get a little trial by fire tonight, my dear slut. Just trust me, and you’ll be fine. Act your part well, and you’ll be rewarded, just as I promised.” The fire in my cunt needed to be sated, so I agreed readily to your command. “Stand here.” You pointed to the floor outside your bathroom. I watched you go in, get a washcloth and wet it slightly. Running it over your lips, you removed any traces of lipstick that I’d left on your face. You looked at me, and told me that my lipstick was smeared a bit. “That’s alright though,” you said, “Makes you look your part.”

You walked back out of the bathroom, and grabbed your car keys. Placing your hand on my ass, you pushed me to the front door. “Wait for me in the hall.” I did so, my mind feverish. Where were we going, and what were you going to make me do when we got there? You stepped into the hallway, closing and locking the door behind you. Again, your hand on my ass pushed me to the elevator. Gone was the consummate gentleman you had been. Now you were firm, impatient, demanding. I felt juice gathering so quickly in my cunt, I was afraid it was going to start dripping down my legs.

In the elevator, you punched the button for the first floor. I stood at the back, and you stood beside me, immediately lifting my skirt in the front. I gasped, sure that the elevator would stop, and someone would see you baring my pussy. “What’s the matter, my dear?” You asked in a mocking tone. “Worried someone might know what you really are?” Your fingers moved to my slit, and buried themselves in the juice there. “Well, well, well. What do we have here? Looks like you’ve gotten a bit excited. Wouldn’t you like me to do this?” As you talked, you slid two fingers up in my cunt, sliding them deeper as I watched the lights in the elevator change. My legs began shaking, as your thumb started flicking my clit, and your fingers roamed inside of me. Your other hand was reaching to lift my blouse and bare a tit. You squeezed it, and I couldn’t help myself. I closed my eyes and started to moan, twitching my hips.

“You want someone to see me using you, don’t you.” You whispered fiercely in my ear. “You’re just dying to let someone see your hot little body, maybe even thinking about teasing another man, aren’t you?” Your fingers were still plunging into me, and my clit was at this point so large and meaty that you began tugging it with your other hand, letting my blouse fall back into place. My hips began to buck, as I was unable to contain my pleasure. “No, no other man. . .” I breathed. “What?” You said loudly. “What’s this about another man?” You squeezed my clit hard, and shoved your fingers as deep as you could, and held them there.

“There is no other man!” I finally choked out, as the elevator doors began to open. You removed your hands from my cunt, smearing the juices on my thigh as you half-dragged me toward the front door.

You were the picture of normalcy as you nodded to the doorman. I didn’t dare look to see if he’d noticed my braless state. As we reached the car, my breathing was starting to become more even. Settling me into the passenger seat, you made sure my skirt was lifted up around my waist. “Can’t have you hiding anything from me,” you said. I leaned my head back and closed my eyes, wondering how in the world you had rendered me so weak and helpless.

As you started driving, your hand again strayed to my thigh . . . but this time moved up to my cunt instead of down to my knee. I spread my legs obligingly, and you smiled at me. “Very good,” you said. “You are learning quickly.” The entire drive was spent with your fingers tracing lines up and down my soaking cunt, flicking and squeezing my clit, and pinching my nipples. I kept noticing how big a hard on you had, and wondered why you hadn’t asked me to give you some relief. I didn’t dare do it without your permission though. The thought of your cock left my mouth dry, and my hips began to twitch again. You noticed, and saw what I was longing for. “I see you’re being a true slut now. Don’t worry, you’ll get your fill of what you want tonight. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.”

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