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‘You Got Mail’ (true story)

I was up very late, new to Denver I did not know anyone in this city.

My sex drive is always working over time but this night was extra strong and even tho I jacked off a few times I was ready for more.

Then ‘You Got Mail’ a very cute young hottie also on-line.
It was one of those free dating sites. And yes she was looking cute in her pictures. Girl next door type so cute and so innocent. Big brown eyes short black hair baby doll face,about 5’5 petite little body.
(I posted 3 pictures of her under Denver girl)

We both talked about how we could not sl**p. I was in no mood for small talk so I asked her if she would be interested in my fantasy.
She was hesitant to even ask what it was. I assured her it had nothing to do with pain, a****ls, skat, and so on. No offense if that is your thing.
She agreed ‘OK tell me your fantasy’.

I wanted to get her hot and wet! And when I told her my fantasy I made sure that when it came to the part of the girl it was all about her
‘you are naked’
‘your back is arched’.

When I was done telling her this latest fantasy I did not go into asking her if she would be interested (Down) I simply told her how happy I would be how much I would appreciate it and just how aggressive it would make me.
She told me she had to admit that the idea was very hot to her but also a big risk. I just agreed with her never begging not even asking, then she tells me she would make this fantasy come true for me and now for her.

I waisted no time. No time to change her mind. No time to back out.
Now I have all the info I needed. She was told what to do and agreed to do it the right way.

It must have been around 3 AM when I started driving letting my navigator lead the way ‘Take a right at next street you are at your destination’.
All the lights are off in the house. What am I walking into.
It could be a trick. Is this her real address.
No guts no Glory!
I walk up to this very up scale home in a high end neighborhood.
The door is unlocked in this large f****y home.

I know to go up stairs in this strange house walking very softly.
There is one door in the hallway that is slightly open candle light flickering threw the crack in the door into the hall.
I slowly push the door open. It is such a girls room all sugar and spice and everything nice. Huge bed, white comforter, pillows everywhere, three little heart shaped candles by the bed the smell on cinnamon.

And I feel as if I am the thing that goes bump in the night.
I can see the back of her head with her jet black hair short stylish cut.
This is her! This is really happening!

And she is following my orders ‘sl**ping’ all safe and sound.
She must be naked under that white comforter.
I take my time slowly taking off all my cloths as not to ‘wake her’.
Then I see her black thong on the floor next to her desk where her laptop sits.
Small white cream spot on her black panties.
I cant help but pick them up and inspect them.
She is still turned away ‘Fast asl**p’ while I smell how sweet her little panties are. She is now starting to squirm a little in her bed.
I am sure the anticipation was starting to drive her crazy while I examine her creamy thong and imagine her sweet young bald pussy so wet thinking about the stranger now in her room.

Her cute little toes with a French manicure were now curling and uncurling as if begging me to come touch her. So that is where I start. Kissing on her cute little toes and rubbing my hand up her leg under the covers.
Now I stand up at the end of the bed I want her to feel how hard I am.
My dick could split in half I was so hard!
I push my hard cock onto the bottom of her foot. I hear her Moen so soft as she feels my size. She is now arching her back like a good girl, just like I told her to do. With my hard cock between her two feet I push her comforter slowly up her legs and now I see it that perfect little apple butt so tan and firm she arches her back even more to the point were now I see that sweet little pussy. So juicy with those small pink pussy lips.
I dive in face first. My strong hands squeezing that tight little ass spreading her ass apart and eating her like a fat k** loves cake!
Her pussy juices are now all over my face and she taste’s just as good as she looks. She jumps a little when my tung goes right to that small pink asshole her Moen’s are growing. Her feet still stroking my hard cock.

I want to slam my fat dick in her so hard but there will be time for that.
Grabbing her hips I flip her over. Our eyes meet for the first time. She jumps up and crashes into me kissing deep tasting her juices on my lips and all over my face. I grip the back of her hair and grab her by the throat her eyes widen she raps her fingers around my hung dick I put her her to it ‘Suck me good you dirty whore’ She is a good girl taking me down her throat while I am fucking her face her gaging sounds feed my thrusting. Tears coming down her face as she looks up at me. She is taking it well! Spit dripping down my balls.
Good girls like this deserve a good hard deep fuck!

‘Face down ass up now’ She is eager to serve! But I have something else in mind.
Teasing her with the head of my dick rubbing it against her dripping wet pussy. She begs ‘Please Please fuck me now’. I grab the back of her leg and rap my arm around her chest and lift her little body into the air and as I lower her down her tight little pussy finds my dick and slides its way in so hot and wet around my cock. I pick her up so easy the weight of her body thrusting my dick in so deep. Her screams egg me on I know she is having the fuck of her life and as for me this is all just way to hot!

Her arms around my head licking her nipples as I thrust her in the air she tells me ‘Cum with me cum with me now daddy’ Her mouth wide open head tilt back her pussy clinching my cock nails digging into my back her deep orgasm was here and it was time for me to explode. From deep down in my balls I could feel this shot on its way like a seeding train out of control!
EXPLOSION! I hold her tighter then ever and cum so hard inside that pussy my sight goes blurry. We fall to the bed dripping sweat the sounds of pure ecstasy.
She asked me to stay, I agree but would we get any sl**p!? lol What do you think?

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