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Yes, Sir.

It was mid-afternoon. You and I had just met up after awhile for lunch after a few months. It was nice catching up—and even nicer to see you after so long. I could see your eyes running up and down my body hungrily, but ignored it. After we had eaten, you invited me back to your new apartment, for a look around. As I entered, I shivered at the temperature. “It’s freezing in here,” I mumbled, rubbing my shoulders. I could feel my nipples hardening, and crossed my arms over my chest. You stared at me with a confident smile, as if you had been planning my arrival. After a few awkward seconds, you invited me to sit down, and took a seat on your couch. Once I had sat down, you moved closer to me, casually draping an arm around me. I felt goose bumps running down my skin, but excused it as a symptom of the chill air. I gently lied my head on your shoulder and closed my eyes, sighing. Soon, I felt your other hand running up and down my leg. I opened my eyes and looked at you, and began to protest. You, however, leaned in and kissed me powerfully. I hesitated at first, but quickly gave into you, moaning softly. I returned your kiss and lied back a little, letting you move even closer to me.

As I lied back on your couch, you easily climbed atop me, your hand running up my thigh. You released your lips from mine, kissing my neck now. You sucked on the delicate skin, and I moaned, resting my hand on your shoulder. “I want you,” you whispered into my ear, teasing my lobe with your tongue.

I moaned again, my body tensing beneath yours. “Take me,” I responded, squirming slightly. With one swift motion, you picked me up in your arms and carried me to your bedroom. It was nice, a large bed with two nightstands beside it, but I hardly noticed your furniture. You lied me down on the bed with a devilish smirk, kissing me tenderly once again. I could feel your hands on my waist, moving up to my torso. You gently pulled off my shirt, tossing it aside easily. I opened my eyes to look up at you, and you grinned, kissing me once again. However, you didn’t continue just yet. I watched as you pulled something from your nightstand, exposing what seemed to be a blindfold. I stared up at you as you began lowering it to my face. I took in my final visions of you, and took a deep breath as you tied it around my head. You cupped my chin, rubbing my cheek with your thumb, and I exhaled.

You returned to stripping me down now, unhooking my bra easily. I shivered as the cool air of your apartment attacked my breasts, shivering. I felt my nipples harden again, and you chuckled. Taking one in each hand, you leaned in, breathing on it slowly. I moaned as you ran your tongue along my firm, pink nipple. You gently suckled on it, gripping even tighter. After a few minutes of licking and sucking on my right breast, you moved to the next. I could feel myself getting wet and tightened my legs, moaning loudly. “Shh… Must I force you to be quiet, my dear? Another outburst and I’ll have to gag you,” You said to me, making me shiver again. I nodded, showing I understood and sighed. Slowly kissing down my body, you ran your tongue over my bellybutton piercing, your hands pulling my skirt from my hips. As you continued down, you let my skirt fall to the ground, and began slowly working off my stockings. You gently kissed down my leg as they slipped off, and smirked. All of a sudden, I felt all signs of you disappear. I no longer had your touch, or heard your voice. I squirmed, suddenly uncomfortable. Had you left me alone? Were you teasing me, or just uninterested?

“A-are you there?” I asked quietly, and I felt your hand come across my face quickly. I flinched, inhaling quickly. It didn’t hurt—but it did shock me.

“Did I not tell you to be quiet, slut?” You hissed in my ear, and I tensed at the name. Your words and tone were erotic, and I shivered again. I felt you grab my wrists tightly, and I choked on my own breath for a moment. “Well?” You demanded powerfully, and I knew you were no longer playing around.

“Y-yes,” I responded dumbly, my frightened voice hardly audible.

“Yes what?” You demanded, slightly annoyed, and I swallowed hard.

“I wasn’t supposed to speak…sir,” I said quietly, unable to see your reaction. Your hands left my wrists, but I stiffly kept them in position. I soon felt a thin cloth around my wrists, and was tied down. I inhaled sharply as you then tied down my feet, leaving me tied spread eagle, helpless.

“I’ll have to punish you now, slut,” You whispered to me, and I tensed again, anxious but afraid.

I heard you rummaging around and trembled lightly, helplessly blind for the moment. I dared not speak, but I was curious as to what you were doing. Soon, I felt your presence above me, and felt something shoved into my mouth. I gagged a little, but accepted it into my mouth without a struggle. As you wrapped a strap around my head, I realized it was a ball-gag. Swallowing, I squirmed uncomfortably. I was at your mercy, and I heard you grab something from the drawer. “From now on, if I allow you to speak, you will address yourself as ‘This one.’ You are no longer allowed to privilege to refer to yourself as ‘I.’ Do you understand, slut?” You growled at me, and I quickly nodded. I heard something quickly move through the air, and come down on me hard. I let out a cry against my gag, closing my eyes tightly. You raised the whip once again, bringing it down on my flesh. You struck my thigh this time, making me squirm again. Raising it, you whipped my breasts this time, making me cry out again. I felt tears of pain stain my blindfold, but I moaned none-the-less. The cool air made my welts burn, but it was still pleasurable.

