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Yolanda’s Lesson

This will be the start of a series of stories,I would like to thank all those that helped me.


The slave Yolanda, sore yet sated, lay basking in the glow of her Masters love. Her arse and back were sore; she had seen the welts against her ivory skin, even bite marks on her large, firm breasts. Her scalp still tingled from the hair pulling she had suffered…. no enjoyed. Laying back half asleep she thought back to what had begun this very distressing day.

The day had started as it usually does. Master had given her the usual list, clean and tidy the house, iron his shirts, do the weeks shopping. At the supermarket she ran into an old friend, a fling from years before she had begun her training as a slave.

Her head down, pushing her cart, marking off the last item on her list, she didn’t notice the man in front of her. She looked up, worried she might have injured someone and noticed a very attractive man. When he turned around to see who had bumped him, they both realized they knew each other. Before her training started with her master, she and the man had been lovers, and had remained friends after the romance floundered until she had all but disappeared from his life.

The two chatted for awhile, catching up on friends and family as they went through the checkout lane together. Then, as they sauntered out to the parking lot, he gave her a hug and a peck on her cheek. She never noticed her master as he drove by, noticing her hugging the young, handsome stranger.

The man in the sleek black sedan was immediately incensed. A rage welled up in his chest. He felt as though the last two years had been for nothing.

He had guided her, taught her, formed her into what he believed to be the perfect slave, not only for himself, but also for her. She was such an apt pupil, so eager to expand and explore her darker nature, she had been eager to learn her capacity for pain. The joy of teaching her so was so beautiful, he was always so eager to rush home to her, to lovingly share in their beautiful world, just the two of them. He could not believe his eyes. He knew there could be no explanation that would satisfy him.

She was his dammit! How dare she look at another man with those sparkling green eyes of hers, much less touch him or let him hold her soft body next to his! He could not believe she could betray him this way. His heart ached and his head pounded. He drove home slowly; trying to decide what to do.

As soon as she opened the door, she knew something was wrong. The house was dark, and she instinctively shivered. She had seen his car in the drive and knew he was home. What had she done, she wondered?

“Hello?”, she asked softly into the darkness. She knew he was there, in the living room. She could hear his breathing. Her body reacted to him, nipples hard, her breathing swallow, wetness seeping into her panties.

“Master, is something wrong? “she asked in the direction of the dark shadow sitting on the large overstuffed chair by the window. The shadow turned, and said very coldly,

” You know what you have done. Leave me, leave this house instantly. You are no longer my slave. I do not know you. You do not belong to me. You may take one suitcase and pack your things. When I return, I want no trace of you, or that you were ever in my life.”

“Nooo!”Tears streamed down her face. The grocery bag fell to the ground, forgotten as she sank to her knees, sobbing, wailing,

“No! Please, anything master, anything but that! I belong to you. I have tried everything you have asked of me. I don’t know what I have done, but I beg of you to forgive me my ignorance. Please, if you will just let me know what I did, I promise to never do it again. I don’t think I can survive without you in my life.”

“You say you belong to me, yet you allow another man’s hands on you in a public place. Do you think I don’t know about your little grocery store romeo?”

Immediately, her face flushed. How to explain that this man meant absolutely nothing to her? Crying harder, miserable to think that one unthinking action would tear her away from the only man who really knew her, who she loved so desperately.

“I am so ashamed of myself master. You are right of course. I do not deserve your forgiveness. I honestly did not mean to anger you or cause you pain. He was simply and old friend that I had not seen in a long time. He means nothing to me, but I understand if you cannot forgive me.”

Her voice ended in a hoarse whisper, “I shall miss you so much. I will leave immediately. Thank you for your time, patience, and knowledge my dearest master. I will always be grateful to you.”

He watched her head to the door. Her hand was on the doorknob when he quietly said,


She hesitated. He motioned to her with his hand. She dropped to her knees and crawled to him. Silently she lowered her head until she reached his shoes. Softly, she kissed each shoe. Letting the tears flow once again, this time in happiness, she made her way up his pants leg, alternating between each leg, placing soft kisses through the fabric. Apology was in her every touch, her every kiss, submissive in her every gesture as she pressed her body to his legs.

He gently touched the top of her head. Already he had forgiven her. He knew that she needed to be taught a lesson. Forgiveness was one thing, but she needed to be reminded that she was his, body and soul. He touched her chin with his finger and pointed to the bedroom.

