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Well she was now 28 and had been living alone for over a year. It was Christmas Eve and she had gone to bed in a simple T-shirt. And was now sound asleep.

She had long-since lost the magic of Christmas and there were few decorations around her apartment. A small synthetic Christmas tree with those fibre optic lights was about her only concession and tomorrow she would eat turkey…in a sandwich.

Well that is the scene setting so now to the story…

She could not recall what woke her and strangely enough it never worried about it, but when she awoke she was not alone. There was a man standing beside her bed. He had white hair and a big white beard. He wore a red leather waistcoat and trousers with black motorcycle boots, over his shoulder he held a sack with the word “Toys” written on it.

For some reason she felt calm and entranced.

“Happy Christmas” were his first words. “I thought you deserved to special toys this year, so please get out of bed and strip naked”

Without complaining she did so, relaxed and excited all at once. What should have seemed so irrational actually seemed so natural.

“Let’s see what we have in here,” he said as he dipped into his sack. “Ah, some Christmas stockings. Please put these on.”

The stockings were sheer black with a holly and berry motif on the heels and hold-up bands at the top. He watched closely with a smile on his face as she slipped her toes in and then smoothed the stockings up first one leg, then the other.

Next out the sack was a pair of 4-inch stilettos with sparkly stars over the toes. She put these on and felt on top of the world. She now stood instinctively with her hands behind her back and her breasts pushing forward.

Her breasts were still firm and she had had her nipples pierced during the preceding year. Each now had a gold ring in it.

Once again he reached into his sack and now his hand held two glass Christmas tree balls. Telling her to keep breathing regularly he carefully hung one on each breast. As each one took the weight she felt that jolt that goes right through her body, straight between her legs.

The final embellishments were a red leather collar that he fastened around her neck and two tinsel ropes that he fastened to her wrists leaving a long length hanging from each one.

“Now don’t you look pretty?” he said to himself. She was speechless!!

He instructed her to move to the door way and she noticed two hooks on either side that she was sure had not been there when she went to sleep. Lifting first one wrist then the next he tied a wrist to each hook and he move her feet apart.

She heard him fumbling behind her and when his hands appeared in front of her face there were hold a pink and white striped candy cane with ribbons attached to each end.

“Open wide” he said as he placed the cane across her open mouth like a horse’s bridle and fastened it behind her head.

She found herself wondering what next and she did not have to wait long. He turned of the room lights leaving her in the dark. She became aware of a reddish light behind her that seemed to get brighter until there in front of her face was a butt plug that had a light in its tip….a little like Rudolph’s nose.

The light dimmed as he took it behind her again. The next she felt was a lubricated finger stroking her arse and slowly opening her. The finger pushed and gently probed and when he judged she was ready he moved the plug into place and pushed until it slipped past the ring and held fast.

When she was looking at the red light she had failed to notice the control wires and now he switched it on and the vibrations seemed to course through her body. She knew she was wet. Her breasts ached beautifully and her tongue could just about lick the candy cane.

When she felt the soft thud of what must have been a flogger she knew she was not much longer for this world….sub-space was beckoning. He worked her expertly, shoulders, back, arms and occasionally a slight, electric contact with the butt plug. She felt her head starting to swim and just before she went under she felt his fingers in the hair at the back of her neck as he whispered (or maybe he shouted?) “Happy Christmas.”

That was the last she remembered.

She woke on Christmas morning in her bed, in her T-shirt, wearing a smile on her face from her beautiful dream.

As she licked her lips they tasted sweet. As she clenched her arse it felt tender. And when she rose she saw two new holes either side of her door,

Maybe she will start believing in Santa again now?

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