Even now, I wanted you more than ever. After a few more strikes, I heard you pulling off your pants. After a minute, my feet were released from their holds, and you climbed atop me. I moaned again, and you leaned into me. Kissing my neck tenderly, you whispered, “You’re so beautiful, my pet. I want you—I need you,” You said, gently sucking my delicate skin. I felt you slowly sit up, spreading my bruised thighs. I arched my back in want, and pain. “So wet…” You murmured, running your fingers against my soaked panties. I squirmed and moaned, tightening my inner-walls. Slowly pulling them off, you threw them aside, leaving me naked at last. You slowly ran your hand up and down your thick cock, growing even harder. I could feel the heat of your cock near my skin as you brought the head to my neatly shaved cunt. I moaned against my gag, as if begging you to continue. You rubbed your cock against my wet lips, slowly pushing your cock inside of me. I let out a muffled moan against my gag, and arched again. I could hear you groan as you pushed inside of me, my walls tightening against your erection. “You’re so fucking tight,” I heard you whisper, slowly pulling half-way out, then slamming back into me. I moaned again as you fucked me harder, taking your time as you slammed your cock in and out of my tight pussy. Your hands groped my breasts like handles as you took me, your thumbs pressing against my nipples.

I moaned as your cock tensed. It was so thick—I could hardly believe it fit inside of me. Since we had last fucked, it seemed like your cock had grown at least a few inches. But perhaps my lack of senses made me more aware of your thick cock. I moaned loudly, tightening as I could feel my climax nearing. You seemed to know and whispered, “Cum, you slut…Cum for me, my pet,” I almost immediately obeyed you, as my cum came gushing out. You pulled out, letting my juice stain your sheets. You smirked, your hand stroking your cock again.

Pulling off my gag, you placed your cock at my lips. I took in a deep breath of air before gently licking at it. You moaned, watching as I suckled on the tip of your cock, tied up and blindfolded. I had red welts on my skin from the whip you had used earlier, but it seemed to turn you on even more. You liked that I had suffered the consequences, just to be with you again. You gripped my hair tightly, pushing your cock deeper into my mouth. I gagged on your length, but obediently continued to suck. I could feel your cock tense, and tasted your pre-cum, hungrily swallowing it. My tongue piercing ran against your shaft, and the tip of your cock neared the back of my throat. I gagged, but didn’t stop. I tasted a mix of pre-cum and my own juices as I sucked you, and you finally pulled out with a moan. Your hand quickly reached your cock and you began stroking it in front of my face. I didn’t know for sure, but I assumed that you were doing so. I opened my mouth, leaning my head back a little. You moaned, your cum escaping your cock in quick, hot bursts. Ropes of your thick seed landed on my tongue, some finding its way to my cheeks and blindfold. I swallowed your cum hungrily, gently licking the tip of your dick clean.

You panted, sweaty and spent. Lying atop me, you gently kissed my neck, running your fingers down my bruised skin. I tensed a little, breathing in and out slowly. “Thank you, sir. Thank you for letting me fuck and suck you,” I said, even though I knew it wasn’t wise to speak unless asked. However, you were so tired, you didn’t seem to mind.

“You’re welcome, slut. I wont punish you, as long as you promise you’ll please me again soon,” You said, and I nodded. You slowly untied me, kissing my arms, breasts and wrists. We lied together in your bed, avoiding my wet spot on the bed. When I awoke, my long black hair still messed up, I looked around. I noticed that you were gone, and holding the sheets to hide my naked breasts, I reached over and grabbed a note you had left on the nightstand.

“Good enough, slut, but I’ll expect more from you tomorrow night. Look in the closet for your new outfits.


The note read, and I felt goose bumps return to my skin. However, you had turned up the heat in your apartment long ago, so I had nothing to blame but my attraction to you. I slowly stood, slipping on your shirt from the floor. I made my way over to your closet and opened it, smirking with a laugh as I found three outfits. A nurse, a French maid, and a school girl outfit. On each were notes marked “Monday,” “Tuesday,” or “Wednesday.” I smiled, strangely pleased that today was Sunday. Gathering up my clothes, I showered and left your apartment, eager to return the next day.

[A gift, for my good friend.]

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