After she had let go of him and crawled on hands and knees to the bed, anticipation and fear knotted her stomach muscles. Punishment was on its way. She knew that, just not what the punishment would be. She took the bag of toys from the closet and laid them out on a table, .

Then, unsure which position to place herself, she simply undressed and sat on her haunches by the bed, head lowered, arms behind her back. Yolanda didn’t have to wait very long. Her master took a silk scarf and placed over her eyes. He then wrapped a leather collar around her neck and cuffs on her wrists and ankles.

Her Master pulled her up by her hair until she was standing. He placed one foot between her legs and she spread them. He also took her hands and spread them wide. Hearing the slight metallic sound of her metal cuffs being clipped to a spreader bar for her arms and then her legs, she realized her punishment. She shivered, wondering if she could bear what would happen next.

She had decided to take all he would teach her tonight. No safe word would be spoken for she wanted him to know that she understood. She was his and only his to do with as he wished.

A whisper of breeze in the air and then, smack! Arrgghh! The pain!!! She cried out, screamed each time the cane hit her tender skin. Welts raised up on her pale white skin. Over and over, she cried out but did not utter the safe word. She gulped in deep breaths of air, when he suddenly stopped. The wetness of his tongue pressed against her welts, causing a slight stinging pain and a comforting warmth. Ohhh. Wetness seeped down her legs, and her body involuntarily shook her with her first orgasm.

She could hear movement in the room and then the pressure against her erect nipples. She grunted as she felt the pleasure and pain of her nipples placed in the clamps. She felt something new. Her master had placed a third clamp against her clit. The pressure was new and she bit her lip against the feelings bubbling up inside her. Her clit, still so sensitive from her first orgasm. She started to squirm, but was smacked on the leg by her master.

Waiting like that, the seconds seemed like hours. She concentrated on her breathing, trying not to squirm, but wanting to feel the pain and pleasure of the clamps on her body. Suddenly, she felt stinging pain from the cat ‘o nine tails her master had decided to use on her body.

The sharp burning sensations stinging her back at first. Slowly he rotated, and she could feel the mulitple stinging on her side and wrapping to conform to the tender sides of her breasts. The pain took her breath away. Tears slid down silently, as he walked in a circle surrounding her body, measured steps and controlled whipping, made sure all of her body had felt the stings, the red thin lines appear crisscrossed all over her body.

Her head was hanging limply now. He had put the whip away and pressed his hands against her stinging flesh. The lotion he had rubbed in his hands helped with the pain slightly, and she had moaned. He took the rest of the lotion and stroked his swollen erection with it. A lesson she will never forget he had decided. His thumb pressed against her asshole. She had never let him intrude into that space before. She whimpered but didn’t utter the word they know would end their play.

He smiled softly knowing that she was also teaching him. Letting him know she was his. He stroked his shaft harder, his breathing had become labored. Master had pressed his hardness against her ass, and she’d moaned. With a chuckle, she was his own little slut. How wonderful lessons can be. He kissed the back of her neck. He took one of his hands and spreads her asscheeks apart. With slow determination, he pushed first one finger, then two inside her hole. The burning sensation took her by surprise, but felt so right with the burning of the stings she felt on the outside of her body.

A little more lotion on his fingers and he’d reamed her ass with the lotion on his fingers. He watched her hole remain open for a moment after he withdrew his fingers. He pushed the head of his hard cock into her asshole. The small brown opening tried to push him out, but he just keeps pushing slowly and persistantly until he felt the head push through the tight ring. He was sweating then. He’d looked up to see how flushed and hot her body had become. He pushed deeper into her then, her ass gradually letting him slide all the way in.

He’d taken one hand and placed it on the back of her neck holding her in place, and the other against her hip. He slowly pumped in and out of her, hearing her moan and cry out. He could feel her try and push back against him, and decided its time to give his slut what she needed. He immediately started pounding her ass, in and out, faster, harder, grunting, pushing, pulling, until with one last push he stretched her even further and filled her ass with his warm sticky cum.

He immediately pulled out of her, and she felt so empty. He released her from the two spreader bars and removed her cuffs and collar. He then walked to the door and commanded her to go to the bed. She laid there spent and still filled with anticipation.

“Stay there bitch, until I call for you.”

The door closed and she took the blindfold off. Seems her Master had not quite forgiven her yet. She smiled as she curled up in the bed. Another lesson well learned. She can’t wait for her next one.